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Wintery Map Pack
In Portugal as in rest of Europe, weather is getting cold... so more time to map!

What about a small pack for christmas?

I've started a Maya map, and is my intension to be released in 25 December, anyone up to?

No theme, just make a map, to stop the laziness of some of us (I'm probably the worse...), made very few brushes this year... just the Qexpo map :\
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Not a film, but has anyone else watched American Horror Story? Thoughts on it?

Freaky weird show. 
Yeah Okay Wrong Thread 
'winter' looks awfully similar to 'film' 
... hmmmm looks dark... and wait ! Where is the snow ?

Nice shot ;) 
there's a snow texture on the ground.

distrans, looks moody as usual mate. 
Orly ? I thought it was marble texture or something like that... so definitely way too dark ;) 
Good Stuff, Distrans... 
I especially like what is happening on the left side of that shot :) 
Aye... be icecold at floor level in this dark, dank dungeon dug deep into the dirt. 
ye pirates be worryin' their scenario at the north pole - rub yer toes! - and distrans has returned! 
when ice on the floor, please set sv_friction to 0 ;) I think it will give a kind of cool effect :P 
Ice Effect 
Put a flat shootable trigger_multiple with long wait on the floor and trigger it on map start. Makes the player slide like a motherfucker. 
How the fuck do you figure these things out? 
Sv_friction -1 Is Even More Fun! 
Mod the knight to wear a jersey an wield a Hockey stick. winter done! 
Got sidetracked by an invitation to join the local Carols extravaganza and write a script for the Theatre Companies next musical. If I can steal two days beween Yule and New Year I might be able to push it out. I guess within 12 days of Christmas is close enough :) 
... update for this pack ? 
... No ?? 
sad.... :( 
It's All Trinca's Fault 
lol Jpl... penis? wtf? u should want to see pussys everywere... what is going on with you mu friend???
sielwolf was pure voreball fun with lots of hords zomggg extra fun!
i start a dm map this holidays ;) 
problem is that gameplay suck :\ just kill kill kill
happy new year to you to Kell hope 2008 will be a better year for all of us! 
JPL my boys need womens... keep the good work :)
So these simple roles are enough, or should we discuss more? 
person who JEJEJEJE 5 STARS JEJEJEJE 5 STARS is this your papy ?? biggest poser in the world ok godbay itz adorable omg i think im emote ^.^ as an oven mit is that it HUH? You're just an overgrown school boy us are such losers penis 
i roulf'd alright. :) 
Oh Sorry, I Read Prick While You Said Pack. 
Ye, sad there�s no maps... chif chif
Mine was supposed to release on Christmas, but family and skyrim killed it. :/ no time for mapping only drink and beaches. :) distrance map isn�t finish too? Trinca darling, what about your Maya map? Go map noob!

But!!!! winter isn�t over yet so we still have time to finish then! Just release janauary/feburary? 
It's going to have to wait a little.

Oh, and I believe that should be loser's penis Spirit 
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