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2 RMQ Speedmaps
With a cutdown version of the mod.


Ugly features a couple of the new base enemies and Rift changes each time you play. If anyone wants the source material then send an email. Note that this is not demo3 - just something we did for the fun of it.
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Maybe I shouldn't have given the DBS :)

And yeah, as Gb mentions, the NG is the sniper weapon, the SG your close range slugger.

It takes 3-4 hits from it to kill an Ogre, as opposed to the 8-9 of the id1 SG. That changes with range of course, since ours has spread and the RMQ ogre hitbox is the same size as the creature, as opposed to being the same size as a Shambler. Or Dog.

Need to fix those damn turrets though, they're kind of low on the list... 
<@Scrambler> hi
<@Scrambler> remakequake >>> spirit
<@Scrambler> hmmm
<@Scrambler> apart from the speedmap thing being broken...
<@Scrambler> hmmm
<@Scrambler> multitexture not supported: extension not found
<@Scrambler> wtf
<Spirit> haha
<Spirit> quake >>>>> Scampie
<Spirit> and Scrambler too
<@Scrambler> agreed, scampie sucks 
New monster attacks and teleports are cool.

Coloured lighting is okay but over done.

Different weapon effectiveness is fine but needs new models.

New sounds are pointless and should be removed.

Ricky's map is nice.

Ijed's was too dark and hard.

Off-centre weapons are pointless and completely unrealistic as you'd never sight down a weapon at an angle, even if you were running and gunning it would be lined up more centrally. 
I liked Ricky's map. Ijed's was too hard and dark.

The weapons work very nice.

The resized ogre bounding box is ok but it needs getting used to. I kept missing with grenades.

I think the monsters are also good. The new attacks look nice. The wizard breathing sound is well chosen.

The ammo boxes aren't visible enough.

Some More Comments On The Mod 
the game feels more explosive now which I like. The slowed down SSG rate doesn't feel right in this context. Why not leave it at standard rate?

the SNG sounds weaker than in standard quake - not good.

the grenade bouncing sound also isn't heavy enough - it sound like a thin glass bottle bouncing 
This seems like much more positive commentary than previous times, so I'll take that as encouragement.

There's a lot of interesting points in the thread as a whole - we're discussing the more obvious ones internally. 
Error When Running. 
When I attempt to run RMQEngine-Win32.exe included with the download, it fails on this error:

multi-texture not supported (extension not found)

I'm running windows 7 64-bit ultimate. 
What's your video hardware? 
Video Hardware 
Two of these:

Running in SLI.

Thought it might be more informative if I linked the exact card. 
That looks to be more than good enough.

MH is the person you want to talk to, but he's busy in RL atm. Until he turns up, you could try it with an older version of the engine, like this one:

Sorry I can't be of more help right now. 
That engine you linked- it works!

I will post again after I've played the speed-maps.

Thank you. :) 
The shipping process was a bit suboptimal I guess :-P 
Heh - My Bad 

I bundled that engine into the pack without even consulting mh. It's a total WIP/beta if u like. It's also a big filesize. AFAIK the finished, properly compiled engine will be quite a bit smaller. 
Re: The Maps 
Wow! I recorded myself playing Rift and Ugly on Normal, though I'm not sure where to upload the demos or if anyone is interested in watching them.

The different types of base-style dudes are cool, but they didn't require any varying strategies to defeat.

Variety ogres: awesome.
Teleporting Shambler: awesome. The ball-lightning is good, but there are so many arcs coming off of it that it is difficult to tell what direction it's going in, how far it flies, and most importantly, whether or not it is following me...

The turrets were strange. I'm not sure I like them. It would feel more appropriate to have standard laser shooters. 
You can upload demos at The pssarowd is ilovetheshubhub. Yes, we want to see them please :-) 
> The different types of base-style dudes are cool, but they didn't require any varying strategies to defeat.


Tbh grunts are cannon fodder in RMQ. Just giving you something to shoot.

Enforcers can have different gear on them, but maybe there were no hunter killers on Normal... you would have noticed, because you'd have died (probably)

I plan to do a BFG enforcer sometime, and one with a shield that blocks projectiles, which will definitely require a different strategy. :-)

Thanks for feedback. 
And Yeah 
The turrets are very placeholder just yet. 
So it is recorded, so it shall be played. Or something...:
I recorded these on that separate engine which gb linked in post 35.

An enforcer with a shield would be very fun to fight.
I will try the other skill levels and see if I can encounter one of these hunter-killers, too... 
I dunno I think Shields and Teleporting are overdone as ways of making things different. Okay, so I have to wait for it's shield to drop/it to teleport back into view... great, it just slows things down and gets tedious. I don't really see where the extra strategy comes into that.

I think Necros is onto something more interesting in his attempts to improve path finding and such. What about human enemies that work more like a group? :/

PS the best new base monster ever is the Quoth rocketeer. Man those guys are fun :p 
not that kind of shield. 
Temporary invincibility is kind of annoying.

Group tactics a la HL1 would be great. Thinking cap time. 
well, we have the monstergroup field already. Maybe another ai extension, like self.groupevent, which could be triggered by a group leader, or the first group member to spot the player acts as group leader.

Quite possible.

I've been thinking about certain AI related map entities for a while as well, like info_ai, info_cover, info_shore etc.

Somebody's just got to sit down and actually code the stuff. :-E

Then again, they shouldn't become too smart. 
Hyper intelligence isn't a game breaker - even if the Ogre can beat you at chess, you can still shoot him in the face.

In other words, if the 'intelligence' doesn't changes to their actual abilities - like x4 movement speed, reloading or double health, then all it will do is make the experience deeper, as opposed to more difficult. 
I actually quite liked the contrast of the marine enemies in Quake 4 against the standard dumb monsters. Was a cool bit of variety, and allowed combat styles to mix up a bit. I wouldn't want most of the game to be like that, after all it's a old style shooter.

I guess basically enemies that have some kind of survival instinct is the basic thing. They take cover, can get injured and try to run like HL marines (no high bar for you their at all) :p 
True, the orange Strogg marines with all their different gear and their little hiding tactics were my favourite enemies in Q4.

Not sure if they acted as groups. I remember them talking to each other during combat, though. 
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