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CocoT writes: Today sees the official release of my mod INCAS vs PHARAOHS, over at my QExpo11 booth!

You can download it from Quaketastic by clicking here.

In this mod, you battle against your enemy by gradually destroying the platforms on his/her side of the level while using of a few "artefacts," power-ups that spice up the game. If you want to know more about the mod and how it is played, check the readme, downloadble here. Enjoy!

This release also means the official launch of the INCAS vs PHARAOHS competion. More info on this event and its prizes is available at this event booth.

Sorry - this is a mere copy-paste from my booth. I'm eager to see what you guys think, though!

Little Youtube video:

Some screens:
seems kind of cool i guess, but i never play mp.
also looks like a lot of work to set up all the entities for a map. you need 3 entities for a single tile, i think.
it's cool that it's not just limited to walking surfaces though. would be neat to make walls and stuff so it's sort of like blockout. 
That does actually look like the worst thing ever. 
Looks Like 
An interesting idea, but haven't given it a try yet. 
I think it looks kind of cool. Haven't yet tried it either, but with bots it should be worth a few rounds. 
YOU look like the worst thing ever! :P

Anyway... this is not meant to be the mod of the century, of course. I enjoy playing it. I've had the opportunity to try it on LAN and it was quite fun. 
Oh And... 
Necros, it's true tiles may be a bit of a pain to put together but, for the most part, I'd think that, once you design one or two, there'll be a lot of copy-pasting possible... If you're reluctant to have to map the "frozen casing" and the "protector" elements, you can simply not add them and prevent the map from offering the corresponding artifacts. That can make things a lot easier :) 
You don't even have to get rid of the "protector" artifact. It can still be used (but players will just not have a visual reminder of which tile they protected) 
why 3 entities for a single tile? is it to do a texture swap? You should be able to eliminate one swap by using a +0 texture and then quakec can switch it to the +a texture by setting .frame to 1. 
Originally, I wanted to give people as much freedom as possible deciding how they wanted the protector indicator and the "freezing" effects to appear. In my map, the freezing effect is actually a casing that envelops the tile (which you can still see via transparency when the artifact is activated - watch towards the end of the video). The tile protector could take many shapes, and doesn't even need to be on the tile itself. 
This also enables the freezing effect to take place on any surface you decide, regardless of the textures you're using for your own structures. 
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