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Speedmap 165
Only one map this time, but it's from digs so all is well! The theme of this pack was egyptian using sock's textures. As always with maps by digs, prepare to have your mind fucked!

It's A Decent Speedmap Alright 
But the amount of mind fuckery was not nearly as high as advertised. 
Added readme and repacked it as because I am always OCDing hard for consistency. 
And I Am Too Dumb To Link 
awesome map! 
Mind Fucking ! 
Mate, my mind is all fucked now ! 
Shot Please !!! 
Dis Is Genially Surprising 
Dez wot it is. 
nice map

Easy run in 49, didnt get over those bars like i hoped (tried to fiendpush speedhop over it).

What i didnt realy get was the purpose of the 2nd exit + the weapons and powerups in that room, is there a way to get to that early on? 
No. There you go just because of the fact that you take rune.
Demo see how time will be 
Loved It 
did not record demo of 1st run, though. sorry. Thank you for pulling through, hahaha! 
Thanks The Silent... 
...I think.
digs, I really needed a Qfix, ta much! 
Sure Thing, Dis... 
Tbh, I realized it after I posted, glad you catched it.

Now, go earning your Geniality Degree! Give us some amazing place to get killed in!!! 
The English speaking side of my brain must be still sleeping.

Sorry for the funny post above. 
i love digs maps. 
Well, Finally found time to play your stuff.
It is quite interesting and the final "butchery" was some kind of fun. Non usual texture used that makes the map interesting.
Anyway, I had 15mn of fun, quite a lot for an old mean like me ;)
Keep it up ! 
Thanks For Playing 
I hope that will be more voluminous sm166 :) 
Thanks :) 
ops remember that I forget to reply to this post!!!

Awesome map less brain, but with more action!

Really fun, I liked especially the second part of map was awesome!!! both my kids play it :p

with the 666 even the smaller could finish with me controlling the mouse hehehe 
played it finally. nice map with interesting gameplay. sock's egyptian textures are great, reminded me of great days of making menkalinan 
Cool And 
so awesome 
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