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Quake Advent Calender
Merry Quakemas everybody!

We're celebrating the season over on Quaddicted with an Advent calender of Quake content every day!

This is a Quake community wide project with several mappers and modders pitching in with a wide range of articles. The first post was written by Spirit and can be found here

Check back on Quaddicted or in this news thread every day to follow the new content!
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I didn't want to give my myself all the weapons, just some extra ammo 
just use the "give" cheat. not really the point of the map though...

alternatively you can create an .ent file to add items to it. 
Gotta Say 
It's a bunch of great fun. If the production values were kicked up a notch (most notably some weapon skins...), it would be a very fine mod overall. 
For reference

give s <xx> gives xx shells
give r <xx> gives xx rockets
give n <xx> gives xx nails
give c <xx> gives xx cells

largely enough to not "impulse 9"... ;) 
Just a small word to say the Quake Advent Calendar was really an amazing idea ;) 

How does reQuiem deal with widescreen stuff... FOV changes, and proper aspect ratio for console text and HUD elements? I can't download it yet so I was just poking around through the screenshots; didn't see any menu options for those things so perhaps it auto-adjusts them? 
Requiem Seems Pretty Neat 

Need to give it a try... 
It does not automatically adjust the fov but you can scale the hud really nicely (apart from the con_notify lines, those are missing (bug)).

jpl: yeah! more work.than I thought too though. credit needs to go to sock too for the idea. 
Thank You! 
Thank you Spirit (and all the others involved) for organizing the Quake Advent Calender. It has been a most enjoyable 24 days. 
Merry Xmas, and a round of applause to Spirit for actually herding the necessary cats to get the calendar completed. It's a neat cross-section of Quake-itude; please archive it nicely somewhere on Quaddicted. 
Yay Advent Calender!

It owned! Great work on it Spirit and everyone who made entries! Especially me! 
Great work and a round of thanks to everyone involved. Especially Spirit. And Scampie. 
Very Enjoyable 
The highlight for me was Preach's save game hack, I really wasn't expecting something so crazy. It would be fun if mappers could run scripts to load crazy variables like this in their maps... 
The main map of Zendar crashes Requiem for me. 
The main map of Zendar crashes Requiem for me.
This is something that spirit told me about after I had released the map and he was one of the testers! :P

I checked the engine myself and it is failing on a map reload command (without intermission). The error is :
Host_error: cl_parseservermessage: unknown server command o
last cmd was svr_spawnstatic (20)

I tried increasing the memory pool just in case but it still fails. Also the Windows DLLs files (DZLIB, LIBPNG, LIBJPEG) for extra features are missing, the zip file seems to be setup for Linux only....

Also this engine draws fog differently (wow what a surprise) the fog is drawn infront of any skybox textures, so the sky is just foggy, no clouds or moon. 
Requiem Fog... 
is weird.

Having it in front of the skybox shouldn't be an issue as long as the engine assumes that the sky is much further than the brush. But it calculates the sky as being directly where the sky brush is, missing the whole point of what the skybox is there for! (to give the illusion of a distant sky!) 
Awesome Effort, Great Idea 
I am finally testing reQuiem on Windows and the sheer crappiness of my packaging dawns on me. Sorry for doing such a poor job, I will release a properly playable and complete bundle soonish. 
needs a proper resolution selection thing with correct aspect ratios and stuff. Also, I'm not a huge fan of having a "back" key just for menus, IMO escape should back you out of each screen. 
Yeah, that rarely seems useful. You can rebind it in the menu. I will make the next release have nicer defaults including always run, mouse look etc.

A proper video menu (and managing those settings in the config) would rock. Stupid Carmack should have been less lazy with glquake... 
has an interesting lighting system. Seems a bit smoother than other engines too. And the light from rockets and stuff doesnt seem to penetrate right through the brushes on opposite sides of the wall. 
reQuiem lets you choose 4 different lighting presets, i think the Overbright one emulates Fitzquake.

For me things still shine through walls partly, fire a rocket on start.bsp into a corridor and look into a different one. For me the light does not show on vertical walls but still on the horizontal ones. 
I made a better zip with hopefully most of the DLLs and assets (zlib dll is still missing).
It is meant for testing so it would be ace if people would give it a try. The release will have some saner defaults and hopefully some more bugfixes (johnny law is helping tremendously!). 
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