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New Q1SP: Something Wicked This Way Comes

Download (36 MB):

Quaddicted page (thanks Spirit and negke!):

This oft-delayed release began as one of the maps to be included in last year's Unforgiven episode, but it soon expanded way beyond that. The end result could not even fit into the normal expanded BSP format, and therefore in order to play this map you MUST use an engine that supports the BSP2 format. Right now this is only the RMQ Engine, which is available at (other engines support earlier versions of BSP2 or will support BSP2 in the future, but don't work right now).

The main map is based on scraps by Tyrann and Necros. It features lots of exploration and 30 secrets. The latest version of Drake is required and included. System requirements, as usual, are high, due to lots of monsters and large open areas.

Please see the readme for more information and the much-deserved credits for everyone who made it possible for me to finish and release this map.
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I believe two engines support bsp2, and they aren't even compatible implementations, sadly (darkplaces has an altered spec for it, for some reason.)

Since the DP version has no released maps yet, i guess this is now the standard? 
I have got so much Q1SP to play now.....

This looks amazing from the screenshots - good to see someone else abusing the BSP2 format. I totally want to build this massive mid-evil city some time.

The RMQEngine is also awesome, basically Fitz on anabolic steroids. It has some other awesome features like widescreen perspective correction (looks exactly as it would in standard persp. but with the sides expanded).

But DUDE!!! These maps look purely satanic and evil and massive and awesome. 
This Start Map Must Be The Most Awesome Start Map Ever 
Surprisingly the first map wasn't as hard as I expected it to on skill 1, I didn't die and I never fell in any real hard position. I got 12/30 secrets (so many!) and almost all the kills in 57 minutes. Jaw-dropping architecture on both the start map and the main map. This cavern is absolutely huge and the fortress is really well-made and impressive. I absolutely loved the way the Night Gaunts appeared, and the Scrag massacre with the quad was pretty neat.

I keep getting my ass brutally kicked on the last map on skill 1 though. Too many monster types thrown at once gets me slaughtered. I'm definitely not a huge fan of the big-bad rocket launcher that takes all your screen, and the way the weapons are laid-out while scrolling for them is pretty annoying (I accidentally fired two crossbow bolts because it is so close to the SSG) but the rest is cool and I like that Death Knight on steroids. Very very impressive so far. 
RMQEngine-Win32 -game wicked
progs/k_spike.mdl not found

added a model named it k_spike and it ran 
not the mod related

everytime i run rmqeng i got some borked colors

and how to fixit? 
looks like the weapon model is trying to use the wrong texture (a player texture?) -- not sure what causes this. It may be a lingering bug from fitzquake. 
Re: Skacky 
so far so good! I'm glad you liked the start map - it's totally owed to ijed who convinced me to save and improve it when the first version was crap. Glad you liked the gaunt appearance, and got the quad secret - I hope everyone gets that one! Also happy you didn't get lost in the main map. Despite my efforts I expect many still will.
As for the ending, as usual it might be too hard; there are extra items accessible but my main hope was that the map was short enough that having to try again wouldn't be totally infuriating.

re: mechtech
Not sure how this happened, I'll ask PM. 
the same bug has been happened with some other models, trees, hellknight-boss

i'm using the latest version from icculus 
So how do I disable interpolation in the engine? It ignores the Fitzquake cvars for some demented reason and there is no readme to be found on the entire internet. 
Why did negke let you keep all those fullbright pixels... 
But these days I only download Quake maps that have gigabyte file sizes and don't run in any available engine. 
This Is Very Awesome 
but it runs quite slowly on my laptop, as the frame rate is very low. Tried to reduce resolution from 1280*720 to 360*200, but to no avail, so it seems to be CPU related, however, my CPU is i7-2630QM, a quad core processor, so that shouldn't be the cause. Wondering what is going wrong? 
Those Screenshots Look Unbelievable 
Is there any way to just download the RMQ engine and nothing else? 
same question 
RMQ Engine Can Be Downloaded At 
This might be an RMQ issue, but are grenades falling through the world for anyone else? Both my grenades and Ogre grenades seem to go through faces instead of bouncing.

Map is nuts so far :) 30 secrets help me god! :) 
It's an RMQ/bsp2 engine issue and it's mentioned in the readme. May be fixed in some future version. 
I Knew It. 
Too subtle and low key for me. I prefer a bit more spectacle in my Quake maps these days. 
Fall out? First I've heard of that... 
I downloaded the latest version of the RMX engine from SVN and all grenades don't bounce and fall through the world (everywhere). Sort of makes grenade ogres easy but frustrating for the player because the Grenade Launcher has limited use now. It seems to be consist everywhere and the grenade do the crazy sound thing and fall into the void. 
The grenade bug is many months old.

FTEQW supports both versions of BSP2 and probably has the grenade bug fixed... it's not Fitzquake though, if that bothers you.

note: with FTE, don't bother *not* downloading the "experimental" version.

You can force a netquake-like behaviour in FTE by setting / experimenting with these:

sv_nomsec 2

cl_nopred 1

You might have to set sv_bigcoords 1 as well to enable crazy map aka BSP2 support. Not sure if that's autodetected.

I'm pretty sure that at least DirectQ also supports BSP2. Not sure if QuakeForge, Proquake and Qrack actually implemented it yet, last I heard there was some interest though. I think QuakeForge might have it. That means several engines support it, actually.

Congrats on the release Tronyn! Keep making cool stuff. 
Ah Right, FTE 
Can someone who hasn't yet played these maps try them with FTE instead, then? To see if it works without problems.
DirectQ does have BSP2 support, but when I tested the map, I encountered a major clipping bug that broke everything - which is why it's currently not listed as an alternative to run this release. 
This is the version I used to test it:
I believe it was the one that came with the rmq demo last year. 
I downloaded FTE ( ) and it was fine, Grenades bounce perfectly. 
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