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Diablo |||
<Vigil> there will probably be a func thread too
<Spritit> probably by that Shambler guy who just gets a ego stroke by posting "THIS IS DIABLO3 (other) THread. Discuss" and not contributing shit


Anyway, May 15th bitches. Apparently some of you are excited about it...

(Edited the original fucktarded URL, I'm sure you lot can work out to find info on D||| ffs)
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Prolly Wont Play 
Don't Give A Rat's Ass 
I'm somehow not surprised at these responses. :) Me and the wife are excited though! Definitely getting this and playing the HELL out of it. 
will play for doctor 
yeah, every one i know is excited about this but i can't seem to work up any interest at all. 
How many years has the hype machine been feeding off itself? 
Will Play 
definitely looking forward to playing this... VERY SOON. OMFG!

Actually, I'm also looking forward to Torchlight II, which I have a feeling might be a more fun game due to the probability that people are not going to take it so serious and get so hardcore; I think I tend to lose interest in things when my friends get too serious about them as for me it stops being fun when everybody is playing until 3am every night but I don't want to, so end up getting left behind. Seriously though, screw that.

The Beta is pretty addictive though... 
a friend of mine bought me Torchlight 2 so I'll be playing that instead :D

I tried the D3 open beta for a few hours, it seemed fun but didn't hold my attention for anywhere near as long as D2. 
Is Torchlight2 Good? 
I got bored of Torchlight for the level design... playing their previous incarnation of the Diablo clone style, Fate, didn't help either. 
It's Not Released Yet :) 
But looks much better than the original. No point in buying 2 point and click adventure games at the same time ;) 
Let us know - I'm actually more inclined to buy TL2 than D3. Torchlight was kind of a let down after fate, but showed a mountain of potential.. 
Not Playing 
The whole 'Got to be online' to play a game is stupid, my laptop is not always connected to the internet. I will pass and get TL2, at least it can be played when I want. Plus I really enjoyed TL, it had cute graphics and was fun to play. I even tried out the editor! 
Always Online 
Isn't a bother for me, but I'm used to Steam, so maybe its more flexible than whatever is up to. 
yer battletags, dudes! let's smash hellish hordes together! :) 
I'll be playing it, and if it sucks, that's ok cause I just got into Torchlight 2 beta! :D 
Will Definitely Play 
but knowing me, probably in 10 years time. 
I'm not not gonna play it because I'm too cool for school or whatever, but because I don't think I'll manage to find time for it with all the other things I'd also like to get done in my spare time.
It's probably a great game.
Though to be honest the apparent emphasis on multiplayer isn't really something I'm enthusiastic about. 
I Barely Play Games These Days 
But I've never really gotten into the Diablo and WoW kind of games and I think it might be because they seem to be too much of a designer drug just catering to trigger our biological reward systems... 
Fight The System, Bear! 
I wasn't addicted to Guild Wars and Skyrim, no not at all. 
I'll Be Playing Fo Sho 
Going to steam some d2 tonight. 
catering to trigger our biological reward systems

Games are though, almost by definition. The more refined and monetized games get the more apparent this will become. 
But unlike many other games there aren't much elevating these point-click-level-up-find loot above slot machines (possible exaggeration).

I guess what I'm saying is I find the game play really dull. 
Fair enough.

I missed Diablo 2 when it came out and then saw it and TL later, to get pretty much the same impression.

The clickfest thing seems kind of like a light gun game. Fun for a bit, but not something that'll hold my attention for long. Even with the loot backend to try and make it interesting.

Ah well, there's always Quake. 
The different between Diablo/WoW and something like Farmville is that Blizzard actually like the game they're making. They want to make a big game full of stuff, fighting dragons in cooperative groups, getting cool loot etc etc. If that doesn't appeal to you then fair enough.

But no one at Zynga could seriously say with a straight face that Farmville is a 'good' game. It's a mathematical equation refined over thousands of man ours of market research. 
PS I do fucking hate the random loot shit in WoW, but I enjoyed it's cooperative aspects to get over it (mostly) 
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