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RemakeQuake Winter Demo 2011
Here's the d/l link: download
The RemakeQuake blog with screenshots: blog
And our public forum for feedback: forum

The pack consists of four large levels by myself and Ricky along with a load of new Qc, sound and engine features. Shortly we'll be releasing the tools version as well, which features the BSP2 tools. A small detail was omitted from the readme, that being the correct command line of:

-game rmqwinter11 -sndspeed 44100

Let us know what you think, this has been a long time in the making, but we're pretty pleased with the results.
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> is it still developing or abandoned?

Episode 1 is not abandoned, but not claiming the RMQ name either. It goes under the name of "Rune of Earth Magic" but is currently in glacially slow development.

I recently started a fun remake of DM3 based on an old RMQ concept, btw. But I shelved it again because honestly I don't know who is gonna play it. I have a lot of shelved DM maps, not just RMQ ones :-(

My map sources are proprietary, except for the license I gave to the Schism project (ijed & co.)

If anyone should ever be interested in my map sources or code that I wrote (unlikely, I know), I am open to suggestions. I can be PM'd at various Quake forums. 
Rune Of Earth Magic Is Same As Scout's Journey? 

- ROEM is a Quake mod like any other.

- SJ is completely unrelated. 
What Is Wrong Wit Otp 
I Mourn For This Project, But Look Forward To Seeing Any Releases 
gb your stuff always looks amazing, that hexen 2 map and your e1m2 etc. I suspect both you and ijed are in a similar situation to me - in theory close to the end of a giant project, but the very size of it makes finishing it difficult. "If I could just unstick myself from this ancient game" indeed heh.

Maybe we should make a group therapy thread. 
This is about the 50th time this sort of thing happened. 
This Is About The 50th Time This Sort Of Thing Happened. 
Maybe you should get a group therapy thread 
Really Now 
If there's one person on func who needs group therapy, it's you.

And your liver. 
i thought we were friends 
Not Close Enough Though 
Basically I Don't Mind 'bout A Group Therapy 
at least i could've learn to speak the english properly 
The railgun for the RMQ projects as well as the Zombie Knights should be salvaged 
And The 
flayn zombie*
dividable tarbabies*
knight statues
flyers* (base scrags)

(* not in the demo) 
You Forgot 
The exploding zombie.

Tarbabies I already rescued, expect the others one day in a distant, possibly dystopian, future. 
E3 in AD for qexpo16? 
It's an interesting idea but if I get back into Quake for a big project it'd be to finish Schism, which is the spiritual successor to RMQ.

I'd definitely want to port the AD shotguns though.

But my schedule is booked for the next 18 months at least. First finishing Syrian and getting it to market and then my second kid is arriving.

Quake is still fun though so I'll probably put something small together sooner or later.

Going back to the train wreck of e3rmq wouldn't be much fun though. 
E3 rmq? 
It Was My Episode 
In RMQ. I built them fairly quickly but then got mired in retreating stuff that didn't need it and feature creep. 
Your episode had a lot of cool stuff in it. You're correct that some hearty cutting (and gameplay rebalancing?) would be a good thing though. IIRC you kept adding stuff that sort of diluted the vision that was there in the beginning. I remember I liked your early versions the best, like your rough version of e3m1 from the earliest stages. The one that still used quoth, with the rocketeers up there :) It was fast and loose.

I'm certainly guilty of the same thing, just in a different flavour. It all escalated a bit into a "more bigger stuff" contest especially when everyone started to make these huge maps. And some things were released in a very unfinished state, in hindsight.

E3's atmosphere was very brooding and properly netherworldly I think. On the other hand, fitting that high nihilistic vibe to the Quake gameplay seems difficult.

Good luck with the new baby. 
Proper Answer 
Thank god for deadlines or else everything I made would be overworked and mangled.

If I were to release it then I'd do so from scratch and probably as a series of turtlemaps to get that rough and ready feeling back in there. 
Some of the big maps were awesome and wouldn�t need much fixing... 
That's actually something I was gonna suggest, redoing from scratch. Just didn't want to sound negative. 
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