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New Q1SP: The Ivory Tower
Download Link Readme and Screenshot.

Deep within the Grendal Gorge is the Ivory Tower, a gleaming spire of gold trying to touch the heavens. The map has a skill selection area at the beginning, a chance for time travel and some secrets to keep you wandering around in circles.

This map is made from several brushwork experiments mashed together and features medieval style pickups, some new keys and a couple of powerup models. The textures are mostly from ID and the gameplay is vanilla Quake!

If you want to play the map with your own engine settings check the readme file for further details.

The map was tested with Fitz/QS engines and remember ...
RECORD A DEMO, I want to see how you play the map!
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Secrets should be behind key doors, the actual way to progress should be under the lift. 
Companion Crate 
And episodal secret rune door. 
Under The Lift... 
should be another lift. 
Lifts All The Way Down! 
....if I ever open an editor again I'm going to use that:

Lift "obviously" travels to the open space above the player

Player hits lift button

Player plummets 16 storeys to a very dark place


Methinks a TARDIS icon would be a good addition 
The Tomb of Terror

Written by Robert Holmes
Visual Language Broken? 
I don't think it is Sock, I actually shot the button for the GL secret because why not try? It only costs 1 shell.
My experience from watching the demos was that a lot of people forgot about the secret by the time they reached the button.

My biggest gripe with the map is finding the way to the gold key door was very difficult. Personally I think the gold or silver key doors should be fairly easy but the key should be the objective. I think you got this literally perfect with Midnight Stalker. 
i must've found the quickest routes when i played. perhaps on my next play. 
based upon my first investigation, found 8/10 secrets and didnt watch any demos map is so interconnected wouldnt be suprised if you can skip even more, but getting a weapon on the way helps doing the end, hence no fancy ogregrenadejump:) 
finaly found that bitch!

brb improving that demo :) 
With Quad 
Tronyn Review 
For All With Slow Connection 
@dB_Audio, what do you mean by short? 10, 15 mins? Find any secrets? did you enjoy playing the map?

@Orbs! Finally you show up again at Func! phffff I create a map with loads of shortcuts and you disappear! :P Glad you enjoy the map, will check the demo's later. :)

@OTP/Tronyn, thank you for the review, glad you enjoyed yourself and did not get too lost! :D 
I just assumed that the way I went through the map was the "normal" or "default" way. I don't often read much of the map release threads before reviewing since I want to give my impression upon playing. Even though some of the people on Quaddicted complained it was too nonlinear, I didn't find it confusing, plus I like nonlinear as long as the areas are distinct enough to find your way around, I mean, isn't that why e1m2 and e1m3 are so cool? The style of stuff you do seems to have an unusually close connection to the original Quake. 
The flow of new maps has dimminished that much that i fell for an old demon again. Atlantica, geat game, horrible game(mmmorpg trap). But i did kind of stick to my initial plan to just play one month (you get some free stuff wich last a month) and quitted again

Beside that i did some IRL speedrunning, ran the marathon of amsterdam,well actualy ran the first 25k then my knees exploded and it became a struggle to just finish (took me 5h14 :P)
I just started running in may so it was rpetty short prep, maybe if my knees get stronger il try to improve next year, but atleast i made it:) 
This Is Fantastic! 
Yep, another great map. I liked this one most of your three releases besides ITS. Decidedly old-school, solidly built and painstakingly detailed (thus highly atmospheric) - above all, it plays great and offers enough non-linearity without becoming confusing. Thanks for the great maps sock.

QuakeSpasm 0.85.8 -- skill2 | 23m | 101/101k | 8/10s 
Yet another classic map from sock. Loved it for much the same reasons as Backsteingotik and Zendar, strong visual style/theme, and a interconnecting layout which opens up for several combat approaches and exploration.

My first playthrough demo, skill 3, 32 minutes, 100/101 kills, 10/10 secrets - almost screwed up at the end when the vores appeared, close call

I wander around a bit at the end (again), looking for that last kill - no idea where he could be (bug?), as I'm pretty sure I looked everywhere. 
Noclipped around, it was the knight hidden by a 25-healthpack. 
@Tronyn, E1M2 has a lovely loop layout and certainly my favourite in the Episode 1 for choices of where you can go.

@Orbs, sounds like you are speed runner in RL, sorry to hear about your knees but at least you completed the marathon! :)

@erc, very cool demo, you did not seem to get lost at all! Its funny how everyone looks at the RL on the altar and always thinks it is some crazy trick jump off the item bench to the side.

@kaffikopp, very nice first time skill 3 run. When I was creating this map I did not realize how strict the encounter layout is, very little opportunity for infighting. Each area is very self contained and has no overlapping encounters or monster types. 
Had no problems with the layout, the map took me 16 minutes on hard (seemed quite easy) and I found 4 secrets. Nice design again, although nothing really stood out (the minecart was cool though!). Was it you or someone else who used the crushers in another map as well?

Does not use double grenade jumps or fiend boosts IRL = would not bang. 
Yes You Would 
Admit it. 
@Mikko, I was really suggesting you try Zendar on a hard skill, this map is way too easy. I put all the powerful weapons in secrets and balanced the map based on what was on left out in the open. You still had a couple of hairy moments with fiends and ended the level low on health with the shambler so it was not a total failure on my part. 
Come To Think Of It 
perhaps the one drawback, if such a thing can be said about this map, was that a final-final showdown (perhaps a setpiece in the sewers?) would have made the map even better. but that's just me wishing the map went on longer (lol, "you know what would make this map better? 5 more just like it!") 
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