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Quake Expo 2011 Site Is Ready For Registration
Hi guys, now that Easter is behind me, I decided to push this announcement even further. I decided - after some discussion with some fellow Quakers - to host the new Quake Expo 2011 on

I have a booth system built from scratch. It doesn't have ads, it will not have ads, it's completely transparent and it's open for registration!

I'll make this announcement on several other forums, I'll check them once a day. Any question you might have is welcome.

Get your booth babes ready!

Editor's note: Quake Expo 2011 will be held June 19-25, 2011
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It Works! 
I have found the glitch! It works now and sorry for the trouble. 
sweet, works now. :) 
also, could you put in a way to preview the booth? so we can see how it will look like when normal users look at them instead of just the text box preview. 
Yes, Sir! 
Added on TODO list! 
it's still early, so not a big deal or anything but it makes it a lot easier to make something nice to fit in the qexpo frame. 
There's a tiny icon in your admin section, by the booth title. That's the preview link. 
nj, and quick too. cheers! 
Again On Q3,.. 
sorry but I must repeat:

if you open Qexpo2011 to Q3 you must then include Q4, Doom3,Wolfenstein, ET, why not HalfLife1&2 then ?

original purpose would be betrayed..
that's my 2cent 
Q3 has already been included in QExpo2006. Q4, by all accounts, is also a Quake game.

Am I allowed to say that I have no fucking idea where you're coming from? 
if you open Qexpo2011 to Q3 you must then include Q4, Doom3,Wolfenstein, ET, why not HalfLife1&2 then ?

my logic may be flawed but i see two ways of it:

1. quake (1) only
2. quake *

either you keep it to the original game, or, if you allow additional quake titles then you allow all of them. you can't arbitrarily allow q2 and not q3a; that doesn't make any sense. doom 3, wolfenstein and HL on the other hand are plainly not quake titles (the jury's out on ET, admittedly...) 
Quake 4 is not old enough and doesn't have the source released (I think that was the reasoning last time, age and source). The other ones mentioned are not included for obvious reasons.

I fear that allowing booth creation now will give necros an excuse to slack for two months. Or at least not release anything until then. ^__^' 
I agree with rj...

Quake 4 has an SDK and a map editor... granted, there will be close to zero Q4 booths anyway... 
i've made huge strides... in adding extra stuff.
i'll be ready on one map for sure at anyway. (the one you tested recently). 
yeah, reasoning is nonsensical re: quake games.
why would it include d3 and wolf? let alone hl1/2?

let's put it this way: if it has 'quake' in the title, then it's ok.

still, like gb said, it's not like there's gonna be many (if any?) q4 booths. 
All things aside, are you ready for the Expo? Do you have anything ready? Or are you working on something? 
I'm been inspired by a "tourist" visit to some Victorian sewers to get a new single player map going. The workers call the sewer tunnels "barrels", so I've already got "Down the Barrel" for a title.

The map is coming on quite well, so motivation of an Expo would help give me a deadline to get it finished and tested. 
the one I looked at?(!?!?) 
no, i was talking to neg. although, the one you've seen is the other one i was talking about trying to finish. i want to convert it to run with my new little mod i've been working on which is a lot more boring than just making a new map. :P 
I Played Three 
The recent one and ne_cath should be ready, no? What about the awesome one - the metal fortress? (All of them are awesome ofc). 
to ne_cath 
ne_cath needs an ending though but i'm going to try do have it for qexpo. 
Yeah Whatever 
new Necros shit will be awesome, looking forward to it, hope it all comes togethe smoothly for you! 
Is It Official ? 
hi please,
When this QExpo2011 will be official and confirmed ? 
The QExpo Is Official 
The QExpo is official is confirmed. I'll probably have more booths this month, and people will keep pouring in. The remaining issue is promotion. I contacted PlanetQuake and John Romero. Hopefully , they'll put up a news article about this.

So far there are 10 active booths and 27 members. 
It's Still Really Early. 
iirc, previous qexpos have opened maybe 2 weeks before the event? you'll probably start seeing more people join later. 
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