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RemakeQuake Winter Demo 2011
Here's the d/l link: download
The RemakeQuake blog with screenshots: blog
And our public forum for feedback: forum

The pack consists of four large levels by myself and Ricky along with a load of new Qc, sound and engine features. Shortly we'll be releasing the tools version as well, which features the BSP2 tools. A small detail was omitted from the readme, that being the correct command line of:

-game rmqwinter11 -sndspeed 44100

Let us know what you think, this has been a long time in the making, but we're pretty pleased with the results.
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Hooooly Crap 
looks awesome guys!
Please make that damage blur optional 
R_motionblur 0 
e2m1 looks phenomenal, e3m1 looks ok, lighting in e3m2 looks rubbish and e3m3 looks lovely. 
ep3 is my favourite quake ep so if you mess it up I be very angry grr rah 
The Devkit:

It has the tools for the BSP2 format plus sources for most of the stuff. 
There are now screenies at the blog, could a mod edit the news post to say so please.

nitin: Right on :-) the colour scheme in e2m1rq works very well, and I want to specifically mention inkub0 who did the hires textures which probably was a shitload of work and underappreciated, too. 
/me Gets Some Tranquilisers Ready 
no zip release? 
I'm Sure That Can Be Arranged 
I Laughed Hard 
A zip with a windows installer in it
"Linux users will have to use Wine to run the installer, and download the most up-to-date Linux engine linked below"
...and the installer just dumps everything into a folder of your choice!
made my day, really ))))))))))))

Now its time to play. 
Not sure if I want to give more feedback (sadly I did not realise that the engine was not recording over reloads and thus my demos are useless) but just one major thing:

The weird "drunk" section on e3m3rq made me quit after a minute because it made me feel dizzy and queasy. 
So Is The Engine Still 
using function pointers AND SDL to be portable or has it been made easier to port? Because if so, I could look at the OS X port again. 
A zip with a windows installer in it
Superb troll imo :D 
The installer creator program I used had better compression than .zip, but the first place I tried to upload it wouldn't take the file. I thought that this might have been because it was a .exe file, hence the .exe in the .zip. Never mind. 
The weird "drunk" section on e3m3rq .... made me feel dizzy and queasy.

That's the intention, I think. You're down in poisonous fog and the environment is not a nice place to be in.

using function pointers AND SDL to be portable or has it been made easier to port? Because if so, I could look at the OS X port again.

It's using the very same code as QuakeSpasm does, as it has always done. If it needs to use anything different, specifics of what those differences actually are would be nice to know.

For the record, the engine does compile clean on Linux and always has done so. Any portability issues that may or may not exist would be strictly confined to MacOS. 
Slowest Run Ever 
Last time I looked at the engine, it was different from QuakeSpasm, or I looked at something else and am confused. But I found function pointers all over the place and I think I sent an email to gb or you about it, but never got a reply. I'll have a look again. 
Okay, So I'm An Idiot 
I think I should have taken a closer look back when gb asked me to do the OS X version. So, apologies are in order for a rather unfriendly reply - sorry, gb. In any case, I'll set up an OS X build, if only for myself. Do you guys insist on support for OS X version prior to 10.6? Because if not, the build configuration and environment is much simpler to set up and replicate for others. 
np. I wondered a bit about your reply, apparently there was some misunderstanding so no big deal.

OSX port would be great of course. :)

I know too little about Macs to comment on OSX versions though. 
The demo crashes with a 'MAX_SOMETHING' error - ? 
The second demo crashes for me also at some point, not sure why. The first and third demos work fine.

Weapons that belong in the same "slot" (Shredder and SSG are both slot 3) replace each other. Which replacements you can find in a map is episode specific. This is just something to note. Once this is known (after one or two playthroughs), people can choose what to pick up.

The weapon characteristics are different from Quake, for example the shotgun isn't very efficient at range but does more damage.

Thank you for the good and helpful comments in the demos. Feedback is much appreciated. 
Shotgun/Nailgun >>>>>>>>> pew pew pew laser :/ 
E2m1rq Impressions 
Congratulations on this release! I've only played e2m1rq so far. Excited to play the e3 maps.

Here are some rough notes taken while playing:


-intro cutscene is unskippable, so if you die near the start a couple of times, it starts to get really annoying.
-not convinced the fall damage increase is beneficial.
-the pent drains your health, and you can die with it on? On my playthrough it was a totally bad idea to grab the pent, because I had to play a fair bit with 1 health (and there weren�t health pickups), so it was a basically a trap. not sure if that�s what you were going for.
-powerups: I like having �5 health� pickups. They don�t look very good though.
-sweet to see Q2�s armour shards!


-in the first room of e2m1rq, the beeping sound is really bad. compare with the cool computer beeps in quake. there is also an ambient sound that sounds like a train whistle� it feels out of place.
-player jump sound, and enforcer/grunt sounds suck :-(
-dog, fiend OK, but worse than the originals.
-ambient drone throughout e2m1rq is too loud, and not that inspiring.
-nailgun sounds wimpy. grenade launch has too much �whoosh�, and the bounce is tinny.
-the �landing on the floor� sound is unsatisfying.
-new water entry/exit sounds are OK. the hydraulic elevator sound is nice.
-shotgun firing sound is good.
-gib sound is good.

I hate to tear apart the sounds so much, but they really detracted from the experience for me. My suggestion is to get someone who is ruthless, and was uninvolved in creating/finding them, to sort through them and cut anything that does not meet the quality of id�s originals.


-starting room: the red lighting in the starting glass chamber is obnoxious. the yellow lights outside are also a bit overdone.
-underwater warp: great! every engine, please copy this :-). only nitpick is, from underwater, I couldn�t see the water surface.
-would be nice to see a reflective water shader.
-wasn�t a fan of the �red oval� thing when you take damage. The motion blur damage feedback looks ok to me, but I�m not really convinced it�s better than red tint.
-still not totally convinced by the highres textures. some are very nice, many are amateurish (overdone emboss, layering of scratches, and colours not as good as the originals)
-when you activate the exit slipgate, the coloured lighting is way overdone. (blue lighting, the pink voreballs).
-what�s with the black blob for the teleport flash?
-with all of the other visual upgrades, the retro particles stick out a bit.

-the chainsaw is ugly� how about the zer chainsaw?
-I like the shotgun a lot as far damage/feel. Hand is too white, looks like quakeguy just took a shower. Cover it in a blood-dripping, dirt-caked, cracked leather glove?
-the angled weapons were screwing up my aim.
-shotguns don�t fire underwater: this seems kind of fun-spoiling.
-the wait between shots of the double-barrel shotgun was a bit too long for me, it felt like the Q2 railgun a bit. otherwise it looked good and I liked the damage.

-the base flying enemy is kind of ugly; too bright and sterile looking. he was also boring gameplay wise. the bob (the quick flier from hipnotic / quoth) is better looking and more fun to fight.
-i liked the floor mounted turret. it was fun taking out of a pair of them while avoiding a fiend.
-vomiting blob thing: need to spend some more time with it, but it looks good and seems like a cool monster.


-it was a stunning map overall!
-I did get lost a bit. what did the button in HQ do?
-loved the bit e2m1 homage bit near the middle/end :-)
-not a fan of the mid-level cutscenes when you push buttons. If you want to show the location that the button is affecting, how about having it on a TV monitor next to the button? Otherwise just kill the cutscenes entirely.

-performance wise, ran well on my nvidia 7600gt. 

Demo shows me flickering surfaces and HOMs, how can I fix it?

rmqe.exe -game rmqwinter11 -width 640 -height 480 -bpp 32 -sndspeed 44100 -heapsize 131072

hw P4 3.2 / ATI x600 
The Demo Crashes With A 'MAX_SOMETHING' Error - ? 
It's a dzip file so you need to decompress it:

I watched all 3 demos. You were quite obviously playing around with the map, exploring, trying things out, and that was great to see. Some informative and useful comments too. 
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