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New Q1SP: Sludge Factory
OMG, this evil corporation - called, say, SKITTISH LINOLEUM - is industrially raping the environment! They justify all their evil deeds by quoting from this book - FATASS MUGGED - and have a PIT MINE and some SEA RIGS that are ripping natural resources from the earth and turning everything into SLUDGE! These facilities are guarded by an evil company of mercenaries - SMACK FODDER - who are all richly paid in gold for their misdeeds! Kill them all!

Hi, there's a new Q1SP available. It requires DRAKE (get it at , install instructions in file).

This is two small-medium maps with an industrial/slime-ish theme. Gameplay somewhat resembles Dry Sorrow though there is more space and some Drake items (reflection, crossbow) are used.


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Getting It 
shot 2 looks very nice. 
heh, i was totally going to name a planned map "sludge factory" -- guess that's out then :) 
Looks Interesting 
I like the theme. 
looks really cool! 
Okay I can figure out British Petroleum and Atlas Shrugged ... someone help me out with the rest. 
Oh right! Just got Black Water too... 
Really Fun 
this is nothing like Dry Sorrow.

Combat was enjoyable in this one, the larger playing area makes it much more manageable IMHO. However, Normal felt a bit easy with perhaps a bit too many MH and armors thrown in.

I dug the theme, good use of fog and nice architecture. Visually, I thought some of the larger rock textures from Jedi Knight 2 were either too stretched out or had poor resolution. Lighting was a bit bland too.

Nice work on this one overall Tronyn. 
Tronyn In Non-medieval Map Shocker! 
just what is this world coming to?

grabbing now :) 
Link To Drake Is Down 
Fix please? 
I Expected Much More :( 
It's not bad, but I expected MUCH more from Tronyn. I liked the huge open world, but that was all... No details and the textures are horrible (no offense). They are too small and the colors are all washed out - I know that Quake has 256 color pallete, but that's no excuse - those textures really sucks. 
Hot Damn! 
Stories got me worked up. CHAOS and CONTROL are actually the same group. And with the help of the Pharmaceutical Division "PILLS", the poor folks is gonna get sucked under like the rest.

i'm checkin this one out now... 
Original theme, terrible execution.

It isn't much to look at in terms of refined construction/detail and lighting, but it works suitably well given the novelty and feels somewhat fresh. Finally an oil rig map in Quake! Gameplay is typical Tronyn carnage with many monsters and many weapons/items. Quite bearable on hard, fun.

Unfortunately, the performance is horrible. I should applaud you for managing to make it run this shit even on modern hardware (admittedly with an older temp video card atm). High wpoly was to be expected, but how up to 55k epoly?! Is it because all monsters are drawn at all time due to the almost non-existing visblocking? At any rate, the poor frame rate ruined the maps for me.

I noticed a few unnecessary (obvious) bugs, too. In sludge1, around 20 items fall out of the level. This is so stupid - how long have you been into mapping now, and still such beginner's oversights....
Also, apparently the platform only moves once (should have been wait or toggle). I missed it and eventually had to noclip.

Sludge2's performance would have benefitted greatly from compiling it with nowatervis. Though I have to admit the underwater stuff does look pretty cool with a subtle wateralpha. Too bad I only noticed this afterwards. The shape of the outside (sky-) box further increases the polycount unnecessarily - a simple four-wall box would have been better, and, considering the non-visblocking water surface, the foundations of the oil rig should have been made not to touch the floor.

Finally, some demos of my firstrun: 
the "DRAKE" link is wrong :) 
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