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Rubicon 2 Released!
Rubicon 2 is a new Q1SP experience with three large single-player levels, plus a custom mod featuring new enemies, sounds, textures, mapmodels, hazards, and more. It should run with any Quake engine, but for the optimal experience I recommend Fitzquake or any derivative engine such as Quakespasm or RMQ.

Screenshots / Readme / Download (9.5mb)
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I wondered about that last year, still haven't found any game like it.

Prey maybe but I really did not like the demo. 
they're not exactly the same, but I feel that Metroid Prime and Dead Space both share some commonalities with Quake, in terms of level design. The Metroid series especially has inspired Rubicon 2. I would say that Dead Space has too, but I didn't play it until R2 was almost finished. 
yeah, you are right about Metroid Prime!

Dead Space was pretty nice from what I played (about half of it) and I do seem to remember the route passing through a couple of areas multiple times. 
LD In Current Games 
I know it's old and it's a massive oversimplification but there's more than a hint of truth in it isn't there? 
eh, i've seen that before. the problem is, those two images are not comparable. one is a representation of gameplay, the other is just a 2d map.
it's just a stupid picture.

besides, if you analyze the route of that doom map (or whatever it is), it'll come to nearly the same as the other side except minus the cutscenes. 
Man, this would make such a bitching Q2 unit. 
Amazing First Impression 
I promised myself that I would get some work done but while slacking off, I decided I decided to check this out. I was just going to check out the start map for the time being but I was so impressed by what I was seeing that I couldn't resist starting a level. I didn't check the readme first since I started up on a whim so I began with czg's level even though it was apparently supposed to be the third in the pack.

I've heard a lot about honey but after playing czg's map from this pack, I'm surprised that it's not discussed just as often. It has a lot of the elements that made honey so absolutely incredible to me - great use of lighting, moodiness, and huge foggy voids in which my imagination can run wild trying to conceive the scale of the world that czg built. I love the texture set, the custom monsters, ladders, the breakables - all staples of later mods that I enjoyed due to the life that they breathe into the game without clashing with vanilla game play. This map is an instant favorite of mine that I now consider the base equivalent of honey.

The start map alone is a masterpiece in spite of how small and simple it is. I honestly spent a lot of time just admiring the ambient sound design. From the machine humming to the waterfall, I actually don't think that I've heard ambiance this nice in any other Quake map that I've played. On one hand, I want to jump into the last two maps but on the other, I want to take this pack slowly to really savor the experience. 
So this will be 10 years old next Thursday... 
Indeed. It'd be lovely if there was a map jam or something to celebrate. Rubicon stuff is good stuff. :) 
I like the additions made the last rubicon map that was a collab between Greenwood and Bal.

I think if it's revisited it would be well worth having those additions :)

That and the rubicon rumble pack if there's anything new there :) 
A jam would be cool, or a chainmap. There was never a "Rubicondom 2"... 
Those Chasm base monsters from Madfox's mod would also fit in really well with the rubicon theme 
There were some attempts at Rubicondom 2: 
Happy Anniversary 
Great mod/map and the source code is the gift that keeps on giving! 
Concepts And Sketches Uploaded 
To commemorate the anniversary, I have collected and uploaded some of the sketches, layouts, concepts I drew while working on Rubicon 2. 
Those Are Great! 
Floyd 03 
I would still like to see FLD-03 sometime. Rubicon 2 has only FLD-02 version ;) 
I would love to see a "Director's Cut" version of that map 2...

Are there any scraps from this? 
My Hope 
is that an update does happen eventually with perhaps the updated death knight skin from "The Circulation of Shadows" and the new ogre skin too.

It's been so long since I played this that I kept thinking the shot cycler weapon from zerstorer for some reason was part of rubicon . I think it'd be a good fit though if you're open to suggestions. 
Years Ago 
I was planning on a "rub2m10" map, using the e2m10 scrap from Romero. 
Congrats On The Anniversary! 
Love the posters! 
Now Available On The Quake Rerelase 
Rubicon 2 is now available as a downloadable add-on in the Quake rerelease.

"Nods to Mods" Interview

This version of Rubicon 2 is mostly the same as the original release from 2011, but there have been many small updates to each map, some are cosmetic improvements and others are usability improvements. Keen-eyed players should be able to spot them.

I also recently updated the Rubicon 2 webpage with higher-res screenshots and more gameplay info, and made it with modern CSS so it works better on mobile. 
Congrats With Reissue 
my beloved Rubicon 2
Thank You Metlslime! 
Has the download on your webpage been updated, too? 
Not Yet… 
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