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New Q1SP, Nyarlathotep
Hi everyone, for those who missed it, I recently released a Q1SP map through the Quaddicted Christmas calendar. It's called "Nyarlathotep" and can be downloaded at:

Screenshot here:

There are two maps, nyar.bsp, which should be playable in any engine as it's normal format, but the second map nyar2 is in bsp2 format like my last map Something Wicked (these maps require the latest version of drake, included with Something Wicked), and thus is only playable in bsp2-supported engines like RMQ, DarkPlaces and FTEQW.

The maps have low gravity and the first one in particular is unusual/experimental so some people will undoubtedly hate it, yet the second map is more normal and includes some weapons at the start. Merry xmas!
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Heard About This Map In The Quake Advent Callender. 
Gotta say,very well done map! 
Wonderfully strange and gory map. :) 
Needs More Enemies 
I feel like these maps have the most interesting design I've seen in Quake in a while. I really enjoyed them both, with a slight preference towards the second one. I really loved how messy it was with the Droles inside the pyramid. 
"first one in particular is unusual/experimental so some people will undoubtedly hate it"

No, people will hate it because it's badly balanced. The unusual/experimental aspect is great. 
but ALL of my maps are badly balanced, lol.

Originally the player was only given the chainsaw, the wand (which can gib zombies when it's charged up) and a lot of health for about the first 2/3 of the map. I'm pretty sure someone would have hunted me down and killed me in real life if I released the map like that; I tried to throw players a bone by giving the GL, plasma, and lots of powerups. But still, I can see how it might be annoying to be attacked by hordes of low-gravity, long-range zombies which are normally a relatively weak enemy. 
mr. T. what the status of your merger projekt?

And could someone point me the latest stable engine to handle that pak

i'm assuming the quakeforge engine can run it and doesn't crush? 
Great Fun 
was the 2nd map already in the advent calender release? if so missed it,having good fun on that one. Just shaved of another second on the run, but hmm stil want to try some more. already did 3 (slightly)different routes 
Yes Great Fun Maps! 
Very well done too!
Thanks Tronyn, the fun was sometimes so hard, it was annoying:)
Especially the first map...Man, i think i did like 300 tries(2.5 hours!)
But it was worth it. Visual candy at least for me, 2nd map is even moreawesome quakey architecture from another dimension.
This rocks! 
got it down by 3 more sec, still a bit to much airtime, but you can get that DQSWJ* much higher even

DQSWJ? I think thats a first! :) 
nice demo! double quad jump ftw.
I was hoping the one imp at the very end might be quick and stealthy enough to kill a few people. I still remember the one rottweiler almost killing me at the end of one of Willem's maps and laughing at that.

As for the merger project, it will almost certainly be done in the first half of next year, hopefully by the end of March even. I don't have as much time these days but even so there's not a lot of work left. 
Can't Play It With QuakeSpasm 
&%$#* ! QuakeSpasm isn't supporting bsp2 ! WTF ! 
I Actually Thought The Balance In The 1st Map Was Great 
on skill 2. Died once at the start, before I 'got' what the map was about. Then adjusted accordingly.
Was all fucked up with the GL though, wasted so many rockets with it!
Also didn't realize the 2nd map was included so drained all my ammo at the end of the 1st map. Was a rough start!

And a rough finish. Think I died like 10 times before finally scraping through that final fight!
Awesome as usual though... Just gotta go in with the right attitude knowing its a Tronyn map.
Sorry no demoes because I assumed it would just be a little TM style tossed off thing. Shit, maybe for you it is... Anyways dumb assumption considering your output generally!
Nyarlothesque would be a good SM theme, also... 
was looking for secrets to maybe attempt full sloppy i missed this shortcut. the boost took me a while quite a hard angle

Need To Play The Second Map Proper. 
but I struggle getting anything other than Fitz and DirectQ to work on my surface.

The first map is worlds better than it was in the Beta. Oh god, no teleporters and only the chainsaw and the fucking wand, Tronyn you are loco ese. I managed to complete it on my second attempt, I didn't even finish it in the beta without using noclip and god mode. 
Meh Always Thelast One 
6/7 secrets found, darkplaces doesnt noclip around as nice as other clients :P

in order of play


anyone found number 7 and could give a subtle hint?:) 
Ahh A Good Old Typo 
still no htttp protocol? Damn internet development is slow 
TRying to play this with the latest version of RemakeQuake, how do I get rid of all the blurring effects (including in monster movement) and the glow around monster attacks??

I can't find the command line: r_lookfuckingawful "0" .... 
r_motionblur "0"
r_colored_dynamic_light "0"
r_colored_dynamic_light_mflash "0"
r_show_coronas "0"

Now how the fuck do I disable interpolation? 
Why Would You Disable Interpolation? 
The one thing that quake needs is smooth enemy animation. 
Also, Thought I Should Elaborate 
onetruepurple Registered, rated this a 2
I'm sorry, but I legitimately hated it.

The theme was not so much "wasted" as "completely misused", since getting constantly shot by z-aware zombies with projectiles rendered barely visible with the setting, while navigating the player *and* grenades is severely handicapped, with a radically limited number of medkits, is the epitome of bullshit. 
Why Would You Disable Interpolation?

How the fuck is this even a question? Am I not allowed to have a preference? 
Take A Chill Pill Bill. 
I was curious as to why anyone would disable a genuinely good feature. Ok, fine it's a preference. But still, isn't it distracting that it looks like a really poor stop motion animation? 
Meh To Much Hate 
that grenadelauncher almost becomes like a rl if you get used to the settings, you just have to aim slightly below the target Besides that, the crossbow is good to 
Otp Is An Angry Little Boy 
Did scampie interpolate his mom or something?? 
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