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Worldcraft 1.6 FULL
Mh linked this on the Trac, and I've never even seen a copy before. Should prove useful to any WC users who don't have it already:
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but someone let me know if this is actually warez or something. I don't know if WC was commercial. 
even if it was commercial, there wouldn't be a way to purchase it now anyway. 
i have no idea if this is different to what i've been using for the past ~9 years but i'll give it a whirl anyway, cheers 
I've honestly no idea whether Valve would be happy about this or whether it might draw unwanted attention. Technically it could be called abandonware, but technically it's still copyrighted. 
The post was made in 2007. Who knows if they'd take offense at an archaic version of their Hammer editor under a different name being leaked.

Unless their legal department is really bored and overpaid I doubt its a problem.

WC 1.6a was freeware, you had to buy 1.6, this version - but that was maybe ten years ago. 
More than 10 years, but I'm too lazy to check. 
What's The Difference 
Between 1.6 and the version distributed with QuakeAdaptor, in terms of quake mapping? 
Prefabs And Bugfixes 
The prefab library allows you to save groups of objects seperately to reuse them.

In general 1.6 has much fewer bugs, like wiping the key fields of an entity.

It also doesn't need converted textures, it just loads the wad directly.

Downside is, the texture lock is only semi-functional - flipping and rotating don't really work. 
Native support for Quake without any hackery is a good enough reason too. 
What Trac? 
Oh shit. 
one of these days I have to try this out... 
The Quakeadapter version has enanced 3D acceleration compared to 1.6 / a / b

It also has a fully functional texture lock feature. In 1.6, as mentioned above, the texture lock would not work on brushes rotated to strange angles (i.e. anything which isn't devisable by 90)

The downside is that it requires all Quake 1 .wads to be converted to hlwads. 
In That Case 
I'll probably just keep using the version from quakeadaptor then. Converting wads takes maybe 30 seconds, so it's not really a problem. 
Fair Enough 
Although in general 3.3 has more micro-bugs. 
one of these days I have to try this out...
u should try hammer instead 
Like what? (apart from not working on a bunch of people's GPU) 
Little Things 
I've noticed, though mostly with the entities management of fields getting wiped and it being difficult to set angles on stuff.

I'll miss the entity report feature though, and proper texture lock, so might hold off on a switch until later. 
I've been using the full version of 1.6 for like 5 years, this is old news to me(or is that olds?). But, WC 1.6's 3d viewport doesn't render correctly with my new graphics card (gets all fuzzy) unless I resize it to a perfect square, so I just use the 3.3 version with all the wad converts. I much prefer 3.3 because of the TL rotation as said above, for the viewport fly mode with "z", and for the ability to select objects in the 3d viewport (there's a gliche with this in 1.6 that required turning off hardware acceleration, hince the viewport getting all fuzzy) 
Funny You Should Say That.. 
cause texture lock has never worked for me.. no matter what version I use.. mah

anyway I'll stick with 3.3+qadapter 
I think worldcraft 1.6 might be on a halflife disc i bought not to long ago. It advertised having some version of worldcraft on it. 
I Want To Get Into Mapping 
Should I use this or Radiant? 
I Found WC Quite Easy To Pick Up 
But others say that they prefer Radiant. I recommend trying the Quakeadapter on your rig, its dead easy to set up! 
I'd Suggest 
BSPeditor - since its built for Quake and maintained. 
As To Worldcraft 
All versions are glitchy. But its a very well built editor, level designers have been complaining at programmers for an intensive period in order to have the level of user-friendliness it provides.

Fucking hell. I'm still drunk. 
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