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Digitise My Life.
Bear with me on this one. I'm asking for advice but I think it could be a useful reference topic.

I am a hoary old dinosaur when it comes to entertainment media. Not only to I get music CDs, I actually pay money for them. How appalling. So I have ended up with several hundred CDs, a few hundred books, and some games.

Now I want to strip down my physical possessions and start transferring some of this to digital storage (and keep purchasing that in the future).

Thus I would like some advice on the matter:

Books: Kindle - seems to be surprisingly functional, but with a small screen. Is it limited to the small screen size? Is it easy to get all sorts of books for it? What is the overall experience like?
(Bal this might be one for you)

Music: Iwotever - as much as I loathe the idea of giving Apple a single penny towards their pompous fashion-driven bollox, I am assuming that I-blah is the best portable digital music option. I had a look, the new Nano seems to be pretty cool. What sort of options are there for storing music on these? Are the lossless / high quality formats worthwhile? I'm used to CD quality in general.
What are the options for listening in a car with only a normal CD player? Again quality is an issue.
How easy would it be to transfer a fuckton of CDs? Are non-mainstream albums generally available for release?
(Friction this might be one for you)

Games: I assume Steam is fine for everything these days??

Sham x
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I just use winamp.

Feed sites are too time consuming as well. You can usually SLOWLY download 1 album at a time, and it's completely random what they decide to put up.

There must be some place where full archived discogs are traded? 
most of those are netlabels or single artists. all of them are free, creative commons or similar. since they are not brand new you can download all their previous releases if that is your way of discovery. most of them should easily saturate your downstream. the only thing time consuming would be finding music you like. but once you do, more similar stuff would be easy to discover.

these are sites/labels/artists I like, so I use feeds to follow their releases.


doesn't Winamp have a media library nowadays? 
Windows explorer is my media library. I'm old skool hehe.

Oh I'm not talking about free stuff Spirit lol 
There's only one place (or type of place) that springs to mind when you talk about dloading discographys. And I wouldn't write the links here. 
Oh I'm not talking about free stuff Spirit lol
Why? There is free music of any genre or style. 
Spotify costs like $5 a month and you get access to basically everything. That's my main music source these days. 
Digitize My Pix 
Anyone knows about a good and free avatar maker (from a given shot)? 
Just want to also massage Spotify's balls and say that the �10/month I pay for Spotify Premium basically gives me the best music experience I can imagine.

Even when wandering about town, I can do a search on my smartphone and listen to basically any album at 320kbps. If I'm about to go on the underground, I can get that album to download for offline listening in only a few minutes.

If I'm at a computer then the apps on the desktop client are amazing. I browse the Guardian Music app or the Pitchfork app, etc, and if I see something that looks cool, it's one click to add the whole album as a playlist. One more click to download it for offline. Plus I love the whole social aspect... probably got 50 facebook friends whose playlists and favourite tracks I can check out from the app. Plus I can send them tracks or collaborate on a playlist with them.

Well worth the cost of one album / month in my opinion. Downside is that not much money goes to the artist (source: my flatmate with tracks on spotify) so still feel obliged to see live / buy merch from artists I really like. 
Nice tecnhnical analysis of the Sansa Clip+'s audio quality:

I'm not aware of any other player, besides perhaps the larger Sansa Fuze, that can touch the Clip+ in terms of audio performance for anywhere near this low of price or offer similar features and performance in anywhere near as small of package.  
Do You Also Have Some Headphone Recommendations For Travel/commute/et? 
Anything with Dr.Dre's amazing Beats technology because you can really hear a difference. 
If anyone is in the market for new earphones, this set of reviews is bad ass. Hope he got his PhD for this:

TL;DR beats are the best and they make you look real cool 
Thanks A Bunch! 
that's most awesome 
And I Ordered.. 
Mp3 Player 
i went through digitizing my music colection last month and 320kbit mp3 + cowon audio9 + koss porta pro work just fine. i had some crappy low-cost teak player and i wanted something better. due to my attitude towards apple ianything wasn't an option. i'm no isheep :-).
i love debates about flac/mp3/vorbiss/original cd/burned cd sound quality. i know people who claim they hear the difference between cd and flac on pc with onboard soundcard + genius speakers for 50$. i want to be that special too someday...
jakub (not a modder/mapper, just dedicated q1 freak) 
You know what's just as annoying as Apple lovers? Apple haters. :)

Use whatever device fits your life best. For me, that's Apple products. Might not be for you. 
True Dat 
I Hate 
Most hardcore nerds do. 
Transferring vhs -> digital
You just play the videos and record them I guess? I'm thinking this could takes months as it would tie down the machine doing the recording. 
really? i thought i was the only 1 that disliked all i products. although the ipad does look cool, it's not something i'd ever really need. 
i'm sorry, i didn't want to offend apple people... it's just that i don't see apple as an electronic gadget manufacturer. from my experience with istuff user round me, apple is sort of a religion for them and sometimes it even borders with brainwashing. i just don't want to be part of it - it's my personal thing.
not to mention the unbelivable prices of ithings here in czech. post communist central europe is a crazy place to live. completely ordinary goods are being sold as a luxury and people here still think that eg. beneton/cac/etc are really extraordinarily super-quality brands worth the absurd prices. for me, apple is just next in this line. 
Fuck that. Try an Apple device. If you don't like it, fine, but I think you will. 
And I don't mean to come off as some sort of staunch Apple supporter - I have Android devices as well - it's just that I dislike the writing off of Apple devices and the insulting of people who like them for no real reason. The "cult" and "religion" crap is annoying and for the most part, untrue.

Look at Quake, for example. It could be argued that there are people on this site who love Quake as much as the people you talk about love Apple. But nobody is insulting them, are they?

Every company has rabid fans but when you get past that, you'll find that the Apple devices really are excellent pieces of hardware. My iPhone has replaced every electronic device in my life - it's my phone, my GPS, and my music player. It's everything in one device and it does it all wonderfully.

You don't have to wear a white robe and chant to use an Apple device. 
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