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A New Review Site For Quake Maps!
As suggested by RickyT23, I decided to re-post this as a news item.

I just created a website for the purpose of reviewing Quake maps called QuakeBlast.

If anyone is interested then they can send me the maps that they create with SleepWalkR's new editor :)

Note that while the creation of TrenchBroom is what inspired me to finally create my own site there is no rule that demands maps to be created with TrenchBroom in order for them to be reviewed on the site.

I will review all maps (even horrible ones) assuming that certain conditions are met. Expect to see the site updated very soon with more information!
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Nice Review 
But... Orange text on a grey background isn't very easy on the eyes. I'm on the mobile version, I guess.

I like how you've written and structured things. Keep up the good work. 
The Mobile Version 
sadly I can't help you when it comes to the mobile version and the orange text and the grey background on the reviews. I have tried changing that but I can't without also changing the way things look on the original site. Your just going to have to live with it or else read the reviews on a PC. 
And here I thought anyone tech-savy would switch their phone browser to identify as a desktop browser.

I rarely run into websites that are awkward to read, I can highly recommend it. 
Of course it is trivial to request the desktop version, but if you aren't going to officially support it, then don't even have it at all. 
Your snide comments to yourself Spirit.

With what you suggest I'd have to change my browser settings back and forth, because other sites do have a working mobile version, easier to read on a mobile device, not more difficult. 
Sorry, I did not meant it as snide at all. Honestly! I got mad when sites pushed some annoying dumbed down versions of websites in my face. 
It Was Fairly Offtopic Though, Sorry 
No website on earth should have orange bulk text. Reserve that colour for headings at the most.

To be honest if you've got no web experience, I'd highly recommend starting with a wordpress style blog rather than fumbling around with webs and wix and the other free website builders. Those other 2 sites someone posted and both of which use blogs, are far easier to navigate that this new site. I had to click to get to reviews, then all I got was 2 giant pictures which I had to click into again. Getting too time consuming.

Deqer might have been a bit arrogant, but he was actually right with his suggestions. 
Reviews Will Now Be Published During The Weekends 
I have updated the FAQ. From now on the general goal is to review 1 map each weekend. The "1 review a month as a complete minimum" rule still applies, but expect to see 1 review at least during most weekends. There is a new one coming probably some time today/tonight by the way. Or in a worst case scenario, tomorrow. But probably tonight. 
What About 
Reviewing some of Tronyns maps, since he can*t do it on Quakedicted.?
That would be nice! 
Good Call! 
yeah, review those monstrous beasts! 
Tronyns Maps 
Where are they found? 
pretty good for finding most maps.. 
The New Review Of MFXs Map Is Good 
Very straight to the point.


There are some maps that you should probably play if you haven't already:

(In no particular order)

Kinn 'The Marcher Fortress'
Than 'The Final Threat'
Negke 'Red Slammer'
Distrans 'Ruined Nation'
Hrimfaxi 'Breakfast at Twilight'
Necros 'The Living End'
czg & vondur 'The Slipgate Duplex'
digs 'The Parallel Worlds'

I mean there are loads of maps you could review, but these are some of the maps that I think really make a statement in Quake 1 mapping, and are the sort of maps that would be good to know about when reviewing maps, you can refer to these maps. I mean I'm sure you have a good idea of how you want to review your maps, but this stuff is good to know about. Some mappers have a very distinctive style, which will have influenced others.

Other stuff you should probably play if you haven't already:

czg - Insomnia, Terra
Some of Tronyns maps (he has a very strong style)

Guys, what else? I just mean as real hallmark maps, good examples of distinctive artistic stylisation. The stuff that is hard to forget, and just sticks in your mind. 
RickyT23's maps are quite good too, especially that incredibly e4m1rmx. 
Don�t Forget 
that 768*768 contest entries from negke and necros (Moldy Tower!!)
Fort Driant by JPL
Rubicon 1 and 2
Stark Monstrosity also a burner from RickyT23
..and my fav Apsp3 from Than!! 
1 review a month minimum? Crikey, don't overwork yourself there hakkarin ;) 
Review some of [Kona]s maps. He also has a very strong style, and some of the best maps out there IMO. 
I Like 
Your writing style. It'd be nice to hear what you think of some of the classics.

Warp, by the way, was designed to crack the players head in two. Apparently people still enjoy playing it.

As ricky says, try insomnia. For many, I think, the standout third party map pack. 
To Sum Up All The Map Suggestions: 

(Like I said earlier, it may not be beneficial to flood suggestions as only creates bias) 
Auto-suggest Button 
Fuck Otp I Found It. I Found It. 
Too Late Czg! 
Go map.

OTP: that'll do pig, that'll do.

We need a monacle smiley... 
No we don't, because that's not how you spell monocle :( 
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