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New Q1SP: The Ivory Tower
Download Link Readme and Screenshot.

Deep within the Grendal Gorge is the Ivory Tower, a gleaming spire of gold trying to touch the heavens. The map has a skill selection area at the beginning, a chance for time travel and some secrets to keep you wandering around in circles.

This map is made from several brushwork experiments mashed together and features medieval style pickups, some new keys and a couple of powerup models. The textures are mostly from ID and the gameplay is vanilla Quake!

If you want to play the map with your own engine settings check the readme file for further details.

The map was tested with Fitz/QS engines and remember ...
RECORD A DEMO, I want to see how you play the map!
I'm the first to download it ! :)

No demo from me, since I play like an idiot on steroids (nightmare, God mode, full weaponds, and rocket-jump running ike crazy everywhere). :P 
Yeah ! 
That map is a pure beauty ! Small map, but really superb.

Sock, you're the best, dude !

I've found 7/10 secrets.

Well, like I said, no demo from me, because I really suck at that. I play like an imbecile, and the recording would be extremely boring to others.

Thanks a lot for this jewel. It's now a permanent part of my Quake collection.

It's amazing that this game is still played and supported today, in 2013, with all the modern games out there (they all suck, IMO, and Quake1 and Quake3 are still the best games). 
Love It 
if this is what you can do with scrap experiments, release them all!!

My favorite part design wise has to be the texuring, the different sets go really well together and yet seem consistent and natural.

Layout was a little confusing but nothing that you cant handle after a little bit of wandering around.

Gameplay wise, very fun and creative, I would only say that the end arena crusher style has been used in a few maps by you and is no longer as fresh adn surprising as it was the last few times around. 
you already released it. hahaha! Okay... will dl/ play shortly, and post demo eventually. 
already spoke on screenshot forum about the rad old skool vibe... haven't even delved into this thing, but the story is great! 
already spoke on screenshot forum about the rad old skool vibe... haven't even delved into this thing, but the story is great! 
Fantastic Level! 
Here's my demo. Nightmare skill, 17-ish minutes, 100 kills and 8 secrets. The demo was recorded with FitzQuake 0.85.

This was absolutely fantastic. The layout got me confused a tad at times but other than that it was awesome. Classic Sock level with the traps and all. Overall it wasn't too hard. I got demolished at the first ogre encounter so I restarted, and everything beyond that is completely blind. Oh and the terrain was amazing, especially in the mine area. 
fantastic. Recorded a demo without dying on Hard. 101 kills, 8 secrets also. Not sure how long the playtime was, but I spent quite a while wandering around. Haven't played Quake in a while, so was a bit rusty.
Really enjoyed it, though of course it was in some respects a step down from the epicness of Backstein.
Still, beautiful construction - as expected the old skool charm had me from helloh god that's fucking cheesy... anyway, I'm going to take a cold shower. Demo soon. 
Thanks for this! Just finished the map. Uploaded a demo here:

*Spoilers Follow*

I admit I got lost after the first shambler so it took me about 45 minutes to finish. I must have missed something but I did find 7 secrets because I had to go back and explore.

The only problem I had was that I got a very bad frame rate in the last room when I was looking at the crushing machines in the middle. I was playing with Darkplaces Quake engine.

Thanks again, keep up the good work. 
Not bad at all ... Great quality map.
I got the quad then missed the jump *!)(@, so reloaded game. Didnt die at all, but finale left me with 12/12 health/armour. 

Hard skill, all kills, 7/10 secrets

This map was esp. fun because it kept me guessing about whether or not I'm playing it backwards. I love it when maps allow alternate routes, and this map felt like it had many of those. I rushed it a bit towards the end, I did intend to find all secrets, but them I stumbled upon the final fight, which was a bit too easy I thought.

Good work! 
Got 'im With The Hammer!!! 
Easy skill of course :)

Like SleepwalkR I was especially impressed with being able to come at places from different directions. Very helpful in one instance.

Thanks Sock! 
pro map as usual! nice details and atmosphere and of course gameplay :)
not sure if the demo will play properly for you, sock. it hanged at loading when entering the map after skill change for me. 
Very Nice

I really wanted the rocket launcher I saw, but the map deemed me unworthy. I'll have to play again and find more secrets and kill more dudes! 
Great map, thank you!
Played about 35 minutes and didn't get how to approach RL and where the hell is LG.
Final fight was somewhat expected after gold key door and vores got me there :/ 
@Barnak, thanks for the compliment, why not try the map on easy skill? Why start with all weapons and god mode on?

@nitin, Unfortunately I ran out of time for creating a brand new final arena so I reused elements from my previous maps. It is not exactly the same, I tried to minimize the amount of monsters spawning in and the central columns are removed so that the player needs to rely on the crushers for cover.

@Drew, yeah this map is a different direction from Backstein, it is non-linear, secrets are valuable and there are a lot more variety of spaces to fight in.

@skacky, wow that is awesome, first nightmare demo run! :D I think lots of people are going to get confused and lost because it is not linear but it is a small price to pay for the chance to discover new routes from multiple sessions.

@nullability, someone new I have not seen at Func before, welcome! Yeah this map does not play well with DP, I only recommend Fitz or QS. The getting lost thing is because the flow is not linear, I wanted people to have fun playing the map several times and finding new routes. 
Nice looking map and a great fun sunday morning.

If you watch my demo you will see I lack a sense of direction totally - visiting every room multiple times, passing through them in all directions and having no idea how stuff connects. I get lost in even the most linear of maps so it has nothing to do with this one in particular.

I got the RL by using a nearby slope, at about 15 minutes into the second demo.

Recorded with DirectQ. Missed 1 monster, and 5-6 secrets. I've finally understood the demon face=secret hint since it was discussed in another thread, but it doesn't always help. Easy skill is the skill I play unless otherwise motivated by SDA tables. I restarted the recording once because I accidentally chose normal skill the first time (getting lost in the start map...). And I started a new recording after the level reload for maximum compatibility. 
One thing I was a bit disappointed with is the fact that once you reach the final arena there is no way to go back to the rest of the map. I wanted to grab the RL and the red armor (you'll see that in the demo as I try to get back), but the elevator is activated too soon and you can't get back. 
First Play... Hard Skill 
If you see me completely stop dead it's because I'm using a wireless keyboard and either the battery is low or it doesn't enjoy multiple key presses. I recorded the demo in DirectQ as this is the only engine that works on my surface pro.

I will collect my thoughts and give more feedback later. 
@stevenaaus, In previous maps I auto-magically (trigger brushes) opened shortcuts for players so if they fell down they can get back. This time I decided to let players open the shortcuts themselves so they can understand where the shortcut is, but you ignored the buttons, why?

@SleepwalkR, yeah the final arena is easy if you use the secrets. All the heavy weapons SNG/GL/RL/LG are locked away in secrets or on ledges that need puzzle thinking. The final arena is balanced for SG/SSG/NG only. 
I thought I was playing on hard, I was on normal... 
Final Arena 
Sock, I think the final arena is easy even with only the weapons you mention though, except for the vores. Those could be tough. But otherwise, you just run in a circle and hit the buttons; most of the enemies get squished sooner or later. 
My three year old daughter just walked into the room while I was replaying this map. She points to the screen and says: "Daddy, what are you doing in the study; is that a tunnel?!"

She really likes tunnels. 
@distrans, you are the only person so far that has got the RL the 'easy' way :P I like your ending, nice touch. :)

@Vondur, I thought you would like to play on Hard skill? your demo is normal skill. Looks like you had fun! :D

@Scampie, getting the RL is one of those of the 'oh that is how you get it' moments. You should really play it again, you do realize the SK is completely optional!?! :P

@AAS, someone I have not seen post on func, welcome! Yeah the map is non-linear, getting lost is the price to pay for multiple route maps. Luckily the map is so small it should feel familiar after a while. 
@Mandel, wow that is an impressive way to get the RL but there is a much easier way. There is a clue with the second altar in the chapel next to the GK which you got. I did not get the impression you were lost as much as you said, but were frustrated with the lack of space to move about in.

I think the problem is I am not a speed runner or trick jumper, I don't design maps for these types of game play. This map is cramped, story/location driven and designed for a slow/cautious pace. This map also has non-linear flow and that is a double edged sword with the flip side being, you can get lost. 
Nice Map 
I played Ivory this morning. Got all the way through on "normal" without dying once, with 6 of 10 secrets and 83 of 84 kills. Unfortunately I forgot FitzQuake didn't record across levels, so no demo. 
Cool, like it, love the blend of standard medieval with the mines and stuff. Found it quite easy but good fun. My demo is approx 1/3 pretty fast playing, 1/3 patiently getting secrets, and 1/3 utter confusion: 
Nice Map 
Pro-Brushwork as usual, texturing fits perfectly.
Got lost somewhere in the middle, died on the last shambler, could not hide in a clipped corner, which leaves me kind of upset.

You�ll see what i mean:
Demo 82/84 kills, 9/10 secrets.

Anyway, this is still awesome, thank you very much!! 
Two demos because quicksaving and reloading is technology beyond my brain capability.

Wonderful map, love every single thing about it. :) 
@Fifth, you were indeed playing on Hard skill and had an amazing start discovering the SK bypass route. (I designed it based on how people played midnight stalker) Then you got caught using the inv ring and nearly died! After that you doubled backed on yourself and ended up looping the whole level again! :(
I am not sure what control system you are using but it feels like you don't strafe but turn left/right and move forward instead?

It seems my non-linear map design is not getting the reaction I hoped for but instead producing frustration. (this is the impression I get from demo's) I recently played a lot of old Quake maps and noticed how they often were tough and open with routes. (good example) Not sure if players nowadays automatically associate being lost with frustration or actually prefer wanting to be lead more often. 
@Shambler, everything was going perfect, you went on a Quad rampage killing loads of monsters, pick up the gold key and then walk past the gold key door several times, why? The door had a gold key texture in the middle? Maybe this is why ID put gold keys on either side of their doors. 
I personally enjoy open maps like this one immensely. But I think that one problem that lead to frustration was that sometimes it felt as if I wasn't really supposed to take a particular route because that route led through a secret or put me behind sleeping enemies. I often thought, "Am I breaking the map right now?"

Maybe an idea how to fix this is to make clear to the player what the sub goals are and how each possible route advances the player to a particular subgoal? 
non-linear levels like this are more enjoyable for me.

I didnt have an issue with thinking I'm breaking the map, I figured you were a good enough mapper to have tested the level enough to avoid situations like that (especially because it wasnt like I was rocketjumping to places to take shortcuts just following a particular path). 
By Design 
I often thought, "Am I breaking the map right now?"
That was by design, I love the fact if you pick the right route you can flank the enemies and then plan how you attack. Maybe it is the stealth player in me, but I love looking for ways to surprise the enemies!

I had flanking routes in Backsteingotik where you could sneak up on enemies and people seemed to like that. This map is designed to take the idea further with lots of routes to locations and even secrets. Maybe this approach is just too much and players just assume the map is broken because of custom Quake map history.

Do players really play maps more than once? Is the extra design for different routes and ways to enjoy the map wasted because people only play maps once and think that is it.

I am disappointed by the reaction because I don't exactly know why the map is producing such a negative reaction. Seeing a lot of people shaking their mouse (common way to show frustration in demo's) and not a lot of satisfaction. After seeing 5+ demo's of people getting lost and not seeing any physical/verbal reaction makes it difficult to understand the problem. 
Do players really play maps more than once?


Is the extra design for different routes and ways to enjoy the map wasted

No, absolutely not! I'm always disappointed that modern maps have less different routes open for exploration than E1M2 from 1996.

After seeing 5+ demo's of people getting lost and not seeing any physical/verbal reaction makes it difficult to understand the problem.

I got a bit lost, but it was my fault only, not the map's. I figure the other players felt that way too. 
@Mfx, that demo was painful, I can't understand how you play Quake without a mouse and just keyboard. Sorry man I could not watch it to the end, I gave up when you were next to the gold door with the gold key and then wandered around lost ... :( 
More Than Once 
Do players really play maps more than once? Of course, especially if the map is beautifull !

Each time I play my old maps, I try to be creative in killing monsters! (hehehee)

I try new routes, rocket-jump on interesting corners, looking for all the secrets I missed (secrets is a great thing, in Quake!). I like to explore and "taste" the strong atmosphere. When a sucker gets in my way, I nag him in any vicious ways (especially the Shambler and the Vore). 
Thank You 
Great map!! Getting lost is half the fun :)

@Barnak On replay I try to see how much infighting I can cause and save ammo. 
Mouse Shaking 
by myself was because my keyboard stopped working and I couldn't move... it wasn't a sign of my displeasure with the map.

I enjoyed the map a lot, I tried to play the map on my other laptop but it broke and I had to play it on the surface instead (with shitty cerulian keyboard). In terms of me not strafing, this is a result of me not wanting to press too many keys simultaneously as it seemed to freeze my keyboard. I am normally a huge advocate of strafing.

I will try and give feedback tomorrow, I'm still in a recovering state from having an operation. 
I Got Lost Too 
but I didn't really mind that much. If there's subliminal mouse shaking it probably comes out of a sense of embarassment knowing you'd see how lost I got! This is something I frequently feel when recording demos for Negke, for example (especially if I die halfway through).

I will replay this map. I will explore alternative routes. I will search for secrets missed on 1st run. I will play more creatively, more aggressively. I will give it a shot in NM.
I think that part of the problem for me in getting lost was I kind of liek to poke around and explore each possibility before moving on. I think this tendency might have backfired on me, because it led to me not having a clear mental map of the 'route' - if that makes sense... 
I think that part of the problem for me in getting lost was I kind of like to poke around and explore each possibility before moving on.

That is an interesting point, there is a certain pleasure from completing a section before moving on. Exploring all the routes and secrets is certainly fun, but with multi-route maps the area boundaries are blurred because the map overlaps and that can cause problems.

@fifth, I was wondering if you were having problems with your demo because the movement felt awkward to me. One thing I liked about your demo was you worked out the SSG shortcut at the beginning of the map, it made me smile. Hope your operation was successful.

@OTP, I knew a couple of people would work out the central lift trick, I saw something like it in Honey and was amazed at how simple but yet cool it was. I liked how you killed the shambler at the top of the building, there was a knight on one side and you on the other and the shambler did not know which way to turn! :D 
SSG Secret 
was something that eluded me in backstein for ages but I remembered it for this map. I also played the map a second time and got the RL secret, you're a cheeky monkey! 
RL Secret 
I am surprised by how few people got the RL in their demo, I though it would be obvious which is why there is no secret trigger. That is why I love mapping with large bricks, there are so many sneaky things you can do with them! 
That is an interesting point, there is a certain pleasure from completing a section before moving on. Exploring all the routes and secrets is certainly fun, but with multi-route maps the area boundaries are blurred because the map overlaps and that can cause problems.

I tried to keep a maze approach (hug the lsft wall) and never got lost per se. I did forget I was holding the silver key at one stage...der! Backtracking was always about making sure I'd finished as much as possible. I was so impressed at being able to come at that shambler from a different direction after I panicked and ran away. The environment was on my siide at next encounter. I still haven't found the last, excuse me while I go play this again...and again :) 
Had fun with this. For work reasons I could only play in 5-10 minute chunks, which didn't help with finding my way around. Enjoy some terrible play at 
This is actually the first map I've ever played twice in a single day. I went back and tried on nightmare mode, just gave up about an hour ago because I had died 4 times in a row mostly from being stupid. I found 2 additional secrets, so I'm up to 8 of 10. I may try again on nightmare, but I'm not a big fan of epic end battles, so if I make it that far I may just stop there.

I have to say though, there does seem to be something about this map that for some reason I have a hard time remembering how to get back to places I've already been. 
Do players really play maps more than once? Is the extra design for different routes and ways to enjoy the map wasted because people only play maps once and think that is it.

I have already replayed this map twice, trying alternate routes each time. Btw, for me, the only really frustrating moment was when I couldn't get to the rocket launcher. In the meantime I have found out how, and slapped my forehead plenty ;-).

That is an interesting point, there is a certain pleasure from completing a section before moving on.

It's not just the pleasure of completing a section, for me it is also about making sure that you don't get any surprises later on. I often retreat backwards while shooting when I hit a nest of enemies, and that doesn't work so well if you haven't killed everything behind you. 
In previous maps I auto-magically (trigger brushes) opened shortcuts for players so if they fell down they can get back. This time I decided to let players open the shortcuts themselves so they can understand where the shortcut is, but you ignored the buttons, why?
I cant remember ignoring a button, except to further have a look around and come back to it. Also, at first I was a little confused about which way the "open shortcut" would work.

I think your maps do have a degree of sameness about them - textures and room sizes/decals dont vary too much - which made me get lost a couple of times. But getting lost is par for the course i think in all 3d shooters.

Halflife 2 is maybe an exception. I'm always finding the routes interesting, but not confusing. Perhaps a mapping sign of excellence ?? 
sorry maybe my comment was misunderstood. It was a poor way of saying I understood that you had done the 'map breaking' deliberately (ie that it wasnt actually map breaking). 
Don't worry I saw the GK door very clearly. I just had no idea how I ended up there from....well the Shambler above the SK door, really! I wanted to make sense of the route I'd taken, and look for more secrets :) 
@mwh, cool thanks for the demo.
@Rick, unfortunately this map is not really designed for NM skill. I would recommend Hard as it has a much better setup and balance.
@SleepwalkR, yeah, I thought the same about the RL when I saw people miss it. I even added a second clue to the next altar but no one connected the two together. There is always a fine line between subtle and obvious for secrets.
@nitin, I can see how people think the setup of enemies facing away from the player is broken but I always liked that setup in Quake.
@Shambler, good, at least I know the texture was alright. :)

I think your maps do have a degree of sameness about them - textures and room sizes/decals dont vary too much
This is a prefab problem, once I find a prefab/style I like I often fall into the problem of copy and paste, the downside of prefabs. I thought this map was better because each area has a theme and the boundaries were more obvious.

Halflife 2 is maybe an exception. I'm always finding the routes interesting, but not confusing. Perhaps a mapping sign of excellence ??
@stevenaaus, Maps worked on by many people always have more unique styles and the chance of more memorable locations. This is why good games companies rotate maps around between people, it keeps them fresh and interesting. 
i played on hard and it was no challenge. final battle was meh, I don't like that kind of painkiller-like g/borefest. worse because of respawning ammo (iirc).

felt the same "oh poop I have enemies showing me their back" moments where I felt disappointment about not playing the map as intended (as I was thinking at that moment). I only read readmes for technical instructions.

loved the secrets I found but they ultimately lead to the feeling I just mentioned.

loved the combat, monsters were very well placed and felt natural. wonderful looks and brushwork as usual. felt lost most of the time though. #41 is spot on. I think I prefer linearity as in having a clear objective (not as in being on rails and being severely limited in a bland story hello halflife2).

demo later.

Looking forward to playing it again (nm!) and finding the secrets.

I think the silent majority of quake players actually replays maps they like a lot. At least that is my impression from when they post something after all. 
Maps worked on by many people always have more unique styles and the chance of more memorable locations.

That does not sound very logical to me, if this is more than just a guess do you have actual examples? Isn't many hands a danger to the most unique or even eccentric design? 
@Spirit, Now I understand why the post at quaddicted is labelled as nice. I am disappointed you don't like the map but I do not have any regrets about wanting to explore the idea of multi-route map design.

That does not sound very logical to me, if this is more than just a guess do you have actual examples? Isn't many hands a danger to the most unique or even eccentric design?
All of the maps for RTCW:ET at Splashdamage were worked on by multiple people. I have found this at all games companies I have worked for. There might be a key designer in charge of a map but this is not an exclusive thing, others will work on it as well. I think it is an excellent idea because the diversity of design ideas can make better maps. 
...found the LG (10/10), and I'm kicking myself because the visual clue (unique sconces) was obvious with hindsight.

kudos Sock! 
The Ogres are rough in this map on Nightmare.

I don't worry too much about "breaking" the map by following odd paths. The first elevator, I naturally jumped back quickly after pressing the button, hopped on the roof and went up instead of down. Arrived at the top to find myself behind a Hell Knight.

In some ways, the shortcuts were maybe less than helpful. Often the shortcut is found before visiting the area that it will take you away from. At this point it doesn't work and I found that to be a little confusing.

Still, a really nice map and not too big, I may give it another run today. 
the rating at quaddicted is meant to be objective, don't read my personal review here into it... 
Here's my first time demo, recorded with DarkPlaces:

Took 21:58, found 4 secrets and got 97 kills. Every time I had lost all armor, I found a new armor :) 
The Shambler Got It In The Arse ! 
>felt the same "oh poop I have enemies showing me their back"
>moments where I felt disappointment about not playing the map as

That's why I like multi-routes maps. I like to surprise the monsters and jump on their back : "Hello you moronic thing, I got you in the ass, dude. Arf arf arf !" Hehehee!

Even if a map is linear, I always rocket-jump to places so I can surprise the monsters and look at their poopin'ass. So fun to electrocute them, with a Quad-dammage ON, and see their head flying to the ceiling (yep, I cheat a lot).

If a map has multi-routes (non-linear map), the monsters could be walking (patroling) around instead of just standing still like a day-dreaming fat ass.

By the way, tonight I'll reply the map using the DMSP mod (adding more monsters and infights). There will be a real Rave party on the whole map. MUAHAHAHA! 

25 minutes, 7/10 secrets Hard skill.

I got sooooooo lost :P Spent about 10 minutes just wandering around looking for what lift/door I didn't go through in order to progress. I could see where I SHOULD have been through grates in some secret areas but couldn't for the life of me work out how to get there :)

Aside from that I had fun with this. Fun combat and fun puzzles as always from Sock. Hard difficulty was never really too hard however, I never really felt much pressure from enemies. Even in the final arena it was fairly easy to survive. 
@Daz, thanks for the demo. Everything was going the right direction up till the point where you had to drop down to the final gold key area and I think I know why.

It is interesting from watching 10+ demo how players do the same things. Even different types of players all do common things and there are several breaking points in the flow. I suspect it is a physiological reason and probably linked to what I said earlier.

In the altar area with the RL there is an archway to the left that goes round a corner to a drop down. Pretty much every demo reaches this point and every players looks at the drop down and I can hear the cogs whirling in their head "oh that is a one way drop down, I wonder if I have missed something, I will come back ..." and that is where everyone just gets lost. Everyone leaves, goes off exploring and then cannot find their way back.

This happens a second time with the gold key area, players see the Quad locked behind bars, want it, forget about the gold key and door and then try to get the Quad. Often falling down or realizing the releasing mechanic is out of reach and then go off exploring trying to find it.

I can see where I went wrong, lesson learned.
* Players hate one way routes
* Players will feel the need to complete areas
* Critical route locations need to be visually obvious how to get back too
* Players will gladly ignore current objectives for worthwhile items

Often these problems are fixed with key/arrow symbols all over the place but I know these can be fixed with subtle level design. 
Ivory With Small Mod Compilation 
i'just finished this jewel with smc and i'm impressed. somebody wrote: "it wasn't a chalange on hard". make no mistake, with smc it's definitely a real chalange. i took me almost 50 minutes to complete this level with 7/10 secretes.
i changed texturemode back to linear_mipmap_linear. don't like pixelated textures... that was by design? why? 
Pixelated Textures Are The Best! 
Seriously though, blurry textures is heresy. Even though I played a lot of 3dfx quake back in the day I like the sharpness of the unblurred textures. 
Pixel Art 
that's matter of personal taste... i use hires textures from qrp and in ivory tower about 80% is replaced with the hi-res ones. the rest is pixelated it looks awfull. at least from my point of view. 
Darn, No DMSP! 
Grrr, apparently, the DMSP mod doesn't work on another mod.

Another game play style I use very often on a second/third/wathever map run is to use noclip to pass through all the walls, just to "awake" all the monsters on the map. I then return to the start point, turn OFF noclip, and run through the map in the default way. Monsters are then often at unpredictable and surprising locations, and several infights may be already occuring at some locations. Hilarious, especially when you notice that some corpses are lying on the ground, and a Shambler walks away in another part of the corridor ! 
Once Again 
a fantastic map from sock!

I really liked the open layout.
The ammount of details are mindblowing.

It's a good thing you have come to quake to map, please continue, let us have more maps in the future.

Everything in this map rocks! I had a lot of fun trying to find secrets and staying alive.

Played at hard and finished with 101/101, 7/10 secrets!

Thank you very much for a fun evening!

why don't you simply remove the .bsp file from the .pak and run DMSP mod through it that way?

I'm fairly sure that Sock uses .pak for his custom models and settings purely for neatness of the releases. I don't think this mod will be anything different from his other releases in this way. 
Warning: random speculation follows.

I think perhaps some of the disorientation that this map inspires comes from not having a 'global' sense of the map, i.e. it's not clear what the overall progression is. Compared to, say, wicked, which was certainly a map I got lost in but it was pretty clear that getting higher up was the goal most of the time. 
Multiple Shortcuts 
I'll pay more attention next time I play it, but it seemed to me that there were multiple "shortcuts" that served the same purpose, just in different places. I didn't see much reason for that. Also, there were what looked like lifts/elevators, but I could never get them to move.

I have a quicksave on nightmare from right before the gold key door, maybe I'll just load that and go look around. 
you can remove the bsp and lit and rund dmsp. The pak files are only there for the custom models and an edited quake.rc that forces the particular GL texture settings sock prefers. 
.pak To .bsp 
On a Mac, how can I extract the .bsp file ?

A long time ago, there was an app (depacker, I think) to extract ressources from the .pak files, but it's no longer working under OS X (Classic isn't supported anymore).

Sock, if possible, I suggest that you also release the BSP version, to give users a choice. 
From The Readme 
"If you want to play the map with *your* original quake settings delete the pak1.pak file. It contains the extra models (items) and the quake.rc file with my recommended engine settings."

You can also extract the BSP from pak0.pak using PakExplorer ( ), I'm looking at it right now, along with its .lit file. 
make a new mod dir, put ivory pak0.pak inside and add the dmsp pak as pak1.pak 
Great Map As Usual 
thanks Sock

1st run shitty demo, skill 3 (fitz085)

Architecture is a top notch, a very sock's style.

i'm just wondering your productivity, it's like your fourth or so map this year 
DMSP Version 

your trick works, but the result is pretty weird. I don't think the DMSP mod works as it should in this case. O well... 
Pixel Rants 
i changed texturemode back to linear_mipmap_linear. don't like pixelated textures... that was by design? why?
@jakub, I have no problems with anyone changing my default or even deleting the pak1.pak file. If someone wants to change it to their liking that is perfectly fine with me.

The new textures in this map were designed to match (pixel density) the existing assets. I designed the visuals in this map to be viewed at original filtering because it maintains a consistent visual theme. I have nothing against HD assets and I certainly don't think Quake should be viewed in low resolution for eternity, but until I see good HD assets I will continue viewing Quake in Pixelvision.

Seriously though, blurry textures is heresy.
No it is not, my preference for pixalated textures is nothing to do with heresy or thinking that Quake should be like the original it is to do with visual harmony and consistency. I believe that when you design a game the pixel resolution is important, if you are going to design something to be HD then everything needs to be HD. Having a mixture of original and poor HD assets is very bad IMHO.

I also think blurry texture filtering is terrible, I love playing Quake at higher resolutions, but I do not like looking at the game with blurry vision! Embrace the crispness of the original art, it is gorgeous!

The pak files are only there for the custom models and an edited quake.rc that forces the particular GL texture settings sock prefers.
I wish you would respect my vision for this map, I designed it to look a certain way. There is nothing forced about my settings, you can delete the pak1.pak file if you want. 
I Think... 
...that I like sock a lot more now. Not that I disliked him before, but those Pixel Rants were glorious, summed up my thoughts. 
@jakub, SMC is an awesome mod for DP, it is good to know that it works with this map.
@Hrimfax, glad you liked it. The map is certainly designed for people to enjoy the details.

it seemed to me that there were multiple "shortcuts" that served the same purpose, just in different places.
@Rick, it is about choices, there are 3 main shortcuts in the map. Demon door at the beginning to get the NG early and surprise a monster. SK bypass via the lift so you can ignore the lower mines. Attic attack to get to the Altar room quickly and pickup RA+SNG.

stop mapping Sock.
@spy, it seems people here want me to map less, probably a good idea! 
Nooooo Please Map More! 
I love your stuff. 
I Like How You Disagree 
and then agree...

Blurry textures in quake have always annoyed me, even in the 3dfx days. I wished that we could have had the sharpness of the unfiltered textures with the speed of 3d acceleration.
I'm only of this opinion with every game up until Quake 2, I don't mind Q2 and beyond having filtered textures as they were designed with this look in mind. But Quake, Doom, Hexen etc I prefer the sharpness of the original art. 
Ran Through It Last Night 
I _think_ I played on Hard, that was what the centerprint suggested, but I was never sure. I might have accidentally triggered the Normal difficulty as I later on got that centerprint (after falling, trying to reach the green armor). I kind of hope I was playing on Normal because I found it a tad easy.

Anyways, DirectQ mucked up the demo, but LordHavoc was so gracious to extract the main gameplay via a hex editor for me, so you can see the actual session here:

100/101 (missed a Knight, was in a rush so I didn't go looking for him, though I could hear him). 5/10 secrets I believe. Got lost some, and by got lost, I didn't have an objective for a while. I knew I needed the gold key, because I could see the gold door, but it took me a long while to find it and have it be blocking my path. That was my only real issue with the map, I didn't have an objective. I found the silver key before I really noticed the silver door, which was long before I could reach the gold door.

That is a lot of negative, but I very much liked it sock. The brushwork was excellent, particularly the damaged steps and bits of stonework cropping out. I also enjoyed the presence of monster_jumps keeping the areas from being flat. The enemies just out of sight that you will catch the attention of during a retreat is also excellent.

I really hope to see more from you, and as for pixel density, I greatly appreciate it. Thank you for that effort. 
The Only Reason People Want You To Stop 
is that the rest of us lazy gits look bad by comparison! 
Personally I love the pixelated textures. I have nothing against the blurry filter but I do love pixels. 
"I wish you would respect my vision for this map, I designed it to look a certain way. There is nothing forced about my settings, you can delete the pak1.pak file if you want. "

I think you misunderstood what I was saying. I was just mentioning to barnak that he could delete the pak1.pak file if he wanted to play this with a mod (DMSP). The 'forces' reference was in relation to the quake.rc doing it (because thats what it does although I should have probably said overrides maybe), not you :) 
Not sure what I did when I came to this point-of-no-return drop down. I think I just dropped haha.

Here's a demo:

Half the time I was drinking my cappuccino, hence long pauses, haha, then the last part is me noclipping around seeing what I missed because there were still 10 enemies left. I only found one simple secret. Kind of feel like I need to replay it because I must have missed quite a bit - that's the problem with having so many secret areas in what is actually a pretty short level anyway. I would have only had a couple secrets, the rest can be part of the playable level, but then I've never been much of a secret hunter.

Like your last one, it was a bit disorientating at times, maybe because the layout goes back on itself so much, almost too much because you stuck to get confused. I did anyway.

On the other hand, the style here is fantastic. I love the darkness, and the texture usage, it's a really unique level actually and definitely goes in the pile of levels to replay every now and again. I like a short blast. The atmosphere reminds me of The Crawling Chaos. And it has a sense of belonging, with the mine, rather than just being random Quake level with no purpose.

The end battle... I'm not a huge fan of the crushing machines, it makes it too easy. Shambler and Vore broke it up, but hell I would put them in at the same time, cause some real chaos. 
10/10 secrets found. I'm starting to understand your clues Sock :) 
Hard Lessons 
That is a lot of negative, but I very much liked it sock.
@scar3crow, no what you said is perfect, the map is actually broken. The primary route to the gold key (overall map objective) is not clearly designed and encourages players to wander around lost, not really a good design.
@Kona, yeah the last battle was a bit of an after thought, I ran out of time and ideas. :/
@distrans, I was hoping this map would break from the usual pattern I use for secrets. I tried to use less demon doors and more variety. I assume it was better this time around as no one has commented.

Thanks everyone for the demo's, I don't plan to watch anymore as most people just seem to be wandering around lost and frustrated. A disappointing release on my part, especially after all the effort I put into creating the broken/organic brushwork. (Any mapper will know how time consuming it is to create that stuff) Some hard lessons learnt with this release that I plan to apply to my next release! 
You're Too Hard On Yourself 
This was a great map. I have played it a bunch of times now and I love the none-linear gameplay. Plus, as a mapper, I hella appreciate the amount of work gone into the design. Even the subtle ground/rock blended textures you used to fake alpha terrain mapping were noticed :)

Nothing wrong with breaking out the comfort zone and making something different! 
this is not 'broken' in any sense of the word! 
I Agree With The Last Two 
You are being awfully hard on yourself, I found this map to be excellent. Architecture, gameplay, lighting, it was all two thumbs up. And truth be told, I don't mind a bit of exploration, I find it adds plenty of replayability to a map, rather than it being just a straight linear path all throughout.

You'll see in my demo, not once did I get lost, or appear to be frustrated. If I'm looking around, it just means I'm appreciating the scenery and brushwork you have accomplished. Ivory Tower gets an A+ from me.

First run demo, hard skill.

Should play back in any engine. 
The Map Is Not Broken 
The players are just dumb. 
a very negke-ish comment :-)

I hope to review this next week and I am super looking forward to it.

Seeing new design ideas in theory, practice and debate is also fascinating. Sock has definitely brought fresh air to the musty vaults of Q1SP. 
Yeah I definitely wouldn't call this a disappointing release sock. While I kinda felt like I was on the verge of being lost, I don't think I ever actually got lost (did I?) and always seemed to be on the correct path. GK and gk door all popped up when they were supposed to.

It's the kind of non-linear map that would be even better on a second playthrough.

Maybe slightly more variety in texturing and a tiny bit more linearity would help in future? But I still loved the architecture and texturing! 
TL;DR Thread 
Basically, this map rocks.

Anyone who gets completely lost is a dome.

Getting a little bit lost is good fun and adds to the atmosphere.

Pixels in Quake suck dick and deleting pak1 should be default. 
Having the start map as a little chunk of the main map was a great touch. 
I think watching first-run demos can mislead and lead to valvefication if you try to cater. I did get lost or at least felt that way but if I had known that the map intended to be very open I guess would have reacted differently. Having a challenge in spatial navigation is not a bad thing. I definitely prefer it to the way HL2 (iirc) or Portal 2 removed any kind of choice.

In your maps everything is so detailed that it can get overwhelming. :D 
Shambler Is 100% Right 
Sock, if you go and make a fully linear map after this, I'll find you and skin you alive! 
Spirit Is Too 
Avoid valvefication in Q1SP. 
Down With That Sort Of Thing 
Looking Forward To This One As Well 
When a mapper goes out of their comfort zone to do something different it's not too much for players to do so as well.

These personal projects in q1 are bathed in personalized touches, if they weren't they'd never get made. Larger, commercialized efforts have all the personal touches removed and blanded away. 
One More Thing 
sock, you wrote earlier that you interpret people "wagging" their mouse as them venting their frustration. I'm not sure if that's true. I think you are reading too much into this, I don't think that this map is overly frustrating. And a bit of frustration is not necessarily a bad thing, because it will give the player a feeling of accomplishment when they finish a map that was hard for them to master. It's certainly more interesting than an easy map where the player moves through a shooting gallery as if on rails. 
"Getting a little bit lost is good fun and adds to the atmosphere."

is what is missing from a lot of modern games and might be why players react the way they do in first run demos. They are just not used to it (anymore). 
Yay For No Hand-holding And Getting Lost 
I don't remember what the last Call of Duty game I bought was called, it was several years ago. I got so pissed off at the stupid brain-dead game play (go here, you are leaving the... etc) that I swore to never buy another game in that series, and I haven't. 
Agreed With All The Others 
Forget Linear 
Exploring is a lost art with Q1SP maps and this was a breath of fresh air! Loved it.

If you need handholding get outside your box and take a chillpill, then go explore!

What I would really love, is if a mapper would make a really close quarters claustrophopic catacombe map..with zombies..yeah lots of zombies! 
Just Played This Again. 
I tried to not get lost, and got more lost than last time. I think I accidentally got on top of the first lift. Of course it still all made perfect sense with a bit of exploring. Really enjoyed it on second replay. Got 10/10 secrets and then died on the very last Shambler by running under a descending crusher. I ROCK. 
Some of my wandering was just sniffing for secrets, hopping up bits of stones. I liked the freeform aspect of the level, but by the time I found the gold door, (not just looking up at it from far below) I was on a quad-SNG rampage. If I had encountered the gold door earlier, the wandering would've been in pursuit of the gold key, rather than "Now where do I go?"

Also, sad times that you didn't check the demo, it was hand-hex-edited by LordHavoc to make it playback correctly. 
deleting pak1 should be default.
Bah, you will miss out on my super dooper models, did anyone check out the new backpack! :)

@FifthElephant, I was wondering if anyone would notice the special texture blends I created. I really miss being able to to do proper texture blending with Quake. I don't think I am too hard on myself, I always want to produce the best map I can and if something is wrong I need to know/accept what is wrong and correct it in the next release.

@Orl, awesome thanks I will check out your demo this weekend.

@negke, if players are stuck then it is a design problem, but I do believe players nowadays are not too struck on exploration.

@Kona, the map is certainly designed for several playthrough's, I don't think you can appreciate every route choice in one session.

@Shambler, I was wondering if anyone noticed the skill selection is the main map but in the past. There are a lot of subtle hints, floor/step changes, building design. I liked the idea because it nicely links to the story, what was the ivory tower before gold!
What did you think of the secrets this time around? You said the last map was not much fun finding secrets, how does this one compare?

@Spirit, I got the impression you did not like the map because of your rating on Quad. This map is certainly not for everyone.

@onetruepurple, my next map is going to be hub style like backstein but with the ability to play sections of it in reverse (via switches)

@ijed, this map is certainly an experiment, but I got some good feedback on what is wrong.

@SleepwalkR, very good point, I never thought of the frustration as way to increase accomplishment. Certainly is why Dark Souls is so good, the challenge.

@nitin, yeah modern games rarely do non-linear layouts because they can be so hit or miss with players. They are really a niche thing.

@ARRgh, glad you liked it! :)

@scar3crow, Don't worry I will check out your demo this weekend, I have downloaded it. :) 
Generally really enjoyed them, I can't rememberr them being that bad in previous maps but they're definitely good in this - good variety.

BTW there is a door in the second mine area i.e. past the SK door, that can't lead anywhere. It's the one I spent a lot of time looking at in my demo after getting the GK. It just backs on to a wall in another room and totally breaks the immersion and now I hate the map. 
Stick the pixels elsewhere and I might play with pak1 next time :P 
I Juste Deleted The Quake.rc In Pak1.pak 
kept the models :) 
Simple Solution .... 
@Shambler, @nitin, Create a file called AUTOEXEC.CFG in the ID1 directory with the following line:


This will *FORCE* quake to always start with non-pixel (blurry) textures. This overrides any QUAKE.RC file regardless if in pak files or not. You can then enjoy Quake how you want.

@Shambler, I am glad you liked the secrets, I wanted them to be more varied and yet follow a specific design with consistent visual clues. 
Too Easy ... 
I love to find secrets in maps and I always hope that they have an useful reward. One idea I had with this map was to boost secret rewards by placing all powerful weapons (SNG,GL,RL,LG) in secrets so that the player got something meaningful for their effort.

I stumbled upon the final fight, which was a bit too easy I thought.
I think the problem with the skill levels is because I always balance maps based on the player not finding any secrets. With all the powerful weapons locked in secrets this caused the skill levels to be limited with no encounter crescendo.

In order to have harder monster combinations the player needs better weapons and I think next time I will go back to the original plan of secrets being early access instead of exclusive weapon locations. 
Not much ot say than to express my gratitude for this awesome map :)

There it goes my first demo with to much alcool :) 
The Trouble With Secrets 
It's hard to figure out what to put in secrets sometimes. I don't like putting good weapons or armor in them, in Quake that doesn't leave much. Some good weapon ammo here and there if it's otherwise limited, extra nails maybe, the good old invis thingy. Your alternate pathway is a good idea, but needs to be planned ahead of time. 
I had a blast. I'd like to play it again and record a demo for you. Might do that tonight. Keep up the good work, sock :) 
Random Thoughts While Sat In Heathrow 
I quite like making 'bad' maps, to get a higher yield of feedback. Maybe 'flawed' is a better description, since calling your own thing bad isn't going to get many people playing it.

Commercial games are geared towards removing all flaws, while indie games focus on the flaws and make them into mechanics. 
Hey Sock,

here's a way to use Quake and your map(s) that I'm sure you wouldn't have expected (damn, I'm revealing what I'm doing in real life !) :

While watching my students doing their exam today, I was replaying your map on my 13" MacBookPro, in front of the classroom. The sound was OFF, of course, and nobody noticed that I was quietly playing Quake.

It was pretty fun to rerun accross the whole map and smashing the monsters. Sine the map is "non-linear", its lifetime is really large.

Also, the map rendering is really beautiful on the 13" screen. 
Quake On A Wall 
Forgot to say that I'll try playing the map using a large wall projector with speakers, in an empty classroom where I work.

The immersion should be amazing. 
Great Fun 
Here's a demo:

I didn't get lost, got 5 secrets and had fun with it. I liked the monsters facing the wrong way thing, although I felt there could have been more ambushes as well.

Here's the textures I mentioned weeks ago (in screenshots thread) and forgot about:

They're all based off the originals and expanded, might come in useful somewhere. 
Here is a collection of 20 demos from Daz, distrans, FifthElephant, Hrimfaxi, ijed, mandel, mfx, orl, onetruepurple, stevenaaus, Scampie, scar, shambler, skacky, SleepwalkR, spirit, spy, trinca and Vondur

Thanks everyone for the chance to see you all play my map. All of the demos I have included should work fine with MarkV (perfect for demo playback) engine, I did not included any RMQ/DS demos.

There are a great variety of play styles in the zip file (47.6Mb) and some interesting observations of what players do when presented with similar situations. As always I have learnt some new tricks and now have a better understanding of what Quake players expect from maps.

PS. I never plan to hide a button under a lift!?! That is so 1997! :P 
I Never Fail 
To check under a lift... 
It's A Trick! 
next sock map, 100% chance of secret button under lift 
Awesome Sock will watch some of this demos :)


Looking forward for your next work 
Ivory Map Play From Custom Gamer On YouTube 
Just to let you guys know that CustomGamer has made an Ivory mod review, on YouTube : 
Custom Gamer... Aka Daz... Aka Custom Derper. 
Just watched a few of those demos in the .zip you compiled. Really glad I did because after 4 playthroughs I still hadn't found the LG, but sleepwalkr did.

The more I play the map the more genius I think it is, there are so many different ways to encounter enemies it's crazy. What I really love though is the amount of work you have put into the beams and struts of the ceilings. 
Did you explain that door in the SK mine area?? It is bugging me... 
@Fifth, I got the impression from the demo's that most people got 5 secrets on their first playthrough which is a good average. I think finding secrets is an awesome game mechanic and I always aim for everyone to find some, but not all of them straight away. I thought this map had a good balance between easy and hard secrets and a better variety.

@Shambler, originally "that door" was connected to the lift behind the wall that went up to the secret upper floor. I found in testing that it was too easy to discover and decided to create a long route instead and put the button below for activation. I left the door there because it was cool wall detail and it seemed a shame to delete because it was not obvious it was just facade. 
Player Focus 
There are several key areas in the map where I tried to focus the players attention in a certain direction so that they notice something important. This involved making sure the player was facing the right way and looking at the right details.

* Down in the first (lower) mines is a broken floor section that shows the gold key door with the gold key in the right window. This is specially setup for the player to be standing at the bottom, facing forward and looking upwards to notice the floors above. This caused all sort of problems for the GK area because the GK door had to be in a certain location and I had to rebuild that area 3 times to make it fit.

* The broken bridge behind the blood pentagram door was designed to be viewed from below. The idea was to hint to the player that there is something interesting far above and worth exploring for. The second door was originally designed to be linked to the final arena but it was unrealistic to connect because of LOS issues.

* The GL secret was designed to get the player to look up and notice the broken floor above with a button to push. The pile of stones in the corner was designed for the player to climb and look up and notice the floor above. Unfortunately the visual language of Quake is totally broken because most players (from the demos) shot at the button. red = shoot only, anything else = touch. 
I Want To See More Secret Entrances Below Lifts 
Idea I tested on a small map once, Vores and a shitload of zombies... gibfest! 
The Mob Has Spoken Sock! 
The Secret Under The Elevator... 
should be a crate 
Secrets should be behind key doors, the actual way to progress should be under the lift. 
Companion Crate 
And episodal secret rune door. 
Under The Lift... 
should be another lift. 
Lifts All The Way Down! 
....if I ever open an editor again I'm going to use that:

Lift "obviously" travels to the open space above the player

Player hits lift button

Player plummets 16 storeys to a very dark place


Methinks a TARDIS icon would be a good addition 
The Tomb of Terror

Written by Robert Holmes
Visual Language Broken? 
I don't think it is Sock, I actually shot the button for the GL secret because why not try? It only costs 1 shell.
My experience from watching the demos was that a lot of people forgot about the secret by the time they reached the button.

My biggest gripe with the map is finding the way to the gold key door was very difficult. Personally I think the gold or silver key doors should be fairly easy but the key should be the objective. I think you got this literally perfect with Midnight Stalker. 
i must've found the quickest routes when i played. perhaps on my next play. 
based upon my first investigation, found 8/10 secrets and didnt watch any demos map is so interconnected wouldnt be suprised if you can skip even more, but getting a weapon on the way helps doing the end, hence no fancy ogregrenadejump:) 
finaly found that bitch!

brb improving that demo :) 
With Quad 
Tronyn Review 
For All With Slow Connection 
@dB_Audio, what do you mean by short? 10, 15 mins? Find any secrets? did you enjoy playing the map?

@Orbs! Finally you show up again at Func! phffff I create a map with loads of shortcuts and you disappear! :P Glad you enjoy the map, will check the demo's later. :)

@OTP/Tronyn, thank you for the review, glad you enjoyed yourself and did not get too lost! :D 
I just assumed that the way I went through the map was the "normal" or "default" way. I don't often read much of the map release threads before reviewing since I want to give my impression upon playing. Even though some of the people on Quaddicted complained it was too nonlinear, I didn't find it confusing, plus I like nonlinear as long as the areas are distinct enough to find your way around, I mean, isn't that why e1m2 and e1m3 are so cool? The style of stuff you do seems to have an unusually close connection to the original Quake. 
The flow of new maps has dimminished that much that i fell for an old demon again. Atlantica, geat game, horrible game(mmmorpg trap). But i did kind of stick to my initial plan to just play one month (you get some free stuff wich last a month) and quitted again

Beside that i did some IRL speedrunning, ran the marathon of amsterdam,well actualy ran the first 25k then my knees exploded and it became a struggle to just finish (took me 5h14 :P)
I just started running in may so it was rpetty short prep, maybe if my knees get stronger il try to improve next year, but atleast i made it:) 
This Is Fantastic! 
Yep, another great map. I liked this one most of your three releases besides ITS. Decidedly old-school, solidly built and painstakingly detailed (thus highly atmospheric) - above all, it plays great and offers enough non-linearity without becoming confusing. Thanks for the great maps sock.

QuakeSpasm 0.85.8 -- skill2 | 23m | 101/101k | 8/10s 
Yet another classic map from sock. Loved it for much the same reasons as Backsteingotik and Zendar, strong visual style/theme, and a interconnecting layout which opens up for several combat approaches and exploration.

My first playthrough demo, skill 3, 32 minutes, 100/101 kills, 10/10 secrets - almost screwed up at the end when the vores appeared, close call

I wander around a bit at the end (again), looking for that last kill - no idea where he could be (bug?), as I'm pretty sure I looked everywhere. 
Noclipped around, it was the knight hidden by a 25-healthpack. 
@Tronyn, E1M2 has a lovely loop layout and certainly my favourite in the Episode 1 for choices of where you can go.

@Orbs, sounds like you are speed runner in RL, sorry to hear about your knees but at least you completed the marathon! :)

@erc, very cool demo, you did not seem to get lost at all! Its funny how everyone looks at the RL on the altar and always thinks it is some crazy trick jump off the item bench to the side.

@kaffikopp, very nice first time skill 3 run. When I was creating this map I did not realize how strict the encounter layout is, very little opportunity for infighting. Each area is very self contained and has no overlapping encounters or monster types. 
Had no problems with the layout, the map took me 16 minutes on hard (seemed quite easy) and I found 4 secrets. Nice design again, although nothing really stood out (the minecart was cool though!). Was it you or someone else who used the crushers in another map as well?

Does not use double grenade jumps or fiend boosts IRL = would not bang. 
Yes You Would 
Admit it. 
@Mikko, I was really suggesting you try Zendar on a hard skill, this map is way too easy. I put all the powerful weapons in secrets and balanced the map based on what was on left out in the open. You still had a couple of hairy moments with fiends and ended the level low on health with the shambler so it was not a total failure on my part. 
Come To Think Of It 
perhaps the one drawback, if such a thing can be said about this map, was that a final-final showdown (perhaps a setpiece in the sewers?) would have made the map even better. but that's just me wishing the map went on longer (lol, "you know what would make this map better? 5 more just like it!") 
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