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New Q1SP: The Ivory Tower
Download Link Readme and Screenshot.

Deep within the Grendal Gorge is the Ivory Tower, a gleaming spire of gold trying to touch the heavens. The map has a skill selection area at the beginning, a chance for time travel and some secrets to keep you wandering around in circles.

This map is made from several brushwork experiments mashed together and features medieval style pickups, some new keys and a couple of powerup models. The textures are mostly from ID and the gameplay is vanilla Quake!

If you want to play the map with your own engine settings check the readme file for further details.

The map was tested with Fitz/QS engines and remember ...
RECORD A DEMO, I want to see how you play the map!
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I'm the first to download it ! :)

No demo from me, since I play like an idiot on steroids (nightmare, God mode, full weaponds, and rocket-jump running ike crazy everywhere). :P 
Yeah ! 
That map is a pure beauty ! Small map, but really superb.

Sock, you're the best, dude !

I've found 7/10 secrets.

Well, like I said, no demo from me, because I really suck at that. I play like an imbecile, and the recording would be extremely boring to others.

Thanks a lot for this jewel. It's now a permanent part of my Quake collection.

It's amazing that this game is still played and supported today, in 2013, with all the modern games out there (they all suck, IMO, and Quake1 and Quake3 are still the best games). 
Love It 
if this is what you can do with scrap experiments, release them all!!

My favorite part design wise has to be the texuring, the different sets go really well together and yet seem consistent and natural.

Layout was a little confusing but nothing that you cant handle after a little bit of wandering around.

Gameplay wise, very fun and creative, I would only say that the end arena crusher style has been used in a few maps by you and is no longer as fresh adn surprising as it was the last few times around. 
you already released it. hahaha! Okay... will dl/ play shortly, and post demo eventually. 
already spoke on screenshot forum about the rad old skool vibe... haven't even delved into this thing, but the story is great! 
already spoke on screenshot forum about the rad old skool vibe... haven't even delved into this thing, but the story is great! 
Fantastic Level! 
Here's my demo. Nightmare skill, 17-ish minutes, 100 kills and 8 secrets. The demo was recorded with FitzQuake 0.85.

This was absolutely fantastic. The layout got me confused a tad at times but other than that it was awesome. Classic Sock level with the traps and all. Overall it wasn't too hard. I got demolished at the first ogre encounter so I restarted, and everything beyond that is completely blind. Oh and the terrain was amazing, especially in the mine area. 
fantastic. Recorded a demo without dying on Hard. 101 kills, 8 secrets also. Not sure how long the playtime was, but I spent quite a while wandering around. Haven't played Quake in a while, so was a bit rusty.
Really enjoyed it, though of course it was in some respects a step down from the epicness of Backstein.
Still, beautiful construction - as expected the old skool charm had me from helloh god that's fucking cheesy... anyway, I'm going to take a cold shower. Demo soon. 
Thanks for this! Just finished the map. Uploaded a demo here:

*Spoilers Follow*

I admit I got lost after the first shambler so it took me about 45 minutes to finish. I must have missed something but I did find 7 secrets because I had to go back and explore.

The only problem I had was that I got a very bad frame rate in the last room when I was looking at the crushing machines in the middle. I was playing with Darkplaces Quake engine.

Thanks again, keep up the good work. 
Not bad at all ... Great quality map.
I got the quad then missed the jump *!)(@, so reloaded game. Didnt die at all, but finale left me with 12/12 health/armour. 

Hard skill, all kills, 7/10 secrets

This map was esp. fun because it kept me guessing about whether or not I'm playing it backwards. I love it when maps allow alternate routes, and this map felt like it had many of those. I rushed it a bit towards the end, I did intend to find all secrets, but them I stumbled upon the final fight, which was a bit too easy I thought.

Good work! 
Got 'im With The Hammer!!! 
Easy skill of course :)

Like SleepwalkR I was especially impressed with being able to come at places from different directions. Very helpful in one instance.

Thanks Sock! 
pro map as usual! nice details and atmosphere and of course gameplay :)
not sure if the demo will play properly for you, sock. it hanged at loading when entering the map after skill change for me. 
Very Nice

I really wanted the rocket launcher I saw, but the map deemed me unworthy. I'll have to play again and find more secrets and kill more dudes! 
Great map, thank you!
Played about 35 minutes and didn't get how to approach RL and where the hell is LG.
Final fight was somewhat expected after gold key door and vores got me there :/ 
@Barnak, thanks for the compliment, why not try the map on easy skill? Why start with all weapons and god mode on?

@nitin, Unfortunately I ran out of time for creating a brand new final arena so I reused elements from my previous maps. It is not exactly the same, I tried to minimize the amount of monsters spawning in and the central columns are removed so that the player needs to rely on the crushers for cover.

@Drew, yeah this map is a different direction from Backstein, it is non-linear, secrets are valuable and there are a lot more variety of spaces to fight in.

@skacky, wow that is awesome, first nightmare demo run! :D I think lots of people are going to get confused and lost because it is not linear but it is a small price to pay for the chance to discover new routes from multiple sessions.

@nullability, someone new I have not seen at Func before, welcome! Yeah this map does not play well with DP, I only recommend Fitz or QS. The getting lost thing is because the flow is not linear, I wanted people to have fun playing the map several times and finding new routes. 
Nice looking map and a great fun sunday morning.

If you watch my demo you will see I lack a sense of direction totally - visiting every room multiple times, passing through them in all directions and having no idea how stuff connects. I get lost in even the most linear of maps so it has nothing to do with this one in particular.

I got the RL by using a nearby slope, at about 15 minutes into the second demo.

Recorded with DirectQ. Missed 1 monster, and 5-6 secrets. I've finally understood the demon face=secret hint since it was discussed in another thread, but it doesn't always help. Easy skill is the skill I play unless otherwise motivated by SDA tables. I restarted the recording once because I accidentally chose normal skill the first time (getting lost in the start map...). And I started a new recording after the level reload for maximum compatibility. 
One thing I was a bit disappointed with is the fact that once you reach the final arena there is no way to go back to the rest of the map. I wanted to grab the RL and the red armor (you'll see that in the demo as I try to get back), but the elevator is activated too soon and you can't get back. 
First Play... Hard Skill 
If you see me completely stop dead it's because I'm using a wireless keyboard and either the battery is low or it doesn't enjoy multiple key presses. I recorded the demo in DirectQ as this is the only engine that works on my surface pro.

I will collect my thoughts and give more feedback later. 
@stevenaaus, In previous maps I auto-magically (trigger brushes) opened shortcuts for players so if they fell down they can get back. This time I decided to let players open the shortcuts themselves so they can understand where the shortcut is, but you ignored the buttons, why?

@SleepwalkR, yeah the final arena is easy if you use the secrets. All the heavy weapons SNG/GL/RL/LG are locked away in secrets or on ledges that need puzzle thinking. The final arena is balanced for SG/SSG/NG only. 
I thought I was playing on hard, I was on normal... 
Final Arena 
Sock, I think the final arena is easy even with only the weapons you mention though, except for the vores. Those could be tough. But otherwise, you just run in a circle and hit the buttons; most of the enemies get squished sooner or later. 
My three year old daughter just walked into the room while I was replaying this map. She points to the screen and says: "Daddy, what are you doing in the study; is that a tunnel?!"

She really likes tunnels. 
@distrans, you are the only person so far that has got the RL the 'easy' way :P I like your ending, nice touch. :)

@Vondur, I thought you would like to play on Hard skill? your demo is normal skill. Looks like you had fun! :D

@Scampie, getting the RL is one of those of the 'oh that is how you get it' moments. You should really play it again, you do realize the SK is completely optional!?! :P

@AAS, someone I have not seen post on func, welcome! Yeah the map is non-linear, getting lost is the price to pay for multiple route maps. Luckily the map is so small it should feel familiar after a while. 
@Mandel, wow that is an impressive way to get the RL but there is a much easier way. There is a clue with the second altar in the chapel next to the GK which you got. I did not get the impression you were lost as much as you said, but were frustrated with the lack of space to move about in.

I think the problem is I am not a speed runner or trick jumper, I don't design maps for these types of game play. This map is cramped, story/location driven and designed for a slow/cautious pace. This map also has non-linear flow and that is a double edged sword with the flip side being, you can get lost. 
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