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Interesting HL2 Mapping Video / Runthrough By DAZ

I just started watching this so I could take the piss out of his voice. 40 minutes later and it's still interesting the whole way. Particularly Daz's critical analysis and the evident progressions through different map versions. Recommended viewing!
The vid is nice, and the analysis of the L4D2 map too. Well worth watching if you're interesting in mapping.

Perhaps put the links to both parts of the L4D2 map in the news post as well. 
haven't watched it except for the first few seconds, but thanks for not having an annoying internet voice, daz. :)
there are too many youtube videos with people who should never speak publicly. 
To Much Waffle! 
I watched 30mins of the HL2 analysis, it was interesting but too long. It should of been scripted what you wanted to say, could of been more precise. What I liked was some of the visual remarks. I was watching you play the map and said to myself, wow those doors open the wrong way and then you mentioned it! It was cool the thought process on how the map developed but it needed more planning. (even the map) 
Cool Map 
Very cool map, too bad you didn't finished it. It has that special feeling that it could be a real place, but it also has a nice post apocalyptic feeling, I like it a lot. I would really like to walk myself in that map, if you have a compiled version and you could send it to me... I would like that a lot. 
I agree with sock. The videos are interesting but man, plan it out a little beforehand. There's a lot of verbal wandering and hemming and hawing that do nothing but add to the video length. At one point you spent 30 seconds or so explaining how you lost the older version of the map. I get it, move on. :) 
+1 For Planning 
Yeah, I tend to go off on tangents quite easily :P Apologies for that!

Still, I'm glad people are finding these interesting, I think certainly they benefit newer mappers more than experienced and/or professional LD's.

Heh, I did plan out my L4D2 analysis video more carefully (2 pages of notes :P) but still it seems disorganised after watching it! I dunno, maybe I'll get better with time. 

Nice to watch in any case, thanks. 
same as willem and sleep, more planning is required. very interesting content, but as was said, tends to meander without focus which makes it feel more boring than it is.

still, was interesting to watch the l4d2 one, esp with the multiple versions aspect.
it's one thing to say 'i made this so that would happen' but more interesting to watch the way it grew over time and how things changed and such. thanks! 
The reason I said -plan +edit is because a lot of the nice comments were coming up because they were random - 'put a light here, went wrong because of X' whereas a plan might limit that, and/or mean more work.

Editing is a lot easier and more fun, and allows you to splice together a handful of run throughs without making it long winded. 
great work, looking forward to more. 
/is highly appreciative of Daz's high quality map run thrus. In the age of a million things people could do online and short attention spans, I feel nice showcases of playthrus is important. 
Very nice and interesting videos. Thanks, Daz. I don't mind randomness of thoughts, it feels good for me. Keep 'em coming. 
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