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New Quoth1SP : "Subterranean Library" By Than
I finally got around to finishing apsp3; A map I started way back in late 2005 for the chapters map pack for Quoth. Since it missed the deadline for that pack by 5 or 6 years, it turned into apsp3, languishing on my hard drive for months at a time, before I eventually finished it off.

It's a very large SP map with lots of secrets and plenty of monsters. It requires Quoth (yup, even if you're Daz), an enhanced engine like Fitz or Quakespasm, and yes, it does use the Quoth monsters ;-)

download (4,607kb):
proper mirror:

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I'll be playing this ASAP, so review should also be soon. I think I remember some shots of this from a long time ago, and thinking it looked badass. 
Anyone to unfuck the download? 
FFS, How Hard Can It Be 
Under file -> download 
Wow, fucking Google docs does not consider Opera a good browser so the site won't work, those "&(�%"/�%&

File is up at BUT

<Vigil> Spritit: Unfuck than's map please
<negke> Spritit: might have to refuck
<Daz> oh fuck Spritit

suggest that the map should be packaged as


instead so it works with all engines, not only those that support the -quoth switch. With your permission I will strip nude and repack it and update the readme? 
Good things come to those who wait... or as they say. Congrats on the release! Also deep story are usual. 
actually, screw them, the readme is absolutely clear and there is no issue with the packaging itself and Quakespasm and DirectQ support the switch so the Injector is happy too.

/me is nude anyways 
Awesome Map ! 
Yeah, the download link sucks.

However, that map is already a huge classic ! I didn't finished it yet, but it's now part of my permanent collection !

Geez ! What an atmosphere ! This is really a great map ! The decor and the ruins are absolutely superb.

And the earthquakes are funny. Even the Quoth monsters fits very well in that map style.

Really, 5 stars ! Both thumbs up ! 
works in the Quake Injector now. 
Bloody Hell. 
That is one mofoing complicated map. My brain hurts just even trying to think of how it's connected. What it lacks in splendour it makes up for in sheer underground library ambience and excellent rock / destruction / blood details.

I slope-jumped up near the start to the gold key and thought I might have b0rked the map but the whole thing was so damn complex I couldn't tell anyway. The gameplay worked fine even with the stupid Quoth "hitboxes have as much relevance as a castle of turd" monsters (which weren't overused) and seemed well-balanced throughout. Weapon load was useful.

Secrets were excellent enough said. Getting the teleporter under the lift (w/o grenades above) was bloody desperate!!

14/20 (and I thought I was doing well)
222/222 of course

GG THan! 
Lovely Secrets! 
Wow! amazing stuff, I especially like the organic brushwork blended back and forth into brick buildings. It really is a good sign of pro level design when you have plenty of 'show and tell' moments hinting at more to come and where you will go next. The pacing in the first half (up to rune walls) is really well done with plenty of downtime for exploration and I was often wondering when the next encounter was going to take place.

Texture and brushwork was a thing of beauty with tons of broken details and a crazy amount of secrets! I spent ages at the end trying to find them all, only got 19/20, there was a lot of books to push! :P

My favourite encounters was the quad balcony, I always love blowing stuff up when got access to the powerups. There was plenty of locations where the monsters really worked well, ogres setup perfectly for bouncing grenades, hordes of knights and wizards to spice things up.

PS. your google download link is awkward, especially as it really gives very little clues what to click on to download the file. 
Greater Map Than 
I love it.
Nice and interconnected, at times almost (almost!) too much so. It had that "oh I've seen this place before" feeling happening every five minutes or so.

Played on skill 1, killed 200/200. Found 18 secrets, then noclipped around a bit and found the last two. I had been looking at them but not found the way to open.
Oodles of secrets is great I think this is a good map.

I liked the bit with the blood popping up and the place where there are bookcases going up and down and you have to go around the place push button objects.
The book was cute I wish I could read it and go INSANE.
If I have any crits it's that it was pretty gosh darn gray. The blood helped a bit but still some more color would be cool. Maybe in some place have some green bricks?

Oh I remember my actually favourite place now I think it's where the first vore was? You go along this gallery place and down around to the left under it and there's some broken bookcase pillars and one is slanty and you can (spoliers) climb it! That's my fave part.

If you tweet about this I'll gladly retweet!

Oh and it was also nice that eac 
Christ I Forgot 
Btw Sorry I Forgot To Record A Demo 
The timer said I'd played for 92 mins, but I know I reloaded a few times. 
Goddamnit Than 
I had two demos and a bunch of ideas about making skill1 suck less ready to send tonight.

Guess I won't bother next time. 
Will Play Soon, Will Record Demo, Will Jizz 
3 to 12 times.

Will play on skill 2 since skill one evidently sucks total balls. 
Fuck yooooouuu!! 
Second Screenshot 
is awesome. Hope to play this very soon!

Also, what happened to that testing? You posted for that like 8hrs ago! 
cool map, than! thanks for destroying my brain with mad interconnectivity and submerging me into this sinister stygian library ov hell. very nice proper quakey feel there!
also secrets indeed were challenging and fun. nice touch with various text notes :) i won't tell how much i opened though, i'm too weak ;) 
tested the map before my power went out and loved it so much forever. 
91 kills in and this is tough

Serves me right for playing skill 3 :P

This map is really cool. Found a couple of nice secrets. It's like 50% czg and 50% JPL. Shazzow! 
Phew, that was pretty hard!

60 minutes on skill 2, 222 kills, only 13/20 secrets so far.

On completion it's definitely a five star map, though I found my adrenaline levels flagging a bit at times for the first 20-30 minutes. The pace picks up nicely after the first rune and continues to ramp up with each one. I physically flinched on at least two occasions which I imagine is pretty rare for seasoned quake players.

Good work Than. 

Smart map - I still haven't completed it, but I got about 170 kills on the last try. Died suddenly that time. Just after rejoicing I had gotten as far as I had.

In the zip you will find my first three attempts.
Used Fitzquake 5...

Inspirational stuff for sure :) 
Actually Thats BS 
It was Fitz .85 
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