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Ikbase.wad Re-visited With Added Grainyness Detail
ikbase.wad is a remarkable texture wad for Quake I. You will find ikbase.pk3 in:
ikbase.pk3 is a nearly complete set of TGA images and Normal images for use with the darkplaces engine. Any map that uses the ikbase.wad will show an improvement in textures. I do not have time to finish some walls, doors and three grates, so I upload ikbase.pk3 as is.

You can find other interesting things at and
It looks nice but purists will hate the fact that you've changed some of the colours.

Good work though. 
I agree, I stayed as close to the originals but am not an artist. The Normal maps hide much of my inablities. Always learning though. 
Those wall panels lost their rivets? They look like 08/15 wall panels now.

The floor - dunno. It looks different.

Need rivets back. :) 
True, some I like better than others and some are closer to the originals. Edit anything in this pack. I have no investment in it. I will use this pack until somebody uploades a better one. I would like to see the walls and doors I had no skill to do. 
Screenshots Please!!! 
I will grab this pack at some point, but something like this deserves a screenshot! 
One Of 
The best things about the ikbase pack is how blocky it is. In this case the lines have got too thin for my taste.

If you're in Photoshop then I'd suggest big fat bevels on everything, and deeper normals. (even though its nice to see you didn't go for the 'really deeply cut and shit looking' normalmaps)

Maybe a copy of the repeating / flat texture layer as well, but at 50% opacity (so the original grainy version is still visible) and with a crosshatch filter with all the values in 0.

I got the idea you were using PS for some reason. If not all that'll read like gibberish. 
So what exactly did YOU do? The textures are all Iikka, aren't they? 
Going by those shots - the tangible outlines, purposeful texture detail and balanced colours of ikbase, have been replaced by...flatness, gaussian noise and saturated purple splotches? 
i think i'd have prefered if they had been rebuilt from scratch. as it is, it looks like you just passed them through photoshop filters.
there's also a predominance of red in most of the textures, where the originals leaned more towards yellow. that could cause problems in maps that combine ikbase with others. (can't think of any offhand, though, so maybe it's not an issue).

this set is more of a sidegrade, really. it's not necessarily worse than the originals, but it's not any better either.

still, i think this is worth doing-- ikbase would lend itself well to being redone with normals. they are very angular and precise. one of the reasons why they are such a great set to map for; it doesn't take much effort to get the brushwork to cooperate with the textures. 
Good effort! The ceiling tex is a bit too dark, and there is some blue-grey-green 'noise' as has been mentioned above, but I'm still impressed ;)
I'll be having a look in DP with all the reliefmapping etc soon :D 
Try more of a combination of the old textures' details with your new graininess approach?

This reminds me of Rygel's Crysis textures, which also are more of a sidegrade... mainly graininess.

I have a WIP map-set using a much expanded ikbase set... it is a nice texture set, but without the rivets and bevels it's pretty bland.

I think using as a source of nice metal plates and then recreating the textures from scratch (IK's base for this set was probably pretty small - 3 or 4 different patterns) might be more promising. 
Wow! All these comments are constructive and directed to improve my techniques. Thanks! Yes, I use many PS filters on the original textures to preserve coloration and sub-layers to bring out a higher resoltion. Gets rid of some blurriness. Sidegrade is a good word for this. I will check out and other stock textures. Its scarey to start from scratch, but Fear is Fun. Thanks again. 
i've been looking for ikbase textures that look good in the Doom pallette and would be willing to try this out.. but the .pk3 format confuses me a bit and it's 73mb so not sure how I would be able to test this out with Doom levels? 
i don't know if that's possible currently.

i'm not very familiar with custom doom engines, but the way it works in quake is that you have to have some original texture and then the engine replaces it with the external textures if the filenames match.

you'd need to a some palettized versions of these textures into your doom map wad file i guess? 
can be opened with winzip and then the tgas and/or pcx files can be extracted to do whatever you need to do to get them into doom. 
In Case Some Don't Know... 
Fingers made a version of ikbase for Quake 3. Being double the resolution of Q1 textures, that might be a better starting point for normalmaps. 
That's True 
bit was it the entire set? 
It's not directly comparable - the textures themselves are a good bit different. 
Oops, I thought this were those textures just with some filtering applied. 
download links point to PQ :| Idgames2 Mirror To The Rescue 
Ik Base Hd 
what's the difference with ikbase 75 mb and the 7 mb download? the 75 mb file is disappeared, can someone reupload it? sorry for necroing this thread 
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