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Quake Advent Calender
Merry Quakemas everybody!

We're celebrating the season over on Quaddicted with an Advent calender of Quake content every day!

This is a Quake community wide project with several mappers and modders pitching in with a wide range of articles. The first post was written by Spirit and can be found here

Check back on Quaddicted or in this news thread every day to follow the new content!
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Day 1: Spirit (because I Could Find No Willing QW Guy) 
20-30 minutes from now, the grand final of the European Quake League will take place. It's 4-on4 QuakeWorld best-of-5 between Suddendeath and The Viper Squad.

You can spectate with ezQuake (check for the game, then "Watch" and open with ezQuake). Or use the stream at which will have live commentary.

QW 4on4 at this level is incredibly skilled and entertaining. Have fun! 
Today Daz wonders about Androids at 
I still have a copy of that PC Zone disc somewhere, I think. I'll have to have a root around the nostalgia box at the back of my wardrobe later. 
Way Back When... 
simple weapon mods & the like were a big deal. I remember getting lots of weapon mods for Doom/Quake. With only a couple of what would be considered a mod today around (TC's & the like) those were GOLD. :) 
Sounds like Daz could have made good use of this mod back in the day: 
I Have A PC Gamer: October 1997 - Disc 3.7 CD! 
Titled "QAUKE-O-RAMA" The Best Quake ADD-ON's and SHAREWARE.

Sadly, the CD didn't live up to it's own HYPE! Although, at least it included Beyond Belief so not all bad. 
Well... Cool. 
In the early days, before massive HDs, I used to burn my collections of mods and levels and what not to cd. Guess what I called them?


Still have volumes II through V. 
I Got A Couple Of Cd's 
entitled "��� Quake 2001" - back in those days it was a really gem 
Eternal Darkness 
is my treasure of a CD-Rom.
First appearance of Steven Polges reaper bots iirc.
And a homing missile mod! 
If Vondur Was A Woman That Accent Would Give Me A Boner 
It's green and old today with Vondur: 
Whatever happened to Matt Sefton anyway? 
He's collecting guitars and living his life these days. We're friends on Facebook so I see his guitars and random goofiness... :P 
Heh, I was considering doing SPQLH for my entry, glad I didn't.

It was a haven for me, as though I had internet, I was running Windows 3.1, so no winsock.dll for q95.bat. The site, along with QCA, Minion, and QLG, were my home. Willem, pass the word along that his work gave Quake a life for me that has continued to this day please :) 
Yeah The Sefton Sites Were Great 
spq, spq2 and the unreal one too. 
I Wonder Where Day 3 Is... 
day 3 is long online. where are you not seeing it? are you behind a proxy that might be caching (work, uni)? try f5 or ctrl-r. 
is it opengl? is it software? hard to tell, it's QuakeForge: 
How Can You Miss It? 
I'm keeping the Quaddicted page open and refreshing every day. This is awesome, like a trip back to the 90's! :D 
This Is Cool 
Well done 
It's going great. The articles remind me of the first months I started playing Quake (that was a bit late though, in the midst of 2004). Keep up the good work everyone, it's highly appreciated. 
Forgot To Pimp Day 5 
onetrupurple translated a great piece of Polish fan-fiction for us: 
I very much appreciate onetruepurple's efforts there. One thing to note is that at some point that site mirrored the Dank and Scud comic, and their mirror still stands. Just as good as it ever was. 
Is Scampie Being Shy? 
Day 6!

Reminds me of visiting Ramshackle back in the day. (Which reminds me, it would be kind of cool to resurrect that site and save it from its dead-Java-navigation).

I also remember playing a lot of these on the old GGH custom maps server. (Great Green Heron I think?) Especially Clockwork, and efdm9 and other Frib maps. And I still play Spine duels when we have sporadic resurrections of the Shacknews quakeworld server. Good stuff maynard. 
Well, There's Always

Not Ramshackle, but still most of the old great maps 
That's a good page, glad it was saved.

It's also possible to get to a lot of the Ramshackle content thru, either by trawling all the ramshackle/* URLs:*/*

...or by looking at the source of the root page, since it lists the other main pages in the arguments that it fed to its Java navigation widget. Most of the screenshots seem to be lost tho. 
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