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The Binding Of Isaac
Boasting, discussion etc.

The game is by one of the developers of Super Meat Boy, who also worked on Time Fcuk, which is free to play.

For TBoI, here's the wikia for walkthrough stuff:
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The linux version is out with the humble indie bundle.

I had to go find some library from firefox before it worked, but it seems to go ok i guess. The mouse only fires, doesn't move player which sucks, and there seems some sprite collision issues - my weapon fire seems to hit rocks when it shouldn't ?

Can't really get into it. Everything is so cramped. No f-ing readme or nothing, laugh.
Lots of polish and ambience though. 
Hmmm - sprite Y-axis resolution is definitely broken on my box. You can shoot over the bottom half of rocks, but you can't shoot above the rock. The flash player just doesn't know where the rock is. Bullshit. 
That's a shame. Hopefully there will be a fix. 
War Knight: melee only, spiked mace, Nehahra charge.

Pestilence Knight: human head on a pole, shoots projectiles in a shotgun pattern, random chance to poison the target.

Famine Knight: large hammer, smashes the ground and bounces the player around, centroid-like strafing. 
I Love This Game. 
I hate this game. 
Making them knights is better, with the added bonus that there is already a death knight.

Head on a pole is basically a turret though, and I reckon the floor smash would better suit the war knight.

Some sort of health leaching for famine would be good as well. 
Forget Me Now 
Sends you back to the start of the current level, so is best used when you complete the boss and take the reward, but before you advance to the next one - so you can re-farm it for upgrades and items.

It does require your item slot though, so you lose whatever you were holding. 
I made you my bitch TWICE. 
I Beat You On Hours Played 
Oh, Wait 
Very interesting discussion about Isaac with Edmund McMillen, definitely worth a listen.
They talk about Isaac of course, but also game design in general, and lots of other interesting stuff. 
Oh And... 
The Wiki Has Moved 
I don't think this is supposed to happen normally: 
Bumping Again 
There will be an expansion ($3) coming out at the end of the month, it grew from "50% more content" to nearly doubling it:

10+ bosses, 100+ items, 20+ enemies, 4 chapters, 1 character, 6 rooms, 40+ unlocks, 4+ new tracks, new final ending

Screenshot #1
Screenshot #2
Screenshot #3
Screenshot #4
Screenshot #5 
This Is Bad News! 
ijed, can I have your savegame? 
This is bad news!

Damn you video games! 
It'll cost you. 
This is what I'll be playing for the next 6 months then. 
I'll post my save here for anyone who wants it tonight. 
Just To Clarify 
Anyone who uses ijed's save is a big fat cheater!

negke, that's what you get for deleting your save silly! 
Don't Worry 
I'll encrypt it with the password IAmACheater 
Fell Asleep 
Before uploading.

I'm getting old. 
Postponed To Late May 
It's that big. 
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