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New Quoth1SP : "Subterranean Library" By Than
I finally got around to finishing apsp3; A map I started way back in late 2005 for the chapters map pack for Quoth. Since it missed the deadline for that pack by 5 or 6 years, it turned into apsp3, languishing on my hard drive for months at a time, before I eventually finished it off.

It's a very large SP map with lots of secrets and plenty of monsters. It requires Quoth (yup, even if you're Daz), an enhanced engine like Fitz or Quakespasm, and yes, it does use the Quoth monsters ;-)

download (4,607kb):
proper mirror:

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Thanks OTP 
Nightmare 100% demo: 
Just Realized.... 
.. I didn't play this map yet... Fortunately my computer has been repaired... So more feedback later :) 
Very nice, but you missed the proper way of getting the first secret! (rot13 oruvaq gur fyvctngr
Muito Obrigado! 
Finaly had the proper time to play this, fantastic map...

I think there is nothing more to say that haven't been said!

So I will just say, many thanks for this great hard work, you rock!

this is my first demo, died really early :p 
F@#!ing Computer ! 
Like others said: this is a solid map, very well designed, very nice architecture. I loved the gameplay, and the map ambience, never run out of ammo... I think the map ambience could have been improved by adding customs sounds here and there, but well, it is already top notch...

Good job man !

Nevertheless, I have been able to play the map till I get the first rune only: my computer get frozen (no more mouse, no sounds, nothing... even CtrlAlt+Del worked...) at this level... *sights*
I definitely have to change it, hoping I'll get a chance to recover all the data on my HD. I suspect my GFX to be the root cause of all this mess.... wait.. X-mas is coming soon :D 
Thanks For The Comments 
JPL: I hope your pc starts working again soon. I've had computers freeze for no obvious reason and do bad things only to randomly start working again some time later.

Still haven't got around to recording that 100% run, but thanks for yours, Ionous. Doubt mine would be any better. 
I Like It 
Started playing with just Fitzquake using an old front end called "Quake On". The floor didn't open up in the library. Never quite got that command line thing but I made a short cut of Fitzquake 85 and copied what to put in the command line there in the target and it worked. Is that how you do it? You can also add heapsize that way too,right? I haven't had to do that so far.
I just got the first rune and found 3 secrets. Very cool map 
Very good. Atmospheric.
Here is a skill 1 demo:
Recorded with quakespasm. 
Tried To Do A 100% Demo... 
..but reached the end with 18/20.

I know where all the secrets are, but remembering to get each one is sometimes hard :/ Afterwards I noclipped around to see which I had missed and although I found one of them, I couldn't remember which one was the final one I missed. Oh well. Ion still has the 100% record.

You do get a little message on 100% completion, but it's nothing special.

skill 3 222/222, 18/20, ~27min 
OOOOHHHH SHIT. What an awesome map!

Died a few times, mostly from slipping into death pits but the double shamblers in the blood pumping area was tough.

i got lost a lot... areas were distinct but for some reason, i had trouble remembering how to get to each of them. I really love the cramped mazelike brushwork, even though I got lost. :)

Also, good pacing on monsters. I liked how some areas were empty even mid-way through. 
I Dun Vidyuz

Negke, your name sucks! ;) 
For Crap's Sake Daz 
Get a pencil and write what you want to talk about before recording. I love your vids but every time I hear something like "uh was it DM6 or DM7?" I start thinking "why didn't he JFGI before recording what is obviously a leisurely piece of audio without any pressing deadlines or other need to hurry?" It's like ammo boxes and google both become invisible as soon as you start playing Quake! :P

Also this is the wrong thread. 
Thanks For The Demos And Comments, Guys. 
Daz: your penalty for posting in the wrong thread is a narrated video of apsp3 ;)

I guess cramped is kind of my style. I should try something a bit more open perhaps, because I also tend to find larger, open combats more fun. Not sure why I make things cramped. I think in the case of the rmx maps it's because I'm trying to keep roughly to the original layout and proportions, but I don't know why I do it with my other maps. I have a feeling it's because I have a tendency to make rooms, then design gameplay and layout around the room, which often results in me adding areas into fairly small spaces as I rework the map.

Necros: Glad you liked the map. Seems a few people got a little bit lost. I think I could have done a little more to improve navigation somehow. I added a couple of arrows, but not really enough I suppose. 
Some of the arrows I found lead in a circle. :P
(You can see that in the demos)

I wish there were more cramped maps like this. But not just cramped, but maze-like and asymmetrical. I really enjoyed doom3 for that and I'd really love to see a medieval or metal city map that looks like someone just kept building structures without any planning whatsoever, so there would be odd connections between different areas that are unexpected and illogical and bizarre voids in the center of dense construction. 
I couldn't get your demo to play back. I just got some error about a missing sprite file in the progs :/

What engine did you use to record? I couldn't play it on Fitz or Quakespasm. 
Aww, I was worried about that. I was helping preach test the quoth changes. Try just adding dummy files to satisfy the errors? 
Shit Hot 
one of my favourite maps in recent memory. fantastic atmosphere/sense of place. lovely layout; hugely sprawling but i never got lost. loved the earthquake effects and falling debris

the rockwork was awesome. there were at least a couple of occasions i nearly walked over a tiny ledge into an ominous abyss, kept me on my toes!

finished with all kills on normal but it felt a lot less than 200 due to being nicely spread out. there were still lots of moments i was expecting monsters but didn't get any; added to the tension. took me an hour in total (more counting a couple of reloads)

definitely playing this one again some time :) 
Just Replayed This Because Mfxsp10 
and Than, jesus.
How do you do this? I mean, I've looked at your map files and I know you use visgroups procedurally and I know you have professional experience and everything. But fucking christ.
This map is acknowledged as being excellent, but I'm not sure I really understood what a masterpiece it is until this playthrough. There is SO much going on, but it's so SUBTLE about it!
The layout alone, the lighting and brushwork and gameplay and secrets and even tone and the way you made your own subset of the theme.
I just want to acknowledge it and thank you for it.
Fuck I need to go to bed. 
Whilst I don't think the map really deserves that much praise, I'm glad you liked it.

Now go map a full (i.e. non-speed) map! 
Are You Kidding? 
This map is epic... loved how it becomes more and more ruined as you progress. 
loved how it becomes more and more ruined as you progress.
Incidentally, it's the same sort of development than underwent whilst working on it. 
you are the underselling king
and the king btw. 
Found this after 7 years thanks to the discussion in the "evolution of the quake map" thread. Can't believe I missed it back then. Pretty map and nice mood! Good fun for a solid 45+ minutes on easy with all kills, 7/20 secrets. First play demo (protocol 666) here: 
Next Level 
I downloaded this last year but I finally remembered to play through it thanks to Mandel. I gotta say that I really loved the atmosphere of this map. The architecture, layout, and lighting all worked together really well. It was bleak yet cozy at the same time.

The sense of progression was rewarding. I liked that you had the player breaking down the rune doors in order to access new areas. The floor breaking up and guiding the player into one of the final areas was an excellent touch as well.

The combat is a lot less hectic than what I've become accustomed too after playing so many recent releases. I actually enjoyed the slower pace for a change. It allowed me some time to appreciate the finer details. The layout was really something else. Even after beating it, I can't really form a good mental image of the layout but that didn't stop me from going where I needed to go. I never really got lost but there were times where I was afraid to jump down to certain areas because I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to find my way back to the new area from which I was jumping.

Skill 2, 222/222 kills but only 5/20 secrets. I loved the atmosphere in this map so much that I will be revisiting it and searching for some more secrets. 
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