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Jackhammer 1.0 Public Alpha - New Level Editor
Jackhammer is a brand new level editor for games with a quake-style BSP architecture. The aim is to develop a convenient cross-platform tool capable of incorporating the best features of existing editors, such as Valve Hammer Editor, Q3Radiant and others. Despite Quake and Half-Life having been released a long time ago, the large community have arisen around, still developing mods and games on their bases. However the existing editors suffer from fundamental disadvantages their users are well familiar with. Jackhammer does aspire to be the universal level design tool for classic games. But not only the classics! The editor shall become a key development tool for the Volatile3D II engine, that is why its second name is Volatile Development Kit.

Jackhammer is being developed since August 2013, that means the editor is very young. But the team of professional programmers and testers is ready to present the public alpha within four months. Despite not all the functions being implemented, not all the planned games being supported and only a small extent of the new ideas being realized, today you are able to download, install and evaluate Jackhammer in action. Please don't forget that alpha is the first, quite a raw version, and may contain some issues. We are interested in a vast testing of the editor and grateful in advance for your comments and suggestions! In addition, you can provide Jackhammer with financial support, donating funds for the further development.

This version supports Quake, Quake II and Half-life.

Web page

DOWNLOAD - Win32 now, Linux in future.

Quoth FGD for Jackhammer

Screen #1 Screen #2 Screen #3
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Great to see more level editors with support for Quake. Are there any plans for a source release? 
I'll have to give it a whirl at some point. Not sure I can go back to 2d view mapping since TB, but I'm sure I could still find uses for it. :) 
it's awesome indeed. also cool to see russian fellow here ;) 
Out of curiosity: what's your goal for that engine you're working on? Anything beyond that Wolf3D reboot (Wolfram)? 
wow, wasn't expecting to see a new editor! From screenshots, looks like it is meant to emulate WC/Hammer?
I'm glad that WC users now have a modern alternative that they will be comfortable with and they don't need to fiddle with to get working on modern machines. 
Rip Worldcraft 3.3 
this must be the modern edition of worldcraft/hammer 
> Are there any plans for a source release?
Yes, GPL in future
> cool to see russian fellow here
allways here )
> what's your goal for that engine
DeusEx-like game at first
> looks like it is meant to emulate WC/Hammer?
yes, some ways 
Does it keep compatibility between WC/Radiant?
Kind of a big deal in some mods. 
I mean, on RMQ there were a lot of headaches because one half used WC and the other Radiant and conversions were often necessary.
And this looks like a modern WC, so... 
> Does it keep compatibility between WC/Radiant?
You can import an radiant .map to jh. Jh exports .map too, but in fact it is version 220, e.g. half-life .map with extended texture mapping data (like in wc 3.3 and higher) and radiant can't read it.

You can use my old tool to convert map v.220 to q3 map (with texture mapping bugs sometimes) 
Cannot Find How To Manipulate Camera 
in wc/hammer you could place a lot of cameras to viewing various parts of the level

is there a similar feature in JC? (if there's now such feature, i'd like to see it in the future version)

And how to hide entities? it seems that func is broken 
Nice Work 
Quake editor with Android support for tablete when? :) 
I wasn't talking about Q1/Q3 but about WC .map vs Radiant .map

Same file type, same use case, different format... makes collaborating a pain 
2D Window Pan 
Hi, very slick editor so far (using it for Half-Life). First suggestion: add the ability to pan / scroll the 2D windows by holding space and click-dragging with the mouse. Hammer works this way and I'm so used to it, it'd be a great addition. Thanks. 
Press the middle mouse button and drag a 2D view. 
Man, a modern worldcraft makes me giddy. But just to be clear, any .map export is half-life .map format, meaning whatever compile utils I use have to support it? 
Seriously Geeking Out Right Now!!! 

What a great Christmas present! I love it.

3D Viewport seems a little slow sometimes and SHIFT+Q is now CTRL+Q (or ESC which is nice), but other than that this is exactly what I have been constantly watching for for the past 10 years. I started mapping with Worldcraft 1.6 shareware version. I then started using Hammer for HL2 later. Needless to say WC/Hammer IS my mapping. If this can continue to grow and beat Hammer and WC3.3 out, this will quickly become my editor of choice. Hands down.

Okay I think I'm done freaking out now. :D 
I Could Never Get Into Radiant So 
I've been using Jackhammer as a substitute for Hammer, it's really great and slick but I've noticed a bunch of issues/nitpicks:

- You can't move around in the 2D views with the arrow keys anymore;
- The sensitivity when resizing brushes/selection brushes and going out of the window in the 2D views in WAY too high;
- For some reason all of the vertices on Q1 .map format files are slightly off-grid, this is nasty and causes a lot of invalid solid structures.

Keep up the good work! 
Coolest New Feature So Far... 
Brush merge. Tools->Merge (CTRL+SHIFT+M)

Sloppy work? Clean it up with brush merge! The perfectionist within me loves this!

Also, did I mention that my name is actually Jack. And this is my new hammer!

Beware, entities that aren't in the fgd file aren't parsed for targetnames and will generate unmatched 'target' field errors in the Check for Problems (ALT+P) function.

Still, looking forward to all the possibilities with this new editor. Love it! Ooh, just think we might be able to remap keyboard shortcuts someday! 
From Russia With Love 
updated to version 1.0.133, the same download link 
I Am A Very Happy Camper 
This is fantastic, a modernized version of Worldcraft without all the hoops to go through to get it working for Quake. I've always mapped with Worldcraft ever since the beginning, and seeing this is truly a very pleasant surprise.

It's fast, it has new features, and it keeps the user interface and shortcuts of Worldcraft the same for easy transition. If you were to add a texture brightness scale (since the textures appear too dark in the 3d view) this will become my permanent map editor, and you will have my support :) 
Grid Offset Editing 
If you haven't noticed yet, when resizing brushes, if you attempt to resize on a grid size larger than where the brush's edge lies (say grid at 16 with an 8x8 brush), then dragging the edge will move it in 16 unit increments rather than snapping it to the current grid size.

While this is great, it would be nice to have a toggle for this similar to the way texture lock works (Increment Lock?). 
Can't Close Texture Application Window 
SHIFT+A doesn't make the texture application window go away when that window has focus (i.e. just entered a value). You have to click on the main window and then you can hit SHIFT+A to close the pop-up window. Also, this same bug prevents you from just pressing "Z" to move the camera view unless you, again, click on the main window. 
Version 1.0.155 Is Out (Windows+Linux) 
- Windows version upgraded to Qt 4.8.5 (Linux version uses Qt 4.8.1).
- Decal casting and rendition.
- Compile in Expert Mode.
- Face splitting by Ctrl+F in Vertex Manipulation mode.
- General texture brightness setting.
- Smooth slope option in Arch tool.
- Digits now scale at viewport's center, not zero coords (i.e. Hammer-like).
- Texture window keeps aspect and doesn't fit small textures.
- Align to view for all the selected brushes/faces (Ctrl+Shift+A or a corresponding item in Tools menu).
- Seamless texturing optimized.
- Alt+RMB analogue is Ctrl+Shift+RMB (Alt is reserved by Ubuntu).
- The same is for texture moving by mouse using Alt+LMB+move (Ctrl+Shift+LMB+move).
- Keep old configs option in the installer (however now it is recommended to overwrite them and setup from scratch!).
- Window with a list of hot keys and their corresponding commands in the Help menu.
- HUGE amount of bug fixed and improvements.

And finally a native Linux version! (hell yeah) 
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