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EntityPlus 1.1.4 Released
Hi everybody!

Two days ago a new version of my single player Quake 3 mod EntityPlus was released. The new release fixes some bugs and adds a slew of new features.

EntityPlus is a mod that brings true single player gameplay to Quake 3 Arena. It allows level designers to build maps that have a high level of player interaction with puzzles to solve or keys to find to unlock doors and other things you'd expect from a single player game. The enemies are the familiar Quake 3 bots. They can be spawned at specific moments at specific places into the map. You can define the bot AI files to use, the weapon load-out, the amount of health and their behavior. Patrol routes can be defined for them to follow so they behave more like traditional single player enemies than deathmatch opponents.

To create your own EnityPlus map, you need little more than your existing Quake (3) mapping knowledge. Give the manual a quick read to see what some of the new possibilities are. I hope that there will be more people who want to give SP mapping a go, because currently there's only two real maps released for the mod, with an upcoming one of myself currently in beta. The mod comes with an example map as well (the .map file is also included).

Some quick examples of what's possible:
- Define objectives for the player to follow.
- Put secrets into the map the player can discover.
- Seamlessly transfer a player from one map to another, to create a multi-map adventure.
- Trigger entities across maps.
- Create "breakable" geometry like windows or wooden surfaces.
- Put scifi style keycards or medieval looking keys in your map for the player to find and unlock a door.
- Create in-game cutscenes with camera entities.
- Toggle entities and geometry in and out of existence.
- Apply visual overlays over the viewport, like additions to the HUD or a vignetting effect.
- Modify properties of entities run-time.
- Trigger entities based on the number of times the player died or the number of kills made.
- And as they say: "...and much, much more"

This Seems Fantastic 
Just needs monsters! 
If Klesk, Uriel and Sorlag aren't monstrous enough for you, there's nothing stopping you from including custom models with new (or duplicated) bot AI files :) 
Custom Bots 
Bitter Embrace by Mr.CleaN has a really cool skeleton bot - BitterBones. 
Has anyone made any SP maps with this yet? Curious to see what it's like. 

What are the main differences / advantages compared to using say, Darkplaces or FTEQW or QFusion and q3bsp / IQM with either Angelscript or QuakeC to make a mod/game?

I assume the Q3 bot AI would be the main advantage over those other options?

What language is the gamecode in? 
@necros: two maps can be found at the EntityPlus project page (linked in the original post). They are called "Carmack Tower" (made by dezer) and "Testing Procedures" (made by me). The mod itself comes with a custom version of q3dm7 that was edited to turn it into a linear SP map. Last but not least there's the beta version of my upcoming map, also linked to in the original post.

It's perhaps a meager offering still, but it's up to the fine people who love Q3 level design to make,more :) 
@gb: what you are listing are all Quake 1 offerings, right? EntityPlus is a Quake 3 mod. There are some advantages to other, similar offerings.

Most, if not all alternative SP offerings so far have forced some sort of visual design or theme on whatever you can do with it. E+ builds on top of plain Q3, which is a very generic environment, so you can create all sorts of adventures if you like.

A similar point is that all entities that E+ adds to the game are set up as generic as possible, so a level designer has the freedom to do a lot of different things with it.

Last but not least, the mod is still in relatively active development, and I do take feature requests. Also, the mod's programming code is fully open source and publicly available through the project page. So if you want to change something yourself, feel free to do so.

This being Quake 3, the code is all C, compiled to Quake 3's native QVM file format, for cross-platform compatibility. 
It was about time you finally made a single player creation. Congrats!

We didn't know you had it in you! 
Oooh, some very important SP features in this update, you're on the right track! 
Awesome. especially triggers between levels, which quake lacks.

For me the enemies AI is a major letdown and a reason I'd rather use Quake1 game with q3 maps. They are just bots for DM game with a single routine. You cant get interesting varied behaviour and distinctive enemy types out of them. Weapon balance could be issue as well.

Still would love to see some q3 sp maps. 
Eraser, You Misspelled My Name. 
My name is not dezer. It's deqer. And the map is not called "Carmack Tower". It's "Carmack Fortress" 
Sorry Bout That 
Sorry man, auto correct spellchecker turned your name into dezer which I didn't notice. The map name is an error on my part. Should've proof read the thing before posting it... 
That Eraser 
is it you behind the frogmods

just curious
there is a q3 src, there is a wolf 2001 (whatever),

i assume there is a lot a work to combine, but.... 
Nope must be some other eraser. I've found it's not exactly the most original nickname ;) 
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