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Quake Expo 2011 Site Is Ready For Registration
Hi guys, now that Easter is behind me, I decided to push this announcement even further. I decided - after some discussion with some fellow Quakers - to host the new Quake Expo 2011 on

I have a booth system built from scratch. It doesn't have ads, it will not have ads, it's completely transparent and it's open for registration!

I'll make this announcement on several other forums, I'll check them once a day. Any question you might have is welcome.

Get your booth babes ready!

Editor's note: Quake Expo 2011 will be held June 19-25, 2011
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This would have been better off as a discussion thread 
Didn't know how to add it. Maybe a moderator will move it. 
It's Fine 
we can use this for qexpo news when the time comes.

also, i think i should have a couple of maps for this. 
Is There A Date? 
Because if there is, maybe it should be in the news text? Just a suggestion. 
i added a booth but i can't find it now..? doesn't show up in any lists. 
That's To Say 
my own lists, not the public index (which makes sense). 
Yes, your own booths. Maybe I should make it more obvious, and the profile screens more intuitive. Thanks for joining, necros! 
right, it says (0) if i click on the My Booths list.
so, did it not add it, or is it just not showing up? i don't wanna add like a dozen and have them show up later. :P 
Necros Maps 
I Can't Seem To Log In 
Just kicks back with an error.

RMQ is on board, and should have something to show. 
Ijed Map(s)? 
Wow.. Qexpo2011 ! 
I got a single player project for Quake in already late stadium so I'm thinking to join..

we need more details on how to join : ) 
click on that link and register, i think 
We've been working on several for Quake's birthday (June 22) so assuming this expo lines up with that date (we can't go faster!) you can count on at least one map. 
If a speedmap event will take place I will join, got an unfinish scrap in work with two rooms for 1,5 year :\ 
@ijed, you did not add a booth. It works for me, so you must have done something wrong. I'll be online all day, so ask again if you really can't do it. 
Will Do 

It was coming back with a login error, which is why I didn't add the booth. 
Yeah, adding booths work. I saw you registered twice, I'll delete one of them. 
Help On Booth Creation 
I want to add my booth, I never joined Qexpo before so..
when registering are there detailed info on creation of the booth?.. I mean for example the specific size for banners in booth list,..? 
A Suggestion.. 
QExpo2011 will be great but personally I'd like Quake3 NOT be included!
it's a whole different world from Quake1 both from player and developer point of view, Quake1 has something peculiar, magic, somethin u cannot describe and most of all has SinglePlayer !

Quake2 would be welcome cause the world seem have forgotten it! 
Personally I think all Quakes should be at a Qexpo, so maybe also post an invitation at for Quake4 mappers/modders. It has Quake in the title and id software behind it, so...

Or do we need the ridiculous "it's not Quake" discussion at Qexpo, too? :-/ might also be a good place to announce it? ModDB? 
Yep, ModDB, maybe ceriux can post it in his Quake group. I'll try

@milky: When registering an account you only need a username and a password. When adding a booth, you'll add a title, version, status and the actual page where you can include images, text, titles, almost anything. 
it's a whole different world from Quake1 both from player and developer point of view


Quake2 would be welcome
A Suggestion 
Dont be mean to Quake 3!!! 
does adding booths not work then?

i click on add booth, fill out the forms, and then it says 'booth added' but nothing shows up. 
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