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TrenchBroom - A Modern Quake Editor For Mac OS X
Hi everyone,

after two years of work, I am releasing the first beta of my Quake editor for Mac OS X, TrenchBroom. It is the result of an experiment where I tried to find out how Quake editing would be like if you could do it directly in the engine - that is, in 3D only. Consequently, TrenchBroom has only one big 3D view and an inspector (which you can hide anytime).

Go to for a screenshot and downloads.

Some highlights:
- renders even large maps smoothly
- support brush and alias models in the 3D view
- create new entities by drag and drop
- create, move, rotate, and resize brushes with the mouse
- clip brushes using the smart 3 point clipping tool
- create new vertices by splitting edges and faces or merge two neighboring vertices
- move vertices, edge and faces without creating invalid geometry
- texture lock that also works for rotations
- prefabs
- brush groups
- builtin compilation tools (TxQBSP, MH's light version, Willem's vis version)
- autosave, since this is a beta and all

Thanks to Bengt Jardrup, MH and Willem for their compilers and to Gom Jabbar and Vigil and other #tf guys for feedback.

Okay, that's it for now. I hope there are some people who will find some use for this. I'd certainly appreciate it if you reported any bugs, problems or feedbacks to me either here or via email to
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I think that there should be a "Z" checker at the click point of a current view. 
I Don' Understand 
what you mean by the terms "Z checker", "click point" and "current view". Can you elaborate? 
Also, there should be a bobble whenever I hover over the snitch guard. 
z-checker is a tall thin viewing window that is shown at the side of the main window in QER to show you the z position of the current selection relative to other brushes. I haven't used radiant in ages, so I don't remember if it showed other entities in the z-checker, but I remember it being somewhat handy sometimes, but I don't think it was something I couldn't live without - especially as it was possible to switch to side views anyway. 
you can see the z-checker at the left of this picture: 
I remember, thanks Than. 
thanks Than, for doing my explanation job 
I Still Don't Understand 
all of it. What do you mean by "click point" and "current view"? Should the Z checker be visible always or only if the mouse hovers over something in particular? 
isn't the zchecker just to get around limitations for people who use only a single editor view? :P
trenchbroom is 3d only, so it seems like it would be a lot less relevant for this editor.
guess work on my part, of course, as i've only seen screenshots of it and heard how it works in this thread. (any luck on older mac os versions or windows? ^_^;) 
I'm making progress and will post an alpha of the new windows and mac builds soon. No Linux yet though. 
Z Check 
since trenchbroom has only 3d view, my vision of z checker is a point that has additional control 'front', 'side' and 'top' view from it 
SleepwalkR making progress on the Windows/Mac builds? Unfortunately, I only have Windows but am really excited about this. 
It's goit slow due to my day job, but I'm implementing the features one by one. 
glad to know it's still moving forward, even if the going is slow. :) 
Don't Worry 
I'm still very motivated to do this. I'm just not goong to release public previews for the time being because the prep for a preview takes too much time away fom actual development. 
Sleep Has Spoken 

I think I told you this idea in IRC once but I am not sure so I better post it here:

User-defined coordinate systems. Like BKS (german) in AutoCAD. Basically you can rotate and scale a coordinate system as you like and return to the "world" system later. Scaling would not be interesting, but rotation would be fantastic for Quake stuff. Not sure how it work with precision though, so I am not sure it would be possible. 
Interesting Idea 
Anyone Compile TB On An Arch Based Distro? 
I have finally gotten to the point where it almost compiles, but now craps out with 4 g++ errors ;

It might be a simple error on my part or obvious to someone more knowledgeable than I. Any help appreciated. 
how do I compile in the mac application? can someone make a tutorial with very specific steps? 
Please Check The Release DEB Package 
If I try to download the 64-bit Trenchbroom 2.0 release DEB package, I get a truncated file. It's about 1.5 megabytes, while the 64-bit Beta DEB package is 73 megs. I tried three times with the same result.

There's another problem. The Beta version cannot be installed straight out of the package on systems that don't use libpng12 with that specific version number, which is one of its requirements. My Ubuntu 16.10 installation has libpng16-16 for example.

I don't have a suggestion about the second problem, but you should see if the first problem is on the server end. This is the specific page which gave me the 1.5M file with the Stable Latest link: 
Libpng Issue 
Follow up to my previous post: I guess the quickest solution is for people to install the old libpng12 package manually on systems that don't have it even in the repositories. 
You're In The Wrong Thread 
Also The Deb File 
was uploaded by accident. 
I didn't read the full title of the thread, because my browser didn't display it very well. I'll be more careful next time and check where I'm posting. 
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