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The Binding Of Isaac
Boasting, discussion etc.

The game is by one of the developers of Super Meat Boy, who also worked on Time Fcuk, which is free to play.

For TBoI, here's the wikia for walkthrough stuff:
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Trailer + Release Date 
Freaky, not as freaky as the first trailer though. :)
Love Danny's music, hope he made some extra tracks for this, Meat Boy + Isaac soundtracks are awesome.

This is good, will give me a reason to stop playing stupid Diablo 3. 
And Another Trailer! 
<- Samson 
Of all the new unavoidable items, Blood Lust is amongst them... and I fully embrace that fact. 
I Broke The Game Again. 
It's Been A While. 
I Know What 
I'll be spending my next 1000 or so hours of gaming time on. 
I'd expect them to be better at the game... 
You'd be surprised. Devs are generally pretty bad at the games they work on. You spend all day trouble shooting something and creating content for it, you lose a lot of drive to play it for fun. And playing it for fun is usually how you get good... 
Of Course They'd Play Better 
If they were interested in spoiling the entire thing. 
I Tend To Be Pretty Good 
At the games I work on just because I know how they're put together, which means I don't need to learn how they work.

Part of the fun of a game is learning it though - like I already know how to play it, and how it'll end. So we always put in the dev cheats to skip ahead, give stuff and so on.

QA are the poor sods who get insanely precise at a game since they're like a normal player but with access to the best game guide ever written (assuming they're in house) and, very rarely, some say in how things should be balanced or developed. 
That was about as good as I am at Isaac. My best runs are usually me finding Dead Bird and it being what does the most damage and carrying me, which is pretty fucking sad. 
QA Guys 
Raven had an internal QA guy who was fucking awesome. I would pick his brain all the time for suggestions, and he'd often get included in balancing discussion email threads. 
PAX Footage 
It Looks Great 
The pixelart is a bit hit and miss for me though. 
Have You Got A Second 
To talk about our Lord and savior, Edmund McMillen? 
You are terrible at the internets, please stop!

Here's the right link... 
<Daz_> I heard that if you grab the dirty nappy and place in the dead fathers eye it opens a secret door to the mothers anus where yoy can collect 3 dying hemorrhoids and as long as you have the g-string you can use them all at the same time to destroy the rectum and escape and skip like 3 stages. Pretty cool 
Godhead Unlocked 
Now where is my preorder. 
Lmao Fuck The Lost 
I am so looking forward to Daily Runs against Bal, and both of us getting smashed by ijed. 
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