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Rubicon 2 Released!
Rubicon 2 is a new Q1SP experience with three large single-player levels, plus a custom mod featuring new enemies, sounds, textures, mapmodels, hazards, and more. It should run with any Quake engine, but for the optimal experience I recommend Fitzquake or any derivative engine such as Quakespasm or RMQ.

Screenshots / Readme / Download (9.5mb)
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Ok So.. 
walking in the Hydroexploitation Plant slipgate crashes the rmq engine, thought i should point that out. time to try quakespasm... 
Nice pack of maps!

I played through the maps on easy skill, died once to a turret, but figured it out later.

This is one solid episode which was highly enjoyable and very playable, even the new monsters weren't too annoying! The architectural style was coherent throughout (to me) and I like it.

In return, demos. This pack includes first-run demos on all three maps including the one where I die, and even a demo on the original rubicon which I started first by accident. I think I may have accidentally short-cut some part of czg's map because I exited with a whole lot of missing kills.

I suppose one could say that this has been worth the wait I've been hearing about. What are we waiting for next? Duke Nukem? Who gives a damn! 
firstly, why three independent maps instead of an episode? that was a bit of a disappointment from the off :|

marvellous attention to detail. loved the particle effects and new textures. new monsters were ok; not really a joy to fight but not too frustrating either (when used well)

rub2m1: loved the outside/dam sections, but got lost in the inside parts because i kept running past a crucial ladder. obviously fine detailing but it was a little bit pokey in places and short on nails for long-range fighting. lots of cautious duck & cover play. average in all

rub2m2: much better design & layout; some lovely shaped corridors here.. better scale too. gameplay still rather frustrating though; died multiple times due to low supplies, and could only beat the main atrium fight (after the blue lasers get unlocked) by coaxing the centurions down into the doorway & picking them off with my shotgun. steam traps were cool (i think they were in this one?)

rub2m3: excellent, MUCH nicer to play than the other two due to more supplies, bigger weapons and more manoeuvring space. atmosphere was fantastic too, particularly in the areas with vast unreachable chasms engulfed in fog. ambient sounds seemed to be used a bit more sparingly too, to positive effect. the first of the two end-battles was cool, the second a bit disappointing though as i was left low on ammo & health after the first and had to resort to cautious duck & cover rather than going in guns blazing.. only negative point though. best q1sp in a while :) 
This is awesome, thank you! 
Too Excited. 
I'm peeing my pants as I type this.


wasn't this already released?

I could've sworn I played this before looking at the screenshots 
Paint me a colossal grin. I am just so delighted to see this after having heard about it for so many years. I haven't even played it yet, I haven't even downloaded it yet, but I just know it's gonna be awesomeness on legs.

Well done you lot! 
I have played two first maps. The levels are gorgeous. The texturing and detailing is top notch. I loved the look of the levels with new textures, good lightning, vents, lifts, teleporters, buttons. Also the rocky outdoor areas looked so cool.
New monsters were ok. Floyd got boring over the time. The monster models are great work.
It all is high quality and very professional release.
Skill 1 first play demos:

Now to play the czg map... 
Nice Sounds Bro 
but I was wondering; did you sample some nine inch nails songs? Specifically Closer and Sin from what I've heard so far (menu sounds, some aspects of some ambiance). Or am I just hearing things? 
yeah, there are a few sounds sampled from recognizable sources in there. The menu sounds are the only ones from NIN (specifically the downward spiral), though. 
They're The Same As In R1, Right? 
Just played your levels Metl - pure awesomeness. Love the centurions, they look great!

This has made me happier than dead space 2 so far, tbh.
Congratulations, by the way, on finally getting it all done, and thank you! 
Nice Stuff 
The attention to detail everywhere is great, really good to see.

I focused in a lot on the monsters - the dustbin guy is good, although I felt he could have used a fire rate increase to make him more of an all-rounder. Is he explosion resistant? Also, his uncertain gib state is a nasty surprise.

The flamethrower were cool, almost a melee enemy although weaker near water, which was a nice dynamic to the levels, as was the occasional helpful healthpack placement.

The flyers were a bit outlandlish, but I grew to like them. Maybe a rocket variant would have been good in the more spacious areas, but the SNG was pretty good. And some have learned to phase through walls? I see what you did there :)

I played through hydro-something which was good and detailed. The combat could have used a fiend or two I think, just for the getting in your face shock factor. More guns as well, as some have mentioned. It felt like a warm up for an episode, because of Quake's standard difficulty curve with base enemies. I noticed that the Enforcer has a health bump for that. The stacked layout was oldschool, by which I mean well realised, complex yet intuitive to learn.

CZG's map was great as expected. Gameplay had lots of neat stuff, things that tend to get ignored. Did think that some of really open bits could have used more criss-crossing beams to make better use of the fog, but was more a changeover shock after coming from the metslime hyper-detail.

Haven't played the third map yet, saving that one.

Also, why did I never think 'what a cool mechanic' about the Q2 lasers? Oh yeah, layout design. 
scampie drunk-tested this 
Demo Crash Bug Has Been Fixed... 
If you download the latest version (readme should now say version 1.1) from the same URL it should now play the demos correctly. Thanks to a hex editor and an ancient copy of the Quake Demo Specs i was able to do some surgery and save the patient! 
Just finished playing this, highly enjoyable!

The levels were as expected visually pleasing, loved the detailing, and especially the textures were cool! Makes me want to make a map with the texture set myself.

The new enemies were good, but the sentry robot thing looks so silly, particularly the walking animation - like something out of a 50's sci-fi film! Still like it though.

Didn't think any of the maps presented a huge challenge (skill3), but managed to get low on health on a couple occassions still. Fun nonetheless. Have to second that it should have been an episode, though, instead of three independent maps, or at least give the player some beefier weaponry in the first two maps.

All in all, a great release! Will definitely be replaying this many times for sure. 
Just Watched The Demos... 
Anhk: nice work getting the MH in rub2m1 without hitting the trigger_secret :)

Mandel: i like your shortcut in rub2m3. Also, you seem pretty skilled, i'm suprised you played in easy mode. 
Grown up R2D2s firing Lasers,
Nail Enforcers on Hoverboards....
Quake is alive and well!!
Thanks metlslime and czg! 
I think I did not record some parts.

Fantastic work. I like the first map the most. 
The build quality and texturing in this release were absolutely spot on. And the detailing was completely over-the-top. Even the outdoor portions that look cheesy in typical maps looked great in these. I particularly liked the little homage to e1m1. The new effects really contributed to the overall awesome atmosphere.

The gameplay was great, too. I liked each of the new enemies -- although the flamethrower guys surprised more than I would like -- and thought they were put to good use. I accidentally broke the flow of CZG's map, though, by jumping to an early ledge and found myself catching a lot of baddies facing the wrong way :(

Please release the complete texture set and development kit so we can see even more maps based on this excellent theme.


P.S. The fallen Floyd had me cracking up :) 
just finished this superb map pack and i'd like to thank you guys for this afterchristmas present. i played with the latest dp autobuit and there were no problems besides some minor light glitches like the litlle dark spots on otherwise lit textures here and there. i haven't tried fitzquake or directq so i can't tell whether it's just dp bug or not. it doesn't matter anyway... these maps are top. thanks 
I've played only first level, but I'm in love with it already. Amazing job. Beautiful design and texturing, really neat gameplay. Just perfect Q1 sp experience. 
O M G 
been waiting for this for so long... what a glorious day! contrats metl! 
Yeah, I Guess It Was Mind Blowing 
Great vibe, loved the HalfLife feel of the maps, the layouts were tight and interwoven with cool back tracking. I suck at finding secrets.


Awesome work you guys, when can we expect Rubicon 3? 
...crawls out into the light

*thumbs up*

lurks back into the shadows... 
What Was That Mysterious Tools Creature? 
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