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Worldcraft 1.6 FULL
Mh linked this on the Trac, and I've never even seen a copy before. Should prove useful to any WC users who don't have it already:
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Worldcraft 3.3 Uses Floats 
And Ben Jardrup modified the compiler tools to recognize floats.

This is in part why the Worldcraft 3.3 map format is a bit different and part of the reason the texture rotation stuffs work correctly in 3.3 but not 1.6

[And why 3.3 map format 220 isn't backwards compatible for other editors.] 
Makes sense. What compilers, apart from the old ones, don't support floats now though? 
Probably None Of Them 
But it doesn't make that .map format backwards compatible for the other editors to be able to import what is in effect a non-standard .map format.

[Except maybe Quark ... but JPL, Spirit or the other Quark users need to post their 2 cents on whether or not it can import Valve 220 map format.]

@ Necros ... I have in the past looked at the QuakeEd source and it is very maintainable. I don't recall looking at it from a multi-platform point-of-view like Spirit would want. That being said, if you can give me a month and 1/2 to wrap up important projects I am attracted to QuakeEd as important project because *THE* Quake 1 mapper swears by it. Sorry, but Necros is the real Slim Shady. You know it, I know it, we all know it. You other mapper may be the next best thing, but you ain't Necros ... 
thanks Baker for clearing that up. 
We're just imitating? Will get me back to the 8 mile. 
i'm not sure if the last part is sarcastically sarcastic or not, but thanks... i guess. o.0

in any case, when you start taking a look at the qe3 code, let me know and i'll start compiling a more complete bug list.

and if you're amenable, maybe a wish list? there are a few things that i miss from gtkr1.4 like being able to ctrl+rightclick to use 3 point clipping. sikkpin really wanted it to require pressing x first. :( 
Texture Lock 
It's something to be used with caution. Simple brushwork may work fine, like crates and other axial structures, but as soon as sloped surfaces, odd scaling or rotations are involved, things can get tricky. For instance, Radiant tends to use floats to align such textures, which then look right in the editor but do not correspond to the compiler output. It usually results in micro-misaligned textures, off by <1 unit or so. 
Nope :) 
I have noticed this. I use tl a lot and I often notice that a surface needs to be re-aligned with the standard origins then re-positioned, simply because it had drifted a small distance in one direction. I should use 3.5 for a while and see if it helps.... 
For instance, Radiant tends to use floats to align such textures, which then look right in the editor but do not correspond to the compiler output. It usually results in micro-misaligned textures, off by <1 unit or so.

this would explain why when i rotate stuff with TL on, it looks fine, but when i compile or reload the map, the texture alignment is off. :( 
Nah ... not sarcasm at all. Once Upon Atrocity and couple other of your maps were at the top of my all-time favorites list. And I couldn't believe that one with the incredible lighting ... The Living End, I believe.

You might consider posting your wish list and bug list in the thread sooner rather than later. There is no guarantee of any sooner rather than later action on it, but I sure would like to get an idea of what you think needs to be improved.

I mean QER is potentially the most viable open source editor and maybe a graft or 2 of source code from another editor could remedy whatever it does to make it better. I'll never have the time to be an expert mapper, but I sure have a knack for understanding and porting features from one source code to another. ;) 
> And NetRadiant/GTK Radiant 1.5 just isn't "right" ... if Necros won't switch away from 1.4 you know that 1.5 isn't quite a step "forward".

Radiant 1.5 is a very nifty editor, and it is a multi-game editor with a Q1 gamepack.

Any editor will have a learning curve, and nothing about Quake mapping is newbie friendly. How many newbies do you see here?

If you think that Quake editors could ever attract mapping newbies, then you haven't used Sandbox. Quake is about the last game a sane person would map for. Sorry.

For mappers, open source tools are ironically less important (unless they use non-Windows). Functionality and user friendliness, i.e. the ability to create effortlessly, is 2000% more important than open source.

A tool, first and foremost, needs to be suited to the job. If it is closed source or expensive, so be it. What counts is if it's a great tool.

This may not sound like me, but I've lately come to re-evaluate a lot of stuff since I map for newer games. 
I'm Thinking About Putting 
gtk 1.5 on my computer once this semester's done - seems like quite a few people have been moving in that direction (Negke, Vondur), and seems to have had a positive influence on their output... not so sure about Negke, but considering the architectural upscaling of style that occured with AC, it seems to have been good for Vondur - maybe he just wanted to prove he wasn't all about right-angled brutality... I don't know. 
right angled brutality is good. 
Try Netradiant Then 
Uglier GUI but a few technical improvements.
Yeah, my maps were better with Quest.. 
and why the switch? 
Thanks for the link for WC 1.6

I have the same file somewhere on disc from back when it was getting hard to find. Can't believe people are still playing Quake dm these days! 
Many Editors Here

Here are many, many QUake and Quake 2 editors.
No need to worry about RARE or HARD to find. 
Oh you should see how UNRARE Quake + Quake 2 is still! They just made a very nice Quake. It is around 2gb for what once was a 3-4 1.4mg floppy disk game. You can find servers day and night.
The graphics are Hollywood man! Lemme see if I can find this link. People play from all over the WORLD. They even ported it to the brand new smart and iphones.

Well- if I were you i'd check
and Then for servers just google and find the main sites.

If you dont have torrent or cant. Check out the BUNKER Files.
Have a great day fellas! 
Not to piss on you but...

That is a crap torrent for editing purposes. A lot of very old and buggy early Quake editing software as well as some older versions of free software that have been updated since then. There's maybe 10% of usefulness in it at best. In the late 90's that would have probably been the best thing going but there are much better options available now. 
Velocispammers, testing the fences. 
"We Should... 
.. kill them all" says the hunter 
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