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Ensue brawl.
I Would Agree That Piracy Is Wrong 
But this doesn't seem like a fair way to combat it. It seems that the internet would be severely damaged by this move. 
As far as I can tell the only people in favour of SOPA & PIPA are in the pockets of the giant entertainment coorporations who got their silk, diamond encrusted knickers in a twist over Piracy in the first place. 
... I know them better...

.. and they stronger than SOPA & PIPA.... 
What Text_Fish Said 
fuck the US government's attempt at controlling the entire world with their draconian corporate laws. All those hundreds of billions they spent bailing out their banks, they should have spent instead on hiring hitmen to assassinate every corporate lobbyist, corporate-bought politician, corporate lawyer, and corporate banker in their country. 
Lol "intellectual Property" 
In The Case Of Music Especially 
I actually deny that any studio does any good at all. if they all quit and fucked off there would still be great music - in fact the average quality of music would go way way up. movies is a bit different, but it's not like they aren't making huge profits in theatres and with DVD's and even if they weren't controlling the entire internet isn't a solution to anything. I'll bet even 70% or more of Americans are against this legislation, but that government doesn't really care what its own people think. 
Simply won't work.

I am in favour of cracking down on sharing purchasable media (if someone worked to create it and wants to sell it, they should have the right to). But I doubt it will ever be effective - the internet is too far established for that. 
Sopa and Pipa are completely fucking retarded, laws pushed by mega corporations that refuse to adapt or simply can't. It won't even stop piracy, it's just an excuse to control the internet (at least internet access in America.) Frankly I'm embarrassed. :( 
I mostly just like the idea that if one of my Quake maps is hosted on a site I disagree with, I could personally have that site shut down for "infringing on my copyrights". No one shrimp should have that much power. 
If The Truth Be Known 
I'd say that most would like to have the power to shut down any site that hosted one of your "Quake maps" (and I use the term 'Map' loosely, very loosely) save for something in the vain of a cranky steve's style site, where your 'work', (cough, splutter, cough), would recieve it's just deserts.

Tisk, tisk, come on now, no prizes for second place 
Seeing how the feds could shut down Megaupload and arrest its lead staff this easily, the question arises how necessary those two bills were in the first place... 
Beef Alert. 
We have beef! Did someone get banned from #tf awwwww? 
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