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Doom's 20th Anniversary
We should all take a moment and celebrate the twentieth birthday of one of the most controversial, bloody, and downright funnest games ever to grace the gaming world.

We love you Doom! Here's to twenty more years!
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Quite long Metafilter post about it, with lots of additional links.

Click for more! 
Happy Birthday !!! 
It's nice to see ex id software staff pay homage to the old girl but I'm seriously disappointed in the lack of anything official from id software.

They should have released a 20th anniversary wad or something. ;) 
Doom's "old" Days... 
Back in 1993, I remember copying the game on five 3" diskettes, and installing it onto my parent's computer... My desperate Mom never looked me the same after seeing me playing while listening death metal.. :)
First feeling was "brutal"... and impressed by the pseudo 3D (while I played Wolfenstein already)... and immersion... Same feeling with Doom2 and Doom3 later, jumping on y chair on each creepy sounds...
I guess while past the brutality of the game serie, past the first "massacres", the ambiance hit me. The ambiance has always been the key in Doom series... and apart from Quake, I never recovered Doom ambiance in any other game I played so far... anyway...
Happy Birthday again !!! 
DooM <-> WooD 
I remember getting the print/magazine shareware version which was just a very thin booklet with a floppy attached. Much amaze. Probably still got it in a stash somewhere. 
Great game, and still going (fairly) strong in terms of custom content and community. No wonder really, the gameplay and balance is largely unmatched by other games even to this day. Good fun.

rebb suggested a func/#tf deathmatch and/or coop event to celebrate the anniversary. Possibly even Custom Gamer-streamed? I'm all for it! 
Doom was the game that got me started mapping. I can still remember my first room - me and a shotgun and 3 imps and I couldn't move because the ceiling was only 8 units above the ground :) But I got it all figured out eventually. 
Same here Rick. Can't remember the first map I made, but I do kind of remember the second. It was some sort of laboratory or something. Fun times. It's long lost now though.

I never even came close to ever finishing the game, I think I preferred mapping lol. 
Off Topic But... 
Kona, just wanted to thank you for your review site, that's how I found out about Ubersoldier and Timeshift, both games I really enjoyed.

Have you tried Vivisector by action Forms and Singularity by Raven? I think you would enjoy them. 
Doom Guy's Mind 
yhe1 thanks mate. I'm actually rebuilding the site, making it all cms based and focusing it much more on game reviews instead of myself and my old quake levels. no one cares about those anymore haha. so it'll be more like a proper game review portal with reviews and updates showing on the homepage and all that.
gonna start adding adventures games as well.

only thing is it's going to take me a couple fucking days to re-add all the reviews, there's almost 300 (including all the old q1/q2/q3/hl stuff). i'm gonna do it over xmas hopefully while i'm bored on holiday. oh and finally I can do full size screenshots!

Singularity - not yet. it's 2010 i'm still only halfway through all the 2009 games. it's on my list though (raven games will always be on my list). actually i'll have to create a page with a list of all the games on my to do list, it's probably quite useful for the action gamer, even good rpgs. nothing gets past me unless it's utter shit. there's 150 games just for 2010, 11 and 12, all ranked by metascore. i play them in order worst to best.

re vivisector, i remember the name but i decided to skip it. not sure why, it's looks a bit crap but not that bad. maybe I couldn't find a copy of it or something. I didn't play absolutely in the 2000s, but from about 2008 on all games look decent enough that i don't skip anything now at least when it comes to third/first person. I can't stand point and click or real time strategy type shit.

now that i'm up to 2009 i'm actually finding even the poorer rated games are quite good.

so far for 2009, if you missed necrovision, bionic commando, call of juarez and maybe even avatar (for the design), they've all seemed to be underated and definitely worth playing. 
You should definitely go back and try Vivisector, you can find a copy on the iso zone. A blend of far cry, painkiller, and serious sam. 
But but... furries? 
Happy Anniversary 
I am thankful for the memories that this game brought me. No, I did not played this in my youth(Serious Sam was my VERY first fps gameplay). My cherished childhood memories of this, is sitting beside my dad, watching him play it on most nights. Looking back at it now, it seems that it kind off became our "bedtime story" session. "Chapter One: RIP N' TEAR!" :D 
Sound Off On Source Ports 
What's your favorite? Mine is currently Risen 3D.

Ease of download (the content is all on one page unlike my previous favorite Doomsday)
Ease of use (the front end is about as simple as it gets)
MD2 models (if you choose to use them)
Some very nice custom content (that Egyptian themed one is very good)
Kept updated and minor bugs ironed out (what little are left)

Not all of the more recent pwads are supported (mostly some GZDoom ones)
Some of the custom content (the temple themed one especially) is hard on older PC's 
if you guys want to play some classic styled maps, visions of eternity is a pretty neat episode for zoom [that uses doom1] - lots of action too.

i can't believe i'm still playing doom after all years though. more so than quake! muahahahaha :) 
Source Ports 
I just use GZDoom. Easy to use and very light, and can read pretty much every WAD out there. 
I'd really like to create an equivalent of Sunder in Quake... someday. If you haven't played it yet you should. 
RE: GZDoom 
I do have it installed and use it play Strife (I also have Doomsday installed just for Hexan but it's pre-Snowberry which works just fine for that game) but they both are missing what I consider one of the biggest draws of Risen 3d, namely the ease of downloading and installing a full blown modern rendering of the game (especially finding the "extra" resources like 3d models). Risen 3D is simply more matured in that respect.

Sure it's mostly just eye candy but it easily reverts back to old school doom sprites and lighting if you want it to and (in my opinion) it adds a new visual dimension to an older classic game while losing none of the atmosphere as long as you don't go all out with the bling.

Engines like that are most likely to draw in younger players who would otherwise look at the outdated sprites and give an otherwise great game a pass.

For example GZDoom supports models but there is no repository out there to go and get them, you need to go hunt them down piecemeal and hope for the best. 
RE: Sunder 
Quake simply can't handle the load of that many enemies coming at you all at once. Even the latest engines would strain under that type of load. The cache for them has been increased but the rendering just can't handle it. The way levels are rendered is completely different which makes for a big hit on model rendering. Go ahead and make a simple 1 room box map with the player up and out of the way on a raised area, then put in 100 knights visible at once and see what happens.

The next closest engine for that number of enemies all at once is probably the Serious Engine which was done with that in mind (with a noticeable hit in "Structural" details, which leads to less atmosphere IMO). 
I mostly use GZDoom because of its relative faithfulness to the original version, that and all the options available so you can truly configure it the way you want. I remember playing Heretic with Doosmday though.

I mainly meant "equivalent of Sunder" as maps with a crapload of monsters and with big, hostile architecture. I know that Quake can't handle hundreds and hundreds of enemies at once. The closest thing there is to Sunder in Quake is Warpspasm and some of Tronyn's maps so far, especially Roman. 
Risen3D does that as well and doesn't require the user to delve into the config file to add or remove anything. With a couple of checking\unchecking clicks in some very clearly labeled boxes in the front end and you can go from the classic, controls, lighting and sprites to MLook, WASD, OpenGL and models (which as I said was much easier to get to than GZDooms scattergun approach to making resources available to the more casual user).

It's that difference which made me pick Risen3D as my top pick for a source port. I don't dislike GZDoom, I just find it less user friendly by comparison. 
By the way, here are this year's Cacowards: 
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