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New Q1SP: "Dry Sorrow" By Tronyn
Tronyn has released a new map, a small Egyptian/industrial Q1SP based on an old DM map.

Screenshots: 1 2
Download map: here (2.8 MB)
Drake mod (required): here. (16.3 MB)

Tronyn says:
If you play this map, I'd recommend going through the first door you encounter in the map the first time it opens, since that will be the only time it does (thanks to Spirit for pointing out this large flaw). Thankfully if you get trapped and have to hit kill you'll be no worse off given that the door is right by the spawnspot.

I guess I could have addressed this and delayed the release more, but not releasing anything at all during 2010 pissed me off, and this release is not much that said. PM is on hiatus at the moment and I've decided to finish the maps I have with the resources I have. This one map is only the first of several which will appear in the next month or two using this mod.
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I said everything I have to say about the matter, take it or leave it. 
..about DMSP By Aardappel 
I see someone has mentioned Dmsp mod by Aardappel.. how many memories

That was an awesome mod, the best idea I've seen in many years of Quake.. do you agree with me ?

Dmsp mod was the only reason behind my interest in dm maps! 
hi gb, sorry I had some computer troubles the last couple days. sorry you found it too difficult. the amount of enemies in room 1 was probably too much. also there isn't a lot of room to run around/dodge/in this map as in my usual maps.
I'll try making the next maps easier on easy/normal, at least there is more room in all of those. as for unforgiven though it's almost done so not much will change, it's a different style than the gameplay here, more like nsoe. hopefully will be out by the end of the month. 
I Am Still Here. 
I have taken a long break from Quake, because I found the game Transcendence, played it, and wrote mods for it. As such, Quake has been on my backburner lately. Soon, I will resume work on Drake and help test Tronyn's stuff. 
Mitigated Impression 
Well, the map looks really interesting: nothing to say about layout, architecture, etc... as it is really well executed. The mix in between Egyptian and base style is quite interesting...

But why the Hell is this map so hard ? I died several / too many times (not to say too much) even on easy skill... and I had to godmode to finally finish it...
Or maybe it is just me that is rusty, as i didn't play Quake (neither map) since 3/4 months at least... thought...

Anyway, I will just remeber that it is visually really well executed ;)
Next time please make the map more accessible to newbie like me :P 
JPL watch my demo noob... 1� run on hard... peace of cake! 
No matter how many times you try to suggest it you ain't getting a medal. 
...headshot :P 
Played It 
thought the design was cool but gameplay was pants.

It's not just hard but also overly silly and not much fun IMHO. No offence but it just felt like the map was populated with a random number of monsters by a program. 
honestly nitin I tought this was one of the easyest maps of tronyn :\
had fun playing on hard... and I rarely have on is maps on hard(lots of deaths) 
I understand what nitin's saying. I intended this as like a doom-style map (I thought of it like ultimate doom e4m1) where you have to keep moving (in that case because monsters spawn in, in this because too many monsters snipe to deal with without hiding and moving ahead instead). no offence taken.

given that my last postings here were me making a giant flamewar for no reason (sorry CZG sometimes can't help myself) I feel like the next time I show up here I should have something positive to contribute rather than more pointless bitching. Thankfully that should be relatively soon.

I'm still worried that unforgiven, especially the last maps, might be pretty love/hate though. 
Have It Properly Playtested Then 

Also I usually enjoy tronyn maps, even if they are ridiculously hard, but this just felt like a chore. 
What Flamewar? 
just expresing opinions :p

still didn't like my tchak review tronyn :p 
On The Contrary 
Wicked fun! Was an incredible blast. I found it hard, I have to say, but challenging not ridiculous. Although I also didn't realize the chainsaw thing, which would have made everything much easier (all the way through I was just saying "where's the rockets", had to LG the zombies half the time, lol.) Nice work T. 
i'll be honest, i didn't enjoy this that much. i'm generally not of the belief that DM maps make particularly great SP conversions in most cases due to the lack of ground being covered, generally tighter scale and lack of a general sense of progression (unless they were too big for DM in the first place). there were some nice designs here but they weren't really given the space to be appreciated properly, and ultimately it just felt like one room with a few walkways and corridors around it

i dropped down to easy skill, given how brutal ARWOP was :) ..i just remember the entrance to the main 'arena' being extremely frustrating, having to pick at a shambler through a fence with a shotgun while grunts sniped at me from behind a gate on the other side. if i moved closer to try and hit them then the shambler would get me. died twice during that little section, mostly due to loss of composure. it got easier after that as i built supplies up but just seemed to be missing any truly satisfying gameplay setpieces (possibly because of skill 0 admittedly) then ended pretty suddenly. i would check out higher skills but that initial shambler battle put me off trying it again!

i think i preferred playing crocodile tears in dmsp2 in honesty ;)

thanks for sharing though, looking forward to your next releases all the same! 
The map was nice, a little too small and without details, but it's normal for a DM conversion. However - some things were too simple, for example doors.

But I liked A LOT something else : the skill. I played on easy and it was easy. I can't remember when I played last time a map on easy and had the feeling that it's really easy.

ALL good maps that I've played have this flaw : they are way too hard on easy, some right from the start, some only after you play a good part, but ALL are very hard in the end.

Not this one, this one was very easy, the last part was ridiculous easy, one greande in each room and that was it, I looked at the monster count : 67/67 and I couldn't believe it, especially when there was some custom monsters there - I expected a final boss.

Very nice man, congrats :) 
A Nice, Fast Romp. Thanks, Tronyn! 
I played @ default skill level, and had some trouble going through the courtyard, but just because I did not find the opened door soon enough.

I also found the SG an DBS a bit overkill, DBS has an ugly sound too. And... NO DRAKES?

Guess I'll have to take on it on skill 3... 
Thanks For The Feedback Guys 
The idea with the shamblers behind the fence was that they were guarding a point the player didn't need to go to yet (I had the same thing in masque), so the player could engage them but it'd be better to go around them, like the hell lords guarding the bridge in nsoe3 (I admit this could be confusing).

another release should be right around the corner. 
Need Testers? 
Re: Shamblers Behind The Fence 
the thing is that for me, and i guess most players? the first instinct is to kill them.

i mean, a real person faced by a giant monster like that would run away and only kill it when necessary, but as a player, you make a beeline for any monster you see.

it's like this: 
To add to that, I went after them mostly because on my first run through I couldn't find any way to progress, having failed to distinguish the door which opens from all the locked ones that I tried. Even though I was woefully underequipped, I assumed killing them was the way to get a door to unlock.

Which is a shame, because the map it self is really well constructed and aside from from that the combats were all reasonable to easy - even given that you were learning the altered weapons as you went. 
I Just Kept Going 
totally ignored em! I figured that, being a Tronyn map, I'd end up with a lightning gun or whatever eventually 
With Aguirre's helps, I've fixed the first door of Dry Sorrow so that it works multiple times now. 
Ahh, the annoying door issue, good to see it was fixed.
Played this map I think about 3 weeks ago. Really hectic, was too scared to try it on nightmare skill though haha 
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