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Q1 SP Tormentarium
Pipes are kinky and you will glide in them.
Could it be for once that they're not too small,
you just have eaten too much to fit in them.
I aced glass jokers untill I couldn't see the hall of mirrors anymore.
Forgive me my broken english as I'm so lame
beating up this torro down the wall.



Have some Ogre's brew, they're for free.
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I'm not at my home computer right now but I swear when I get home I will play this so hard.
This looks great, I'm really looking forward to it!
It has been too long since the last Madfox map. 
Looks Cool 
Played a little, I'm not in a mood for Quake now, but I couldn't resist trying. It's indeed a very big map and wit a lot of different areas, I liked the cave and the church. But there are too many texture types and color - brown, blue, green... it looks weird, if the textures were a little more similar it would look much better. 
I Like Your Broken English 
...and your maps. Good to see the release, look forward to playing. 
Looks Funky 
will check it out. 
Cool Map 
Lots of work and imagination in this map.

However, I agree that there's too much colors. Feel a bit like Quake on LSD.

Areas are a bit too small too. 
The pumps were nice. Very wobbly, almost like they themselves were alive. 
Finished It 
OK, I've finished it. It was fun to play, lots of monsters, but als lots of weapons and items. I got a bit confused in the end (after I picked the silver key). The shmabler fight was too easy, but what's worse that there was no end fight...

And I was dissapointed to see only 3 secrets and all of them so easy to find. In a large map like that you can place a LOT more secret areas.

That's all. If you had a theme (not so many textures and colors), a little more details in some areas and more secrets this map would have been almost perfect. 
Thanks Madfox! 
Will download soon and play when I get a chance (not very soon)! 
Sky ? Env\ Not In PAK File 
"classname" "worldspawn"
"message" "tormentarium"
"sky" "sat"
"_sunlight" "250"
"_sun_mangle" "333 -57 0"
"fog" "0.017"
"sounds" "7"
"wad" "gfx/QuArK.wad" 
Mad Quake Machine ! 
Thanks Madfox... 
...a strange combination of textures and colours (including light at times) but the layout was pleasing and the gameplay satisfying, except for the shambler fights where I was either too far from them for their attacks to be effective or above them with the same result. Some will bemoan the combination of base and non-base foe but the whole thing was bordering on the surreal (dali-esque in places) so it wasn't a problem for me. I just thought "this place has been f**ked up big time" and got on with the fight. Some of the models suffered from lighting issues (either very dark or black) but the pump was gorgeous, I'm pretty sure I spent five minutes inspecting every part of it. My jaw never dropped, but I left this level with a wry smile on my face. 
Thanks For Map! 
Map is really interesting. On the one hand, I've seen some simplicity. But on the other hand was a good detail. Despite some strange places on the map, I took her with interest: models, rather unusual style and a combination of textures and other elements. The first time I was killed, but not looking at it passed the second without losing interest.
Fly in the ointment:
1. Due to the fact that the water did not have transparency, I could through the wall would lead a secret with MH
2. A large circular platform. I do not understand how he manages. At one point I got up and got stuck under the platform of an ogre. He cried there as she was not killed. After that, she got up, not when I was on it, and when I went with her. 
Thanks For The Yeast 
@RaverX - original the map contained more metal textures, but I threw away a lot of them to reach some uniformity.

@Barnak - If you don't like the colours you could play in in Fitzmark.

@Mechtech - Indeed, I forgot the env directory.
I added it to the download. Thanks for the progref!

@distrans - The monster placement was my hard concern. The places you point at kept my question too. If I would place a shambler it wouldn't have hardly ways of attacking. But a vormit at the same place did well.
So I had no other choise than divide them on skill level.

@digs - I really had a struggle with the pipes. My first try with the screws went right. Then scampy mentioned something about trisouping and I relayed my mappings in QRadiant. But the further I tried fine tweaking, the harder the vis time grew.

I must admit this map really had a hold on me.
And although I have a double core computer, the vistime reached 23houres, which isn't really handy.
I had eleven attempts and this last one I needed three days penitation to withdraw the look of failure homs.
My greatest pleasure were the static entities.

Glad you enjoyed the level!
Maybe someone has time to shoot a demo. 
I'll Record One 
when I play. 
Review Coming Soonish 
Madfox, you should link all your maps together into one giant episode with respawning monsters and a crazy soundtrack and then it'd be the perfect thing to play in coop while really stoned lol. this looks like fun, adding all the weird stuff you do always makes for a good time. review on the weekend if no sooner. 
good job with the texture alignment in shot 1 (I remember seeing earlier pictures of this and it's a big improvement)... but shot 2.. really? heh anyway. 
A bit torn about the level. The layout seems fairly nice and the intended theme is okay, but there are several technical issues, and the map ultimately lacks polish in many fields.

All fairly tight and cramped, which isn't a problem in itself, but it sometimes makes movement and gameplay unnessarily awkward, especially in the cave sections and the pipes. Some weirdly-shaped and -dimensioned corridors (off grid or 'unsmooth'), and of course clipping in places. In one pipe early on, monsters attacked the through the wall - a brushwork/QBSP error, I presume?

I appreciate the idea behind the style, runic metal with machines and tech bits, though they look wonky with the mishmash of skin textures and wobbly animations (QME, I know). The level geometry would have greatly benefitted from some proper trimwork here and there, particularly on steps and the arches which have poor texture choices/application. Sometimes there's just too much metal4_4 overall. Texture alignment needs work, too - good thing you've switched from DMM to Radiant, this should make it easier in the future.

A few shortcuts to higher rooms would have been nice, so that you don't have to run all the way through the level if you fall down somewhere. I had some trouble in the final room, because I was low on ammo when I entered. A pity there are only so few rockets in the level.

Oh, Yes 
FFS, please stop the weird naming next time: If the directory is called torro, call the level torro(.bsp) as well! There's no reason to give it a different (and, like in some of your other releases, completely unrelated) name, except maybe if you want to hassle the player. 
Nice Map Madfox Just Hated To Get Suck :| 
DAWN Stuck 
Great Map 
tnks a lot

skill 3 144/144 1/3

my boring demo 
Fun Map 
Although I enjoyed this map, I think I preferred your previous large open map a lot more. This felt too cramped in many places, and whilst I like some close quarters battles, there were points that seemed unfair because I was attacked in some cramped place where I literally couldn't move. A good example is the octagonal curve pipes where spawn appear later on - I got stuck on the pipe as a spawn came into view.

I liked not having SSG or NG near the start - having the GL as my main weapon was fun. Could have used a couple more small boxes of rockets near the end though, since there were zombies in there and I'd already used all my rockets. Had to let them go.

Fun, worth playing, but I preferred your other map.

Found no secrets and wasn't really looking :/ 
Another fine effort. The sewers / waterworks theme reminded me of earlier Quake II levels. The progression through the overlapping sections is smooth but the scale is a tad small. It feels awkward and uncomfortable to get stuck in map geometry every two steps. I liked the rocky sections with the moody coloured lighting - however, the mix of various texture sets didn't do it for me (I'd prefer an overarching theme). Those custom map models look sweet though!

Demo skill: 2 - time: 23:55, secrets: 2/3, kills: 141/144
@tronyn - I thought I tried it with the abandon?
I hope you enjoyed track 7.
Or any other music cd theat was in use.

The second screeny.., it's the start where I jumped on at the first
screenshots & beta's:#7889 posted by MadFox on 2011/10/18 09:41:37

@neg!ke Demo was great, really enjoyed viewing.

First big failure is the first pipe in the big room that let go off bullits.
Clipping the thing wouldn't help nor explaining why, it still would alert the entities.
Reason is that it is the break in this level.
The lowest pipe is the original one. The others were recompiled in Radiant and were perfect.
But not on that place. It garbadged to one big HOM.
I took me eleven vis days to reach the end of my penetation.
Sometimes too much metal4_4. A year ago you complained about too many different textures.
I thought about a ladder in the church, but I punished myself for shooting in the church.

@Trinca - muchas gracias amigo, you're stucking with me mappy, hombre! Shall I serve you some Torrez with many7 kinky olives, bastardo!
I will creepy youre demo@

@Spy - You're thanx appreciated! I'm watching demo's right now.

@Than - I know the map is cramped. The corridors were broad but I had to clip them for the sloping walls.
In the original quake maps also are places where the player gets locked in.
I knew the pipes were only 64 x64 so the player would float in some way. Sorry, Im just too fat. Mapping for Quake for me is more an accident.

@eric - Yes, you mentioned earlier about the quake2 levels. I think mapping is like science fiction, sometimes you like it others are weird.

I had no intention making the map, the second screenshot was the start and I wanted to do something with underwater pipes. So it had to be generator with pipes. When I released the first screeny's people were enthousiast and I worked on. Then I reached my vistime limit of 67 houres and I began to realize it could become wishfull thinking.

Thanks for the demo's! 
Had good fun, never to hard and good balance gameplay, just ad bad luck and got stuck :\

"muchas gracias amigo"

dawn i'm not spanish :p is "muito obrigado amigo" ;) 
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