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New Q1SP: Something Wicked This Way Comes

Download (36 MB):

Quaddicted page (thanks Spirit and negke!):

This oft-delayed release began as one of the maps to be included in last year's Unforgiven episode, but it soon expanded way beyond that. The end result could not even fit into the normal expanded BSP format, and therefore in order to play this map you MUST use an engine that supports the BSP2 format. Right now this is only the RMQ Engine, which is available at (other engines support earlier versions of BSP2 or will support BSP2 in the future, but don't work right now).

The main map is based on scraps by Tyrann and Necros. It features lots of exploration and 30 secrets. The latest version of Drake is required and included. System requirements, as usual, are high, due to lots of monsters and large open areas.

Please see the readme for more information and the much-deserved credits for everyone who made it possible for me to finish and release this map.
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Got To Say 
Thanks to Tronyn and PM for doing something with the format. Too drunk to elaborate. 
I Am Speechless 
A tremendous accomplishment. Such a huge map that nearly forms an episode by itself: painstakingly constructed to perfection til its smallest bits, ingeniously interconnected to ease up navigation and reward exploration, populated/balanced such that the over an hour long trek never gets boring, unfair nor disencouraging. The single fact that I haven't got lost nor died even a single time throughout a map that took seventy minutes to beat and put me against nearly 700 monsters shows the amount of skill on display here by itself.

I have used RMQE (r3714) and haven't encountered any bugs (this should be the first choice for anyone out there who haven't played this monster of a map yet). Though it still requires a bit of cvar fiddling to revert it back to less 'flashy' visuals. There are a few more, but these three are crucial:

r_colored_dynamic_light 0
r_colored_dynamic_light_mflash 0
r_motionblur 0

Still, I haven't figured a way to keep Death Knights from lighting up the whole area whenever they use their ranged attacks or the spiders from doing the same wherever they die. There isn't any documentation on the specifics of the engine so I had no choice but to try to make it out from the config output. I don't know what the following change exactly and I'll be grateful if any of the original coders can explain them (values are the default ones):

r_instancedlight 1
r_lightscale 1
r_uwfactor 512
r_uwscale 2
r_warpfactor 2
r_warpscale 8
r_warpspeed 4

Anyway, even though it was a bit of a hassle to run, this masterpiece was worth all the effort on my end. It was breathtaking, even intoxicating to behold most of the way and highly enjoyable to play all throughout. It was the perfect finale for today's Quake festivities of mine.

Thank you Tronyn.

wickedstart - 5:40, 2/3s
wicked - 70:15, 12/30s, 674/690k
wickedend - 7:27, 2/2s, 98/101k
Thanks for the feedback, and the level of detail in it, and the tips that should be useful for other players, too. Cheers.

My Q1SP reviews should finally be coming soon, and I should have another Q1SP out this summer. 
..Pentium2 450+voodoo3 Could Manage This Beast ? 
unfortunately, I doubt it; it is vised, but there's open areas and lots of monsters... if you could run all the maps in RMQdemo2, you should be able to run this... but I'm not hopeful. Sorry! 
Yes I know what you mean but with that config I still manage to play almost all Quake thingy just with not too demanding engines !'s a maniacally well setup config with all the fastest drivers for voodoo3(1.05), directx8.1, win98se tweaked(eheh), etc..

From my experience if a map is vised then..ehr should be at least playable(I'm happy even with 15 frames per second) 
Soo Close! 
680/690 Monsters 29/30 Secrets

97/104 monsters, 2/2 secrets for the end Map

0/0 Monsters, 2/3 secrets for the beginning

And what is Hell Skill?? 
Hell Skill 
is pure crazy. Monsters have kind of Zombie mode, they just don�t
die but come to life after some time.
Heavily unplayable, at least you have to be Orbs. 
Error When Try To Launch 
I put sdl and sdl_net dlls in quake folder but when run rmqenginewin32.exe error:
I don't expect to be able to help much, but what version of RMQEngine, and what operating system?
Have you tried DarkPlaces ( or FETQW ( 
Cubemap support is pretty much universal in all hardware since the riva.
The only thing that doesn't support it is microsoft's software implementation.
In which case, update your drivers. Properly.
From your vendor's website instead of windows update (because microsoft in their infinite wisdom do not provide gl drivers in those automatic updates).
Failing that, do as Tronyn said and use a different engine. Note that if either of them say 'gl_vendor: microsoft' you'll want to install some graphics drivers anyway... 
Don't You Need A Glide Port For A Voodoo? 
Somehow I missed this when it was released! Glad I found it, it's got to be one of the best single maps ever (referring the middle one). The start map was amazing too.

But yeah that middle level, the size, constantly fantastic architecture all the way through. Balance was just right, at the end I still had lots of MHs all over the place, but not much ammo left at all. In fact I left a lot of the flying lightning dudes and gaunts, I didn't have enough ammo to kill them at the end, the dragons used it all up, but I didn't need to anyway. It also wasn't too difficult and hordey like some tronyn maps.

Fortunately, thank god, I never really got lost. The little tips you put in had me on the right path. The exit, gk and two towers (I thought it was the two back at the start) had me walking around a little bit, but not for long. But, this level could be frustrating if you did happen to get lost and not know what to do next.

The end map, I read some comments so knew to shoot the buttons for the pillars, although I only used three of them and not till about halfway through. I didn't find it impossibly difficult. I died I think 3 times but they were mostly shooting at the buttons instead of focusing on combat. And I still had plenty of ammo left, never even used the cell weapons or bfg. But I definitely think it was adequate - you don't need to have an arena with the biggest battle ever, in fact the dragons at the end of map 1 would have been a good enough finish. They fucked me up a few times in fact. I was playing on normal btw.

I think I might have to go back to play the marcher fortress since everyone still says that's the best. I really can't remember a thing about it. But I think wicked2 takes the cake for possibly being best q1sp of all time. Of course it has the advantage of being qbsp2...

ps. I love the more powerful sg/ssg. 
Played 'Wicked' through with Quakespasm with Eric's bsp2 patch ... Haha. It's been ages since one of Tronywns big maps has got into my hands. 14/30 secrets and around 470/530 kills on normal. Super exhilirating gameplay as always, and not too many fmd moments. 
Oh Man 
Now that QuakeSpasm supports BSP2 I'll be playing all those releases soon! 
Can the old NSOE and ARWOP maps be played through this? Thanks! 
yes, the latest version of Drake which comes with Something Wicked should support everything in NSOE and ARWOP. Pretty sure that will work, but even if it doesn't, the eventual Drake merger project (target: this summer) will support & include all previous Drake/SoE maps. 
Tronyn, for the Drake Merger, can you get different models for the Shotguns? Still not used to the "same models but different" shotguns. 
maybe add some cfg's to get certain settings in the different engines wich support the bsp2 format, one for eyecandy one for performance one for vanilla-taste 
Hell Mode 
I give up. I found the Nightmare mode and all secrets in the first map, but I can't figure out how to access Hell mode (though I know where it is). Has anyone succeeded? 
... Nevermind ... 
Of course, within ten minutes of posting this, I found it by sheer luck :-) Once you've found the wand, shoot the wall behind it. 
The scale of the main map was mind bending. I can't believe that something like this fit within normal map bounds. I've played huge maps before but nothing quite felt like this. From the very second that I loaded up the start map, I knew that I was in for something amazing. The massive towers looming over the player in the far distance created such an awesome atmosphere.

I haven't played much of the Drake mod before so there were some nice surprises in terms of game play. Although you did occasionally tell players explicitly where to go, you did a pretty good job of guiding them in the right direction purely with level design. The main map was so huge and complex that there were a few occasions where I felt like I had come upon a completely new section only to realize that it was just a different floor or higher ground in the same map.

Although I do like a lot of smaller maps, maps that convey this sense of scale are right up my alley. I'd love to be able to achieve something like this but I can't imagine the amount of time and focus that it must have taken to get this done. My total play time was over an hour but I still spread this out over several days. If it took me this long just to play, it's scary thinking of how long it must have taken to make. Thanks for the experience.

Skill 2, 66+ minutes accounting for start map and end map as well, 13/30 secrets, 679/690 kills. I love 100 percenting Quake maps but I feel like I need a vacation before jumping back in for secret hunting. 
It Really Is A Great 
and overwhelming map. Too much to take in all at once but so much greatness.
Like this album

(This channel is 90% bangers btw) 
Go map/ release please 
689/690 kills on Nightmare, still have 3 secrets to find. I must admit I noclipped for 2-3 of them which were driving me crazy. I don't know where to look anymore ...

Hell mode is INSANE, I don't think I'll ever finish the main map. 384/1O22 kills and counting (both numbers). Good thing there's one place with respawning ammo and armor but I'm far from reaching it and I'll certainly be short on health anyway.

On the other hand, if you do add some respawning health and ammo, this could be a great coop experience. I played the Hard version with a friend a few weeks back but it doesn't keep you on edge like SP mode does since things don't reset when you respawn.

Yes please Tronyn, we miss your incredible work! 
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