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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
First of all, really amazed noone has made a thread for this yet. Second, seeing as how the game is about to be released out here in EST-land (about, as in another hour and a half, hence my spamming in here instead of playing), thought I'd get things started. Seeing as how just about everyone in here will be playing it eventually, I'm sure this thread will be of much use. At least 75% sure, anyways.
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I Got It. 
I'm an ugly orc focusing on H2H weapons and offensive magic.

...and I'm that in Skyrim too.

So far I managed to get the whole of Riverwood to attack me by killing one chicken, saw a fox running underwater, and managed to take (not steal) most of the trader's goods and sell them back to him. On a grumpier note, I also managed to buy steel armour for 870 gold and then accidentally sell it back for about 20p. 
So I earnt enough gold to buy steel armour. Then I visited that Jarl dick and he rewarded me with some steel armour. Twat. At least the bought stuff looks cooler. 
i've kind of noticed this problem with rpgs... like they're trying to satisfy both types of players-- those who only want to get rewards through quests and those who want to collect money to buy the best items.
there should be like a button at the start so you can select what type of reward system you want. :P 
Just give the player a choice of rewards, one of them being cash. So if the offered item(s) are useless to a player, they can still get something good. 
There's An Intersting Conflict There 
"Unlocking" and "Earn enough money/xp/etc." don't fit well into the same system

A nice example is the NFS underground game(s). You can never buy anything interesting with all your money, because it needs to be unlocked through races that earn you even more money... 
Its to motivate (or force even) the players progress advancing the "missions", instead of grinding the easy stuff accumulating. 
Skyrim Water 
looks really amazing. Best bethesda water fo sho. 
Great Game. 
<Hambler> yes
<Hambler> don't play skyrim
<Hambler> its the most generic and pointless bag of shit i've seen
<Hambler> just about the only redeeming feature is the dragons are kinda impressive, but then you have to kill them rather than befriend them and lead a massive dragon army to fuck the shit out of all the tedious human twats
<Hambler> i do like it
<Hambler> and it's a good game
<Hambler> but also shit at the same time
<Hambler> it's the definitive fantasy RPG etc etc.....and all that entails
<Hambler> if i hadn't played gothic 3 and guild wars i might be impressed with it 
I'm not sure if I'm watching the beginnings of a schizophrenic meltdown or listening in to an abusive relationship between Shambler and games.

LOL, I'm Not RickySpazoutT 
I'm just seeing both sides of the coin at the same time. It makes me a bit cross-eyed, but, makes sense too. 
I Agree 
with shamblsgaabkler 
I Never Played Either Of Those 
therefore I should play this, right?

though... (c) 
I Never Played Either Of Those 
therefore I should play this, right?

though... (c) 
No, you should play Gothic 1, then Gothic 2, then Gothic 3, then Morrowind, then Oblivion, then Skyrim. Not Guild Wars because it's a lame mmorpg for poofters. 
Bleh @ Negke. 
If you haven't played RPGs before, then yes, it will be an awesome game.

I haven't played G1, G2, M nor O.

Skyrim seems directly comparable to G3 to me, they function in very similar ways.

G3 has stronger defined settings (middle world, desert, alpine), and a stronger "hook" in the Orc takeover of the middle world.


Skyrim has probably more to do, more character choice/development, and less bugs/glitches. It also has FPS as well as 3PS.

Even if you have played RPGs before, it's an awesome game. Unless you expect a radically different reinvention-of-the-wheelish kind of game. It's just proper RPG all the way through. 
Like all the other games I mentioned, each with a few special characteristics of its own.
Errr, yeah. 
In The Bleak Midwinter 
I've played all the other Elder Scrolls games (except the new one by Mojang) and would be surprised if Skyrim surprised me! That said, I like them because it's comfort-gaming... nothing challenging, just nice and familiar and a good bit of whacking skellingtons with my mace.

They undoubtedly destroy your free time though, so I'll be needing a spare week or more, with roasted meats and mulled wine on hand, maybe a viking hat on my head. Recently heard about something called "Christmas" that sits right on the winter solstice (weird!) so that might be the time my social life gasps it's last breath. 
and less bugs/glitches <-- while talking about the elder scroll series?? holy shit-- must play! 
It would be more awesome if the setting had some sort of hook (other than dragons) and the people/story were worth giving a shit about (the latter rarely being the case in gaming but even so you'd hope there would be some attachment to it in an RPG).

It is what it is. They could have at least put different tyres on the wheel, rather than just embossing a dragon onto the same ones. 
I'm Loving Skyrim 
The clouds and fog are cool as fuck, the animations are a lot better, the water is the best looking water I've seen for a while, or at least it really stands out as being well-animated water. Also - waterfalls = cool. The plot seems cool. I think it deserves the 95million% reviews it's got n stuff. And yeah - not too buggy. 
There's A Plot?? 

Had a couple of crashes to desktop but no other bugs.

I do think, despite my views, that it is a very good game, and I've played 14 hours to start scratching the surface - about the same amount of time that I'm wrapping up most SP games I play. So as before I am going dizzy seeing both sides of the DEFINITVE FANTASY RPG OMGZ0R coin... 
So Steam installed a sneak update that disables LAA to use more than 2GB ram. Some DRM-type shit. All that without posting news about it. Spirit plz. 
If U Have A License 
Then 'find' a copy which will allow you to tweak more. 
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