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Quake Expo 2011 Site Is Ready For Registration
Hi guys, now that Easter is behind me, I decided to push this announcement even further. I decided - after some discussion with some fellow Quakers - to host the new Quake Expo 2011 on

I have a booth system built from scratch. It doesn't have ads, it will not have ads, it's completely transparent and it's open for registration!

I'll make this announcement on several other forums, I'll check them once a day. Any question you might have is welcome.

Get your booth babes ready!

Editor's note: Quake Expo 2011 will be held June 19-25, 2011
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Btw. you can post news items on the expo site too. Simply create a new booth and select news in the list at the bottom of the edit page. 
Ah Ok, 
that would have been more appropriate. :) 
This, By The Way... 
Too Dark 
Looks Just Fine To Me 
even against a white background. look forward to it; i'm trying to think now whether i've ever actually played dmc2... 

Well, I finally got round to adding mine :E

Doubt the map will be finished though, might change tack and just make a speedmap. The more work I do on this big project the more I find to do :( 
Holy Fucking Shit !!! 
I completely forgot to make a booth... :(
Arghh... My job is eating me alive: it's been weeks I didn't play Quake for more than 1 hour, and months I didn't open my level editor... shame on me.... 
Finally got my booth up as well, better late than never I guess? Don't know why I haven't done it earlier really, maybe because I've been reluctant to post stuff that I worked on several months ago as it's not representative of what I've achieved lately or something. Strange logic perhaps... 
woah, those idbase shots on your booth are awesome! 
Necros stop showing off and releasing things :p 
Is This A Bug? 
All the "More News" headlines at the bottom of the news page are links to , rather than to anyplace useful (like maybe the individual booth or news item or something?) 
looks like that link just displays all the news items since the start of qexpo instead of cutting off. should probably jump down to the post maybe? 
So... it over? Unforgiven
Oh Shit 
it ended that fast. i planed to make a booth with some screenshots today but found it had ended. 
Will Fix The News Link Today! 
Will fix the news link today! The news items will be visible again! 
It does seem like it was over too soon. :( But I guess the last one was extended to two weeks, and lots of people said it was too long. 
Thanks to everyone involved! It was fun while it lasted. 
..what A Sadness To See "expo Is Now Closed" 
..I needed only some weeks more to complete a fully playable level for my mod :(
I got many maps half-done but none of them 100% finished.

notes to Chip:
-booth background color didn't work for me
-visitors counter at page bottom was always under 30 ?!
-can you make a prediction of how many people
took a look at the Expo? 
Hey Delor 
I know about the background color. Yes, visitors counter was under 30. I will write a closing article and I will provide statistics, screenshots and other goodies. Tomorrow probably, I need to gather my thoughts :) 
do u think the Qexpo was underestimated then ?
Did Id software members visited it ? 
I think the counter only showed current visitors, not total. While the number of booths seemed to be higher than on previous expos, the 'community activity' was lower. There could be various reasons for that.
id people most certainly did not visit it, because why would they care about about such a small fan event. 
Hehehehe, great find Spirit! 
..if Remind Well 
last QExpos were more successfull: more visitors, more hype,etc..

still I cannot believe to the "only 30 visitors" counter :(

Chip.. are u still interested in pictures about Qexpo/aniversary ? I did some but not in time. 
Read the closing article/rant/post on 
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