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2 RMQ Speedmaps
With a cutdown version of the mod.


Ugly features a couple of the new base enemies and Rift changes each time you play. If anyone wants the source material then send an email. Note that this is not demo3 - just something we did for the fun of it.
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Warning, 170mb! 
Linux engine please or can I use the old one I got (January 2011)?

seems to have worked with the old engine. i enjoyed the maps surprisingly much. three times the time and you would have 2 great "real" maps. ijed's was much too dark though, had to use gamma 0.8. no other criticism because 
Thanks for the demos Spirit, it warmed my heart to think that you had played these, and even more so because you enjoyed them. Gosh-darn if I could only watch the demos, but the Linux version of the engine which you have used seems to record demos which wont work on my newer windows version. Bummer! Never mind. 
170 MB For Two Speedmaps Is Unacceptable 
But still thanks for releaseing them and a barebone rmq pack. As for the screenshot, fire does NOT emit red light! 
negke what is 170 mb in these days? :)

will play this soon... only two left to play (this and unforgiven), hope today play then! 
Looks like demo compatibility was broken along the way, nothing unusual in a dev engine.

Ricky; try the Windows engine from Demo 2 to play Spirit's demo. 
New Upload!:

OK, above is a link to a version which includes only the .bsp and .lit files, so if you have RMQ SP Demo #2 on your computer still then you can run these maps (with the older progs) by extracting to RemakeQuake/maps and typing map ugly or map rift into the console. 
That's orange, duh.

Because they're magical torches, obviously. 
Engine Bug: 
zoom in, then turn your view slightly, then zoom out -- result: frustum culling as if you were still zoomed in. Apparently frustum culling is done only when the view moves or rotates, but not when the FOV changes. 
Maps look fun, but don't know why still don't like much RMQ sorry guys :( that shambler teleport in rickyt23 map...arghhhhh not fun at all... :(

Doesn't feel quake for me :( and sounds from Q2 :\ are weard(the grenade sound)

Hope the maps of the pack look more like Quake :\

Ijed silver key... nightmare... so many monsters bewind a wall :\ 
Dawn English 
"behind a wall" 
Dimensional Shamblers 
They teleport around you. Not all shamblers are dimensional shamblers, they are supposed to be a boss.

Trinca - Did you find the quad? (clue near the GKDoor) Also you can add -sndspeed 44100 to your commandline and it will make the sounds clearer, and different again.

Metl - the engine i included in the zip is a WIP one. :S No idea what furstrum culling is, but im sure it will be duly noted/addressed :D thx 
50 Shells limit...what?

Also both maps tediously short on ammo generally :E

Nail ogres/Crossbow knights. Projectiles seriously need to glow or have some kind of light like Grenades do, they're practically invisible. 
As a random other comment btw, I hope you aren't going too far with the random spawns thing. Might be fun for a few maze type maps but not generally :E 
> Nail ogres/Crossbow knights. Projectiles seriously need to glow or have some kind of light like Grenades do, they're practically invisible.

Good idea! 
Its under discussion. 
With regards to the maps - these are great!both of these reminded me what I like about your mapping - RT23's well rounded and 'complete' feeling base wasn't ugly at all, really, and Ijed's map was overflowing with dark malevolence as always. I agree that ammo balance was off somewhat... but these *are* speedmaps, and I didn't find any secrets.

With regards to RMQ - I don't know if I like the kickback with the DSG but that might just be me getting used to that. fully agree about the crossbow knight projectiles. enjoyed the new grunts, mounted turrets always get my vote... re the shamblers - all of them have the multidirectional lightning attack, or just 'dimensional' ones? It's definitely intimidating and makes for more intense gameplay, but I can imagine things getting just ridiculous on nightmare with that, especially if there is more than one. the infighting aspect though could be quite interesting. 
Yeah, all of them have that. The difference in how it works though is really just range - it's not really multidirectional, but is able to hit from greater distances as it snakes across the ground.

The timing also changes - its no longer like an on/off hitscan type.

The ammo ratio takes some adjustment since the RMQ SG is perfectly suited to taking down even shamblers, but the average Q1 player has learned over time that the id1 SG is a joke.

A number of mods have been coming out that add a third tier shotgun, with the DBS becoming the new tier 1 and the SG a kind of wanky Q2 pistol... that drains ammo.

Still need to come up with a decent solution for this, although you'll notice that the ammo boxes only get removed when fully depleted, which helps.

We went for the 'upgrade the originals' tactic, which fits with what we're doing with everything else. 
If you want to keep the 50 ammo base limit you should added a backpack item or something that increases the limit, cause over large maps with a large number of enemies it'll get infuriating. Twenty five shots ain't many if you're fighting a lot or there is a real gap between refills. Shotgun should still sit as a workhorse weapon and a workhorse should be well supplied, since it's what you fall back on. 
We've been discussing a backpack, although different episodes will have different weapon loadouts.

But, saying again - 25 shots with the DBS or 50 with the SG.

Our SG doesn't suck! 
Mental note - my monitor is badly configured, fix it. 
RMQ's shotgun is roughly equivalent to the vanilla SSG.

50 shells = 50 dead grunts. Perfect workhorse.

It's no longer good for sniping though. You've got to consequently use the nailgun at a distance. 
assuming you land every hit and only fight grunts :)

It's the same limit as in Doom and it gets kinda irritating when maps get larger, and your shotguns are more balanced like that (which is a good thing) 
Watching Spirit's Demos In The SP Demo #2 Engine 
Worked! Thanks for those Spirit :) Louis your map is soooo cool, I actually like the darkness and the colours. It feels really evil :D 
Nice maps, guys. Finally got around to playing them.

Turrets = cool. 
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