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The Essence Of Quake?
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Works for you.

For the record, that was not the intended reading, but if that's what someone takes from it then so be it. 
... is the idea that someone has some sort of natural right to govern someone else's creativity, ideas or interpretation and declare it to be the only one possible -- while not actually participating or having a stake in said work.

Usually this attitude isn't found among intelligent and creative people ... 
Dunno what point you're trying to make there.

After all says:

a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism. 
Come On Now 
Thanks Shambler 
"RMQ developers can do whatever the hell they like and dismiss any criticism that their mod isn't true to Quake as they deny there is any true essence of Quake"

That's very gracious of you there, thanks for the support.

Or was it someone else - who were you quoting? 
No Probs. 
You should see how much I support Spirit's miserable whining about RMQ in #tf too.... 
The quote was mine, but I think Shambles is letting his hatred of RMQ override his capability to do basic research. ;) 
It's not whining, I just strategically use it in random conversations.

But why on earth is it mentioned in a thread like this? 
What Hatred?? 
Duh. I liked and supported the first release. I haven't tried the recent one.

P.S. It's mentioned in a thread like this because while the essence of Quake might be somewhat mishmashed, it is bloody obvious what is Quakey and what is not (and even what is non-Quakey but harmonious, and what is not). 
Whining Is The Essence Of Quake? 
Whining Is The Essence Of The Internet... 
The Internet Is The Essence Of The Whining! 
"RMQ developers can do whatever the hell they like"

True dat 
Why are people hating on RMQ? Is it not Quakey enough? 
There's a big thread on it in news. This is maybe useful for reference tho. Quake is pretty cool and it definitely has an essence. 
By The Power Of Grayskull 
The Quake is a lie. 
Keep at it otp. 
No one hates RMQ really, its just some people are easily offended. 
Actually some people just like to troll. The reasons are often very obvious, too - personal beef. 
I Keep Thinking Of Primus 
As our official response. That song off the Brown Album about shaking hands... 
Experimentation Involves Hits And Misses 
I see nice big truckloads of ideas that get tested in Remake Quake.

Some of them don't work. A couple I don't personally like. These are small in the body of work.

The first demo was rather unrefined. The second one far more so. This latest one was rather on the mark, minus small complaints.

As a non-commercial work with finite time and resources, I think the sheer amount of goodness packed in each successive refinement is rather remarkable.

Plus, one of the cool things is a true expansion of the Quake engine and the map compile tools in a way that ensures that the modifications get road tested.

There might be 15 true expanded capabilities (IQM model support, verts limit expansion, rotation, etc.) in the tools alone. And maybe 30-45 in-game uses of previously theoretical QuakeC modifications. 
Hell I'm just happy to get remade Quake levels. You could fill it with all the standard weapons and monsters and effects and I'd be happy. 
I cant help but notice that *other* thread is horrible, essentially fuelling the animosity. Its sad to see both sides got dragged into it. 
But ... 
look how much more civil the current incarnation of the tedious beef thread is as a result.

New thread: more of a vocal improvement and philosophical discussion, even if biased. There is nothing wrong with bias or deeply held positions, questioning the goals of project, strong critiques and rebukes, etc.

Old thread: baboons throwing whatever baboons throw. That other thread didn't have much of that, it had lower ape behavior.

The debate of what is the "Essence of Quake" is quite relevant and a meaningful discussion. 
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