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Speedmap Session 173
Theme: Quake The Way Id Did

It's nostalgia time!!!

Four maps this time, by Digs, DOOMer, Skacky and myself.


Download link:
1 Out Of 4 Four Isn't Too Bad. 
I felt only Skacky nailed the theme. The rest feel more like Doom maps, like Sandy Petersen style Doom maps. :P

Coce, no offence bud but I had to quit out of your map after I pretty much killed everything and got everything and I just got completely lost in your rat maze. I wandered around for like 15 minutes! 
What a lovely little map. Straight out of Ep3 and very neatly done. I'd have liked more of a challenge at the end - some more monsters when backtracking would have been good too.

I also like Digs "Quake The Way Id Would Have Done It If They Had Been Smoking A Lot Of Crack" ;) 
More Like SM173 - Unthemed 
Since nobody got the theme right.

skacky came the closest so he's the one getting a demo
Ahhh My Fix 
got rest of the day off just what i needed! 
Shouldn't Be Your Only Fix 
didn't Sock say he was releasing soon too? First map in my "quake like id did" episode is complete and I'm not sure if I should be releasing everytime it's done or once the whole thing is complete. 

nice maps!

liked skackys best for atmosphere, digs for gameplay 
Nice Demos Y'all! 
I especially liked Orbs' speedrun. I also noticed I forgot to extend the lava under the small elevator leading to the silver key room, woops.

I haven't played Cocerello's yet but it reminds me of the first level in Abyss of Pandemonium for some reason. 
I noticed some errors in my map that affect gameplay.

- The map needs to played in Quoth: i used without noticing the quoth.fgd and used the hell_knights from that mod. Some triggers and doors doesn't make any sense without them, so please, use Quoth.

- The button for the elevator after the GK door is just besides it, just 32-64 units from it. Sorry it isn't properly lit.

- Third: if someone doesn't know how to continue. When you get to the corridor with some stairs going down and others going up. if you go up, you'll find the GK,if you go down the SK.

I'm sorry for the inconveniences. I hope you can enjoy it now. 
I don't have a problem with your comment, it could be considered even a compliment, if i had been done the map the way i wanted. I wanted to do a Id map with good interconnected layout and lots of verticality in combat, like in e4m1, but i ended up making a 2D map, with a weird mix of e2m2, e2m3, e2m7, e4m1, e4m7, r2m7 and Rubicon, with only two ways to go to the main room (the one with the health packs on the middle and the portal on top of you), and the rest are side ways just for explore, like the way to the upper part of the begining, the YA room, or the SK room and door.

I suppose that your problem can be fixed if you take a look at the second and third points in my previous post and ''SPOILER'' to the GK (only for FifhtElephant) (it is on the closet on the stairs to the GA). The map is meant for explore, and it should be more obvious, sorry.

If you want, i can upload a demo to show you the way. 
I never meant it to be mean. The other 3 maps seem very "Sandy Petersen". I did get very lost in your map though and that was either because of the Quoth requirement (I played it in vanilla quake), or because it could have done with a few more lights. 
And, at last, here they are.

It is a pity, but I forgot to play them in nightmare to see if they have support for difficulties like mine.

*Digs: way better than it seemed at the beginning, the indoor parts were ''Id-ish'' but all of it is nice, maybe except the shalrath. The part with the trees surprised me a lot, it reminded me of platforming games.

*DOOMer: Quite good, provided some minues of fun.
Is ''ID-ish'' in brushwork, but not in combat (hordes with the same monsters, and combat situations) and layout (side areas), but those two parts are good too. I expected something in the water in the SNG room, and it left me disappointed when i couldn't find a single box.

Even with that many monsters, i don't know why, but it felt a bit empty, maybe adding more colors to the textures choice (light textures for example), avoiding doing repetitive lighting like I wrongly used in half of my speedmap, and more variation to the combats could fix that.

Keep on the good work.

*Skacky: very good, nicely planned combat situations, good brushwork that feels at the right place and good lighting. You nailed the runic theme a lot.
My only complaints could be the use of zombies, and the size of the GK door, even more considering the shamblers, a different access to that room could be better too. It is a bit anticlimax.

It felt very ''Id-ish'' as a whole, but after playing it and analizing it, some minor things don't feel that much iD-ish, not only the lighting and the brushwork, but even some combats.

I am looking forward to your full release of this map. Good luck!

*Orbs: thanks for your speed-run demo.
I'm happy that it seems that this map was more to your tastes than the previous one, this one has wider corridors for you to play your way. It is a pity that you couldn't play it with the hell_knights on, but it was hilarious to see how high you could get with a single grenade, at first i though you were going to that room because you thought you needed the GA for the fight after the GK.
By the way, what are you using for the countdown for the grenade?

*Skacky, i hope you enjoy the map. I don't know why it makes you remember Abyss of Pandemonium, maybe it is the colors and the blockiness of the rooms.

*Fifht, calm down, maybe my words were misleading, but it isn't like you think.

- I never thought that you or your words were mean.

- I agree with you about the three of them being ''doomish'', even though i'm doubting about thinking the same for digs one.

- In my previous post i was only answering you about you getting lost, not about the maps being ''doomish'' or like ''Sandy Peteresen''.

- You getting lost is my fault, for releasing a map with so much hurry. That's why i gave out those two tips besides the Quoth advice, for you and for everyone to enjoy it.

I hope this solves the misunderstanding and you continue to say what it is in your mind with total freedom. 
No Demos 
because I suck

The maps don't though. Had a lot of fun with these - particularly Digs' offering, creative as always!
I actually refrained from playing Skacky's SM since I want it to be a surprise when he makes it into his official 1st release.
Thanks for coming out and contributing and stuff! 
Aewsome maps!

skacky very pretty map, died in that trap but recorded another demo.

Digs gameplay was fun as usually

Loved Coce and doomer maps but werent as fun as the other two!

Thanks gays and Happy New Year

First demos im attachment 
*thanks guys dahhh :( 
Thanks for demos and Happy New Year! 
I was not expecting this. Thanks for the christmas present, Trinca, I'm really thankful for that.

While watching the demo, I saw several flaws in there, most of them i knew already (like on how the alternative way to the main room should lead directly to that room, instead of going first to the corridor to the GK and SK, so the player see first the objective (door) and later the way to get to it(key)), but there was some new ones (like the behaviour of some closets and the junping ogre).

By the way, i noticed the weird behaviour of the first two dogs and that it happens too in Doomer's map. ´┐ŻAny idea on why it happens? I got curious. 
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