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New Q1SP: Sludge Factory
OMG, this evil corporation - called, say, SKITTISH LINOLEUM - is industrially raping the environment! They justify all their evil deeds by quoting from this book - FATASS MUGGED - and have a PIT MINE and some SEA RIGS that are ripping natural resources from the earth and turning everything into SLUDGE! These facilities are guarded by an evil company of mercenaries - SMACK FODDER - who are all richly paid in gold for their misdeeds! Kill them all!

Hi, there's a new Q1SP available. It requires DRAKE (get it at , install instructions in file).

This is two small-medium maps with an industrial/slime-ish theme. Gameplay somewhat resembles Dry Sorrow though there is more space and some Drake items (reflection, crossbow) are used.


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Liked it.

Lots of room for movement, sloped ramps for gaining speed and performing trickjumps and whatnot, which is always great. Good flow, always action, rarely had to retreat or resort to pot-shots due to a generous delivery of health and armor.
Might have benefited from a couple of quads, perhaps hidden away. But fun as it is.

I didn't notice any loss in performance, but I guess it's something that varies strongly. One of last year's most applauded maps, Conflagrant Rodent, was absolutely unplayable for me as soon as I entered the main temple area for some reason, but I've never had any problems with any other maps.

This are for sure some old maps that tronyn had in is hard drive.... ye textures are very ugly, but the gameplay rocks :) lots of ammo and armor made both maps really easy to beat even on hard!

first demo hard to leave computer(kids problems pissing each other).... made demo bigger :\

anyway link to then!

great time of fun for a sunday :) will start monday much more relax, thanks! 
This are for sure some old maps that tronyn had in is hard drive.... ye textures are very ugly, but the gameplay rocks :) lots of ammo and armor made both maps really easy to beat even on hard!

first demo hard to leave computer(kids problems pissing each other).... made demo bigger :\

anyway link to then!

great time of fun for a sunday :) will start monday much more relax, thanks! 
no issues here but I wouldnt be surprised if the tech stats are through the roof given then openness. 
enjoyed this when testing. i liked the second map the most because of that sort of climbing aspect it had.

i found it played a lot better than dry sorrow. textures are a little shit, but not that bad. if they look overly shitty to you, make sure you're not using idgamma palette or check your contrast settings if your engine has it.

also, didn't notice any sort of slowdown, but yeah, super high poly count shouldn't surprise you in a massively open map like this. unless.... is it only fast vised? ;) 
"Also, apparently the platform only moves once (should have been wait or toggle). I missed it and eventually had to noclip."

This should be fixed first and also that dry sorrow bug. 
Fair Enough 
yeah these are old maps that were just fixed up (so less detail, lamer design, etc). with the platform in sludge1, you can get up using a teleporter near the start if you miss the platform. both are fully vised of course. 
What would help the performance would be corpse removal. No need to be rendering all those monsters when they're face down on the fall :E 
that is a good tip for unforgiven, with one really extreme open map in particular. 
Tronyn I knew that were old maps from you when I run the first map :)

But I really had good fun blasting then all over, don't sent then to recicle :) bring then on! 
Yeah, monster removal (if Drake doesn't support it, just have the monsters killtarget themselves after some 15 seconds) and also delayed spawning where possible. In these maps it might have helped quite a bit to teleport the monsters on the higher levels and roofs only later on. 
Ah! Corpse Removal.... 
Look what happens in Fitzquake on a Mac if u reload a quicksave after a few kills...

Night of the living dead. 
And, Most Amusing... 
...after that, whenever you kill something, it gets back up as it hits the ground! 
Ugly textures.

Overscaled in Sludge 1.

Gameplay is great fun.

Balance is good.

Shotgun mods are annoying.

Footsteps are shite.

Layout of oil rig is very cool. Need more oil rig maps.

Runs perfectly smoothly of course.

Transition from Sludge 1 to Sludge 2 is strange. Sludge 2 plays a lot better without the S1 weapons, BUT *ONLY* if you run into the hut at the start, insta-death otherwise. Should have removed weapon and flashed a warning to run into that building. 
I thought the textures were all right, sorta an eclectic mix of acid wash grunge. The lighting could have used some work though. After playing it didn't matter because the maps had some of the best tactical combats i've seen in a while. A real blast with the wildly open architecture. The green fog afterglow that distant enforcers made, gave cool ambience. Far distant fighting is good. Drake rocks...

After finishing both maps and entering Quake's start level, I was reminded what was missing, shadows and black stuff.

Also, I copied a cmd line into a shortcut and didn't notice the -hipnotic in the line. So my game saves were like the silent's 3 pics. Deleting -hipnotic part fixed my saves. 
Nice Bit Of Work... 
Good stuff as always, Tronyn, although this release seemed a bit dated: The lighting was flat, the textures were overbright and the get-in-the-aeroplane gameplay harkened back to yesteryear. The combat was fun, however, except for the open air areas where wou get pelted by baddies from miles away. I am not sure if including the laser AND the triple-laser was necessary, but it certainly helped to clear some room -- I found myself laughing out loud at a few of the horde sizes.

Thanks for this! 
Played It Finally 
skill 1
played in the RMQ engine and it ran fine, didn't even crash my computer once, which is not the case with many other maps. I did take breaks every once in a while to let my POS cool down, though. As such, no demos.
Really enjoyed the maps - I've just been playing through that new Doom 2 episode that came packaged with Doom 2 on xbox, and so I felt really at home with the shotgun and hoards - Actually could have used a bit more hordiness, so I'm sure I'll enjoy skill 2!
Agree with others about lighting, some ugliness relative to your newer stuff, etc etc.
Whatever though it was still a nice and fun experience and I'm really happy you released this!
Thanks Tronyn! 
Well I guess these were released with gameplay in mind, not design. They're pretty ugly to look at, but they were indeed fun! I love the lasergun, I actually used that most. And the more powerful dsg is great.

The maps were pretty easy, with tonnes of health, ammo, armor around. I finished them both with full everything expecting some big end battles.

Obviously not one of your better releases Tronyn, but i'm still glad you released it :) Can't wait for Unforgiven. 
Map ReThunk 
On a second playthrough with a crt monitor, textures actually look great. For a base level, I'd say it's impressive. Just the rock texture is a bit out of place. I'll use the crt for now on. 
I thought textures were generally fine apart from overscaling of the JK II rock texture and a few other bits. 
What Is It With The Feedback Laziness As Of Late 
well to be fair my last couple of releases haven't been all that exciting... dm maps from like 10 years ago fixed up with some monsters. Just waiting on Pm to finish a few features for unforgiven, I expect people will be more excited by that, an actual episode designed for SP. 
a new map is always excited tronyn, is a very rare thing in this days... 
Actually I'd Say 
Tronyn releases are about as uncommon as quake maps get lately. Pretty amazing to think about just how much work Tronyn has put out.

I'm going to provide lots and lots of feedback on Unforgiven - hoping to have a new, not explosive computer by then, too... so, demo action as well 
Fun Map 
Nice, big and open. Tad easy on hard because of so much armor. sludge1 had some serious slowdown on quakespasm. I missed the platform lift in sludge1 due to stupidity and was disappointed to find I couldn't bring it back. Had to fly over to the other side. The carnage on the helipad in sludge1 is awesome! One annoyance with sludge2 was, everything was too slippery, I fell off into slime many times. But I guess it is a slime level. ;) 
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