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Speedmapping Pack 167
Two single player maps by digs. Unthemed

Screenshots: 1, 2
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Looks Really Interesting 
I'll record some demoes tonight! 
Aww My Eyes! 
nice mpas, awfull textures :)
i have to choose between playing in the white (fullbright) or in the dark (cant adjust my gamma)

busy on the runs but need a break probably wil post them later currenty first map a hfr 1:06 (havent found the secret yet nor the intended way to get past the first door) and the strafe jump around the wall is pretty hard and then I'm stuck with a quad wich i dont want making it hard to survive grenade jump.
might need to do another round of investigating on this one

2nd map in 1:00 
Gah Im Blind 
Dunno why i missed that "x" before :P 
host error solid_bsp with non bsp model. I geuss new engine required to prevent this? (since the sky looks like shite in old engine and quite funky in fritz) 
Yes, he found two places where this could be a mistake. Fixed, laid out until a corrected version on the website:

Probably, Spirit later will lay out the right pack into quaddicted 
Enough For Now 
found a bit slower but much safer way to do the quadgj. Both first decent finishes not polished at all: 
And I can not make a U-yump.
I think you're in the water rises slowly. You press the button "jump"? I just raise my head up and hit the "forward". So the movement faster. 
Nice Maps 
Super large. Trademark abstract digs style. Cool suprises. Pretty dark, and even darker screenshots. Combine both and you'd have digs07.

The "non bsp model" crash is caused by two rogue push and door entities. Happens sometimes in Radiant when deleting a brush ent - not sure if it's random or reproduceable, e.g. related to cloning or the like. 
Combine both and you'd have digs07
then will be too monotonous. Poor detailing

The "non bsp model" crash is caused by two rogue push and door entities.
For the second time. Prior to this digs06. Nothing to do, the next time to check carefully before release 
Add more detail then? At any rate, the size would be right.

BJP's Glquake displays a warning for such entities, so it's worth loading a map with it once - it's the easiest way to be sure. Otherwise one would have to go through the entity list in the editor and look for brush entity entries that don't have the > symbol next to them. Or you can fire a grenade near (0 0 0) in game to see if it works, although this isn't very conventient or conclusive. 
You're Right 
about the swimming, in non custim engines you cnat swim 100% straight up like that though so you have a risk to fall out when its an open pillar of water. And i dont make the "U-jump "so often so i was being carefull :) 
you can swim straight up using the +moveup command. 
Mirrored The Fixed One 
I enjoyed them. Surprisingly good gameplay. The first one had some cool WTF touches. The second one had some cool design concepts. The coloured lighting was kinda OTT, but then the colours were done really well. It seemed like it needed a better design/textures to go with the lighting in some places. 
Damn Digs - you're a TRUE mapper.

I played like a bit of a dumbass in these but those were really nice! Both were fun and worked as great study breaks!

Agree they weren't exactly perfect 10's with regards to looks, but they still [some kind of sexist metaphor or something]!

Thanks for actually *speed*mapping, btw. 
Thanks for all the comments and demos 
could someone provide me the correct url to fixed maps?

can't see any 
Pretty Anoying 
that those custom engines make use of different protocols for recording demos 
@spy: no, my site, unfortunately not available. maybe later 
its seems i got sumthin' not sure is it fixed though 
SpeedMapping Missed Again !... Grrr 
Hi please, could someone advise me for the next speedmapping session..
cause I always miss to join :( 
Late Play... 
Let fun.... :)

Nice architecture: very well done, maybe could have added more details, light are a little bit bland in first map...
Actually I loved 2nd map, the curved bridges used for building interconnection are cool.
In both map, there's a solid gameplay, never get bored, I loved the Quad+DBG in the zombie area...

Anyway, keep it up !! 
thanks for playing 
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