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Wintery Map Pack
In Portugal as in rest of Europe, weather is getting cold... so more time to map!

What about a small pack for christmas?

I've started a Maya map, and is my intension to be released in 25 December, anyone up to?

No theme, just make a map, to stop the laziness of some of us (I'm probably the worse...), made very few brushes this year... just the Qexpo map :\
If only all engines had sexy snow like Darkplaces (-mod) and volumetric (ground) fog.

Maybe a map pack for ne_ruins? 
Nothing From Me, Sorry. 
i'm taking a long break for now. i may start thinking about opening the editor after christmas. :P 
Started a space map last month... but only made 1 room... job/family/lazyness are eating me alive...
Maybe I'll be ready then... though... 
I might if I can find time, but if it were something like a 100 brush Wintery challenge or something to limit the 'epicness' of it, I'd be much more likely to join in. 
Waitin For Xmass? 
My tormentarium is done.
Already glad it could wear a realvis after 7h00. Getting so stuborn after this etappe.
I should start texturing and skill setting.

Creeping re-order hom screwing leak refracktor. 
Not with brush limits, just make something :) in these days a map is always a map!

Is just a idear to move us a little... I also need motivation :| 
Good IdeA. 
SHOULD have some sort of winter theme tho really. 
Necros just say Ruins was yours and you released early because that's how you roll. 
Any Ne_Ruins Scraps? 
For motivation/inspiration? ;) 
What Do You Mean? 
i released the source, but there are no other bits of map.
feel free to make something out of the map sources though. 
If you're making a snow map, use my snowy monster skins I did in Brumal Quest! :D 
there's also snowy dog and fiend skins if you need them (are they in brumal quest? man i played that AGES ago.. i should do a kona replay or something.) 
I'm not sure that will join. While I have no idea. I do not want to do something simple. If the idea appears, I'll do.
But before that, you still need someone to pack did.
On a standard progs.dat hardly possible to make something interesting ... 
if people who plan to do the pack can come up with a list of things they want (ie: hip rotaters, logic gates, timer, func_sound, etc...) i can whip up a progs along with a little documentation. 
Man Full Of Hope... 
I resume mapping yesterday evening..
I am not sure I will be ready on-time... and in anyway it will not be a snow-like map... 
I'm working in a Maya map again :\ 
I might have my egypt map done by then, it all depends on whether school interferes and if I get the progs for it done. :p 
Mayan snow? 
no! using same stile as tchak :\
but not so much open... 
... Xmas is promising... 
Winter Theme 
Just use a white texture on outside floors and put some white illusionaries on top of some structures, maybe a few icicles and a greyish sky too. Done. 
the idea is not make a huge stuff... a turtle map is just fine!!!

Is to make something... 
A nice rock one in here as well: 
you obviously have no choice. Mayan winter. 
does they have winter with snow? LOL 
Of Course Not 
But they surely had Shamblers. 
Kind of you to offer to put a custom progs together, nice one! Are there any good falling snow effects out there? I'm really tempted to get involved. Had a few ideas that would be ace with rotators, func_sound, and maybe those nice Quoth destructable walls?

I might make a bunch of custom textures also, so if I make good progress early, I could share them with other people making stuff if anyone'd be interested in that. 
Snow is a DP only type thing, but DP provides a safe way to check if the engine can do it, so you can make, like a func that generates snow for DP, but does nothing in other engines.

the other stuff is not a big deal. just make sure you guys come to an agreement on what you want soon so you can actually make maps. :P 
Somewhere there is Maya texture? 
In my other Maya map (tchack) I used Rogue and some Hexen2 and I think they worked well, people just complain that all look the same :p 
... You Just Need... 
.. to add snow, and it will be perfect for Xmas ;) 
I Think. 
As a player and someone who likes Quake but also likes to think people are having fun mapping so they actually get their Quake maps done rather than it being too much time-consuming work, that there should be a WINTER theme but it should be kept pretty, errr chilled. I.e. just have some sort of winter atmosphere, preferably snowy textures somewhere. That's it really :D 
I think is impossible not having fun, to make a map takes lots the time and I don't believe anyone in here made a map obligated! 
Problem is Shambler they'll finish it and in the release comments people will say 'was a bit weird there was no snowfall though' or 'yeah, shame you didn't have the whole blizzard thing going on, that would have been awesome'. 
That's If You Do A Crap Job Of It. 
I won't. If a map is cool and fun and wintery then it's cool and fun. I still enjoy Id style if it's made well and plays well. 
.. needs rules:

1/ snow
2/ white fog
3/ Alternatively X-mas tree

Other options are possible
1/ Santa Klaus (we need a model for that)
2/ Reindeers
3/ Flying chariot (possibly pulled by reindeers and driven by Santa Klaus, and for sure full of gifts)
4/ Gifts under the Xmas tree (XMas eggs are accepted)... if possible all with my name on :P

Is that enough in term of rules ??
Does it satisfy everybody ??
Isn't it too restrictive ?

Let's discuss...

Oh wait....

A better lternative is to build a map without a predefined theme... Maya, Space, base, Medieval, whatever, but a map ! And persoannly I don't care whether there will be snow or whatever... the gift is THE map !

My 2 cents... 
everyone can make any kind of map at anytime. no one is forced to map. a theme can be motivating. I like winter settings. your "other options" sound dumb. 
Just put a white beard skin on the ogre and have done with it. 
I like the idea of "winter" but that could be interpreted in lots of different ways it doesn't have to mean snowdrifts/snow effects.
mayan winter even sounds interesting. might still be hot out there though.
that said, unforgiven had some snow effects in unf2, pretty subtle but it was mod-side, I'm sure PM would be happy to provide the code for that.
I might take part in this and make a SMALL map for once.
thx for volunteering to do progs necros. I request quoth, drake, nehahra, hexen 2, quake 2, RMQ and heretic 2 in one =)
just kidding. what does everything think of starting with the altar of storms progs? it would be fun having those ice golems in there. 
Btw Trinca 
not that it wasn't a good map (layout was great) but more variaton (not just in textures but designs) was needed. Check out Rogue's temple maps "Tempus Fugit" and "Curse of Osiris" to see what I mean... those guys had ONLY rogue textures (heh), but each area in those maps is distinct from the last. 
...don't tell me you considered post #40 as serious... 
was more thinking of 33
MR. Cocoa-Cola is evil. The true tradition of winter is desolation. But then, the true tradition of Q1SP is the sense of desloation, it's just that in the nameless dungeons, wherever they might be or inside whatever planet they may be and however deep - it was obvious that it was a desolate scenario since you never thought, in the necropolis, whether it was snowing outside.

It�s just a mather of tastes tronyn forget!

I love doing it, and I like it,that what it mathers :) 
Trinca And JPL Are Noobs And I'm Going To Prove It! 
You're All Wrong 
winter is about christmas sweaters, and you better believe in my map all the shamblers will be wearing them. 
Don't be mean.... 
@#46 I So Want To Have A Beer With Tronyn One Day... 
...and yes I've been mucking around with DKT snow textures for the last two nights. 
Hi Distrans 
Hi Distrans 
Good luck! 
The Elves Are At Work... 
Nice nice !!! 
look�s great! 
Woot, but what about your city map? 
Not To Worry 
That project has grown a couple of legs, but it's not dead. This will be much smaller and acheivable in the time frame. I might even have it finished in time to let someone else do the gameplay... 
Can't Wait! 
Not a film, but has anyone else watched American Horror Story? Thoughts on it?

Freaky weird show. 
Yeah Okay Wrong Thread 
'winter' looks awfully similar to 'film' 
... hmmmm looks dark... and wait ! Where is the snow ?

Nice shot ;) 
there's a snow texture on the ground.

distrans, looks moody as usual mate. 
Orly ? I thought it was marble texture or something like that... so definitely way too dark ;) 
Good Stuff, Distrans... 
I especially like what is happening on the left side of that shot :) 
Aye... be icecold at floor level in this dark, dank dungeon dug deep into the dirt. 
ye pirates be worryin' their scenario at the north pole - rub yer toes! - and distrans has returned! 
when ice on the floor, please set sv_friction to 0 ;) I think it will give a kind of cool effect :P 
Ice Effect 
Put a flat shootable trigger_multiple with long wait on the floor and trigger it on map start. Makes the player slide like a motherfucker. 
How the fuck do you figure these things out? 
Sv_friction -1 Is Even More Fun! 
Mod the knight to wear a jersey an wield a Hockey stick. winter done! 
Got sidetracked by an invitation to join the local Carols extravaganza and write a script for the Theatre Companies next musical. If I can steal two days beween Yule and New Year I might be able to push it out. I guess within 12 days of Christmas is close enough :) 
... update for this pack ? 
... No ?? 
sad.... :( 
It's All Trinca's Fault 
lol Jpl... penis? wtf? u should want to see pussys everywere... what is going on with you mu friend???
sielwolf was pure voreball fun with lots of hords zomggg extra fun!
i start a dm map this holidays ;) 
problem is that gameplay suck :\ just kill kill kill
happy new year to you to Kell hope 2008 will be a better year for all of us! 
JPL my boys need womens... keep the good work :)
So these simple roles are enough, or should we discuss more? 
person who JEJEJEJE 5 STARS JEJEJEJE 5 STARS is this your papy ?? biggest poser in the world ok godbay itz adorable omg i think im emote ^.^ as an oven mit is that it HUH? You're just an overgrown school boy us are such losers penis 
i roulf'd alright. :) 
Oh Sorry, I Read Prick While You Said Pack. 
Ye, sad there�s no maps... chif chif
Mine was supposed to release on Christmas, but family and skyrim killed it. :/ no time for mapping only drink and beaches. :) distrance map isn�t finish too? Trinca darling, what about your Maya map? Go map noob!

But!!!! winter isn�t over yet so we still have time to finish then! Just release janauary/feburary? 
It's going to have to wait a little.

Oh, and I believe that should be loser's penis Spirit 
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