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Q1SP - Catatonic Fits Of Despair
Hi all - I have made this map.

It's a metal themed map.

It's quite a frantic map, with lots of in-fighting possibilities. Uses vanilla Quake 1 progs, but it has a lot of wall-torches and as such it breaks a couple of daft limits. Tested in FitzQuake variants and descendants, and Darkplaces. Works great with QRP textures and Reforged skins.



I hope you have fun, and please post a demo, I love watching demos :)
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Third screenshot look wild! 
I Will Record A Demo! 
Since you love to watch. 
Played It A Bit... 
and there's a lot of places to get stuck. You need to clip those. 
I went through some of the maps and I was killed.
Map is huge, after a moment of FPS was small. The atmosphere is very interesting, but I always felt like I was missing something.
Thank you for the map, and later I will try to play again. 
<<QRP Textures And Reforged Skins Are Daft>> 
That was great! Felt very ELEK. Not much to look at in parts (though in others quite look-worthy, in a very particular bold blocky, cyclopean way), but it�s creative and well laid out with some great fighting scenarios. Weapon progression was great, worked very well for me. Only 2 very easy secrets on my first run through. The red fog worked quite nicely, I thought � Like Necros I really enjoy the look of the area in shot 3 � the pinked sky reminds me of Ghostbusters, for some reason. Not sure what that is.
The opening fight, in the relatively tight �undercorridors� was a great way to begin. Difficulty was kept fairly high throughout, but does kind of flatten eventually. Kind of a necessary evil, perhaps � I can�t think of many maps where this doesn�t happen. I had plenty of ammo and health at the end � maybe I was just playing wrong, but I could have handled some more ambushes near the end of the map � maybe even a false end with one last crazy gasp of combat, like in RJ�s The Lizard�s Trance.
Anyways, got a demo here � this map is a great addition to the maps you�ve produced before. You are a very dependable dude. 
Looks Great 
I'm at work right now, can't wait to get home to play it. Screenshots looks really nice, but the second screenshot is awesome, it has that special Quake feeling, reminds me of original DM2 map. 
'mapversion' is not a field
'speed2' is not a field
'should_roam' is not a field

Bonus item fell out of level at '130.0 -454.0 -890.0'
Bonus item fell out of level at '-2737.0 974.0 -506.0'

Added to the Quake Injector, will play later. 
Near the big teleporter in the floor and the GK signs:

======OBJECT ERROR in teleport_touch:
couldn't find target
EDICT 531:
absmin '-2193.0 479.0 -953.0'
absmax '-2159.0 545.0 -855.0'
solid 1.0
[02] classname trigger_teleport
mins '-2192.0 480.0 -952.0'
maxs '-2160.0 544.0 -856.0'
size ' 32.0 64.0 96.0'
touch teleport_touch()
use teleport_use()
target DMLiftSpawn

Host_Error: Program error
Ok, quakespasm and DP seem to "gracefully" handle that. Here is a savegame using protocol 10002 (BJP3), just walk forward. 
Looks like its missing a teleport_destination.

Spirit, is that with deathmatch 1? 
Nope, singleplayer. 
Pretty cool. Nice long map!

I felt the early part of the part looked a bit bland with good angles and layout, but all a bit the same. I briefly got lost a couple times not remembering where the silver door was. Once you get outside it looked really cool, especially the spikes and angled supports.

The gameplay I strugged more in the first half (due to low ammo) than the second. By the end I had almost full everything expecting another battle, but all the Shamblers vanished into the teleport lol. And I didn't make use of either of the quads. You can tell I haven't played Quake in a while, I nearly died in the first room with the Fiend lol.

First Run Demo! 
must end the empty summer!
The start of this year was AMAZING in terms of Q1SP but we've had months that were dry. This will start a spree that should end when the world does (December 21 this year right?).
anyway sry for the bullshit - thanks for the release and review coming soonish! 
Nice Final Area 
Had a great time playing this one. One or two times I just had to run away until most of the enemy obstacles clear each other though. 
Very Good Map ! 
Man, what a cool map this is. Reminds me SGODRUNE.

Need zombies in some places, though.

Guys, what it takes so NATO declares 2012 year of Quake ? 
Excellent map, very unique in its openess and size, very straight. 
Cool map. I like the epic scale and the surprising interconnectivity. Not so sold on the pink fog though. The final room was well cool in it's design. Gameplay was good fun throughout, I like it being full of heavier monsters but with plenty of space to move. Felt very fair and steady for such a big map. Could have done with a bit more variety in some places but good overall. 
Thanks For The Comments And Demos Everyone! 
Watched a few already - good stuff :)

Spirit: Thanks for the bug finding - That teleporter should have been excluded from SP. Not sure what fell out of the map, but I'll find out and catch them. The excess fields - well that's what happens when you make a Q1SP using RMQ fgd. Not too bothered TBH.

I'll tweak the other bugs though. Thanks again :)

This map was a bit of fun for me really, I had a week in France, and came back and decided to make a map. There is no painstaking tri-soup here! :) The whole thing took two weeks to make.

There are at least four quads in this map btw, there is a secret in the starting room too, this map plays great on nightmare mode :) 
Please record a demo showing me where you can get stuck, or describe, or post a pic or something. I'll clip what I can, if I'm gonna re post it. I might as well fix what I can fix.

I'm sure you can get stuck in this map :)

Heh - It's got Deathmatch support :P 
I also ran into that teleporter error - in RMQ engine, so no biggy.
Whatever fell out probably didn't matter, considering how much extra ammo I had when I finished.

Another one next month? 
Nah - There Are A Couple Of Bugs 
I'll get 'em fixed.
Just small things. :D
Thanks for playing BTW Drew - your playing was great - you used infighting loads - made me wish I'd put less ammo in heh.

I'd encourage playing again on nightmare. 8D 
What? A Non-base Map By Ricky?! 
Oh, it's actually by Trinca... :D

Sounds like this was sort of a turtlemappish doodle and in that respect it's okay. But overall I'm not impressed with the map. For the most part it's just plain and dark spacious corridors with hardly any detail, seemingly only held together by the fog. Although, indeed, runic style and red fog does make for a nice theme. I could let it pass as 'classic' style, but for that it seems to be missing something that I can't quite put my finger on.

I found the gameplay to be largely boring, just hordes and no real spice apart from the occasional infighting. It would've been better if some of the Quads were in the open and there was a rocket launcher early on. Possibly a bunch of exploboxes here and there. Something to really make for some proper carnage all the way through.

What's the point of "deathmatch support" if there aren't any additional weapons, shortcuts, teleporters, and other optimizations?

Still, thanks for this. Been a while since the last release. Demo 
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