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Digitise My Life.
Bear with me on this one. I'm asking for advice but I think it could be a useful reference topic.

I am a hoary old dinosaur when it comes to entertainment media. Not only to I get music CDs, I actually pay money for them. How appalling. So I have ended up with several hundred CDs, a few hundred books, and some games.

Now I want to strip down my physical possessions and start transferring some of this to digital storage (and keep purchasing that in the future).

Thus I would like some advice on the matter:

Books: Kindle - seems to be surprisingly functional, but with a small screen. Is it limited to the small screen size? Is it easy to get all sorts of books for it? What is the overall experience like?
(Bal this might be one for you)

Music: Iwotever - as much as I loathe the idea of giving Apple a single penny towards their pompous fashion-driven bollox, I am assuming that I-blah is the best portable digital music option. I had a look, the new Nano seems to be pretty cool. What sort of options are there for storing music on these? Are the lossless / high quality formats worthwhile? I'm used to CD quality in general.
What are the options for listening in a car with only a normal CD player? Again quality is an issue.
How easy would it be to transfer a fuckton of CDs? Are non-mainstream albums generally available for release?
(Friction this might be one for you)

Games: I assume Steam is fine for everything these days??

Sham x
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my Android did the same. the iPhone is nothing special (apart from being locked so badly). from my experience Apple stuff does few things but it does those things well enough for complete newbies to be usable. at the terrible price of bring locked into their ecosystem pretty much (which is fine if you don't care).

I know someone who likes insulting quake fans but I dare not speak his name since func is better off without more drama. ;) 
i know willem... but i explicitly wrote: "it's my personal thing". i'm not trying to convince you or anybody else here. i admit that even apple users deserve live-and-let-live approach :-)).
back to the original topic. all i wanted to do was sharing my experience with portable mp3 player. if shambler or you or anybody are looking for a decent mp3 player with excelent sound quality, cowon is a brand definitely worth considering. 
Hey, I apologize, I'm not trying to start drama. It's just that people calling Apple fans, and by extension me, brain washed rubs me the wrong way. Like I didn't do any research before buying or I don't know what I'm doing. I'm just blindly following which is not true.

It's insulting, that's all.

And again - the Apple haters are every bit as annoying as the Apple zealots. Truth. :) 
Lol Yea Spirit An Android Phone Is Just As Good As An Iphone 
*puts phone in pocket*
*front bezel falls off* 
Think Of It Like This 
android:iphone::fischer price:iphone 
My Main Beef With Apple Is The Whole Mp4 Thing 
An mp4 is just an mp3 with Apple attached at the waist IMO. I mean Apple could have just made it so their website (itunes) sold mp3s. But they wanted to trap their customers into having to buy iDevices to view/listen to their media (or special software).

But at the end of the day if you are getting the music you want, where and when you want, at a price you find acceptable, then more power to you sir! 
'Android' is an OS. Not a phone. You've got all sorts of different companys making andriod phones. Some are going to be better than others. If you buy cheap tat, you get cheap tat. 
I Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself! 
The Subtext Being All Android Devices Are Cheap Tat 
"But at the end of the day if you are getting the music you want, where and when you want, at a price you find acceptable, then more power to you sir!"

And you can do it without calling other people brain washed sheep! So nice... 
yeah this whole itunes thing is such a giant shit. its great that it makes buying music online easy, but to be trapped into playing it on their own i devices? it's amazing that it actually took off, i guess because no other company came along with a good alternative that used mp3s and was openly compatible.

i will never, EVER, buy something on itunes to support apple.

the extreme prices and having to buy all sorts of retarded, pointless apps is another thing to put me off iphones. i don't know what other os's are like though, i still have a non-smart phone :) 
Some quick points:

a) the music you buy through the store doesn't have DRM on it anymore, so copy it and play it wherever you like

b) There are lots of free M4A->MP3 convertors available if your device won't play M4A

c) There really aren't any apps you HAVE to buy. The phone works fine "as is" for most people. But people buy apps because, well, they're fun! And useful... :) I make it a general rule not to buy the "retarded, pointless" apps. Those seem like a waste of money. 
I Love It 
czg is implying that Apple is the only company that makes good phones? 
Nokia 3210 > Iphone > Windows Mobile > * > *.android 
Try not to be such a fucking sheeple Ricki22 
Does it hurt to troll that hard or have you become desensitized? 
A Little From Column A A Little From Column B 
Htc One X 
is fucking awesome. eats the iphone for breakfast 
And Anyone Who Disagrees 
is quite clearly wrong, for the simple reason that my phone is better than your phone. i'm afraid that is something you are just going to have to get used to. 
No... I Disagree... 
... my phone is better than yours.... and I have an iPhone you damned retarded

Having say that, apart from comparing performances, the only thing that counts is user experience... and so far, I've never seen any other mobile being better than iPhone..

Hence purely subjective opinions over pass objective opinions... though.. 
Its In The Name 
android just sounds much more quaky, easy choice. (i got a LG) soem silly voice in my head tells me if you get small electronic devices buy asian crap, if you want oversized cars wich use more fuel then they do miles, buy US. Having said that got to check if my phone is charged, but i geuss thats kind of a problem with all smartphones they should release nuclear powered ones. Without any jokes: I dotn think there is a big difference anymore apple probably had the leading I-edge when the whole smart mumbo jumbo started rolling but i think there isnt much difference anymore (atleast with the big brands). Personaly i try to avoid getting the newest stuff to avoid start up trouble 
We Should Change This Thread Name To 
"The iSheep vs The Andriods" 
I dotn think there is a big difference anymore apple probably had the leading I-edge when the whole smart mumbo jumbo started rolling

You mean when Apple invented the market? Yeah, they had a nice leading because, well, they invented the fucking market! Before the iPhone, there simply was no smart phone with a comparable user experience. They were all shit, Blackberrys included. Shit hardware, shit apps, shit interfaces.

Today, I'll say that feature wise, iPhone and Android are roughly on par. Even the hardware is (btw, did you notice that the good android handsets are pretty much as expensive as the iPhone?). But I'd say that the user experience on the iPhone is still much better than on any Android phone I have tried so far. They just don't get it right over there, I don't know why! Ugly icons, no coherence, badly structured menus... you name it.

And I'm sorry, but for me, the user experience is the tipping point. I don't want ugly, illogical OSs in my life. That is, until Apple locks non-App-Store apps out of Mac OS X. Then I'll switch to Ubuntu ;-). 
No Flamebait, Genuinely Interested 
This is this derailed already, there is one question I always wanted to ask. On iOS the back button is in the top left. I usually use my phone one handed and on Android the back button is on the bottom right. I can easily press that with my thumb. I have a rather awkward movement to press the upper left. What do you iPhone users think of that? Is the move comfortable for you? To me it always felt like a really bad UI/UX choice and I can't think how it is the "proper place". 
Those weird toggle buttons. I can never tell if I have to press them to make them toggle what they currently read (that would be logical to me) or if what they say is what they are set to. Are those kind of buttons normal in the USA maybe? They are/were an alien concept here. 
I never use the back button, but with the current size of the iPhone screen iit's easy to reach in the upper left. Maybe not if you have smaller hands.

Dunno what your gripe with the toggle buttons is. They are checkboxes. Their label doesn't change. When they are on, pressing or sliding them sets them to off, and vice versa. They are on when their handle is on the right and theor color is blue. Such buttons exist on all kinds of machines and devices. It's not alien at all. 
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