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Best Post-2010 Quake 1 Maps
I know Quake mapping isn't dead, so i'm looking for some new releases in the scene. Any decent links?
Very Simple, 
you just need to check news part of this site, or browse through using year as filter. 
Better yet, put (2011|2012|2013) in the Quake Injector filter. 
i was hoping for a decent discussion :( 
why are other post 2010 maps not good? 
I'd Say This Was The Best Map Of Post 2010 
Also These 
In The Shadows, which is a mod and maps 
Altar of Storms


And a bunch I forgot the names off ... 
Looks Like This 
Is turning into a proper thread. 
Repent Sinners, Repent !!! 
None of my humble maps have been mentioned !! shame on you !!


Well, I maybe deserve it... :P 
the bigger get larger & the smaller get less.

I vote on all maps that appeared that period, except for my own, as that one was intented to make the better maps best. 
Haha I love the 'shitty' maps also. There's usually some good idea or 2 in each one, accident or not. Gotta catch em all! 
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