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Worst Quake Maps/mods Of All Time
What shitty map or mod can you find? I found this:
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beaches indeed holds a special place in hell. along with this:

there are much better perceived maps out there that i've enjoyed less, though 
Here's A Good Compilation 
ATF had a couple of nice moments i thought.

Xmen is easily the best looking god-awful mod i've seen. Yah... Alien was desperately bad too. 
Yeah ATF wasn't that bad, and X-Men had some quite cool enemies in it. Those maps from hell screenshots look awful though. 
And SleepwalkR won. Oof. 
i attempted playing all of those with bots many years ago. bulka was actually kinda fun :p 
These Might Not Count, But: 
The theme of SM49 was "Crappy Maps" -- people made intentioanlly bad maps. 
actually probably the sm series qualifies as worst maps of the current generation, post 2000. ignoring that they're speedmaps. 
I'm surprised nobody has mentioned scampsp1 yet. 
What Was That One 
where you drop the soap in the shower and get buggered by shambler?

That was an instant classic. 
how did I miss that? that doesn't belong in this thread, that is the greatest map ever made. 
fair enough, but I'd suggest that it does make for a more interesting discussion that "what fullbright boxes from 1996 can we dig up"? ;) 
There was a map posted on this forum a few years ago called something like 'the worst quake 1'. You start a cage surrounded by fiends and there was a message like 'oh noes, teh fiends have invaded teh wharehouse' 
Thanks for the laughs.

Also, watch it till the death sound for full enjoyment. 
Remake Quake 
2nd Demo version. 
I Think I Can Help 
Sham You Fucktard 
You got the demo number wrong! 
I think remake quake was pretty cool, screw the haterZ 
I Think.... 
You'd talk more sense if you took the cock out of your mouth.

RMQ started great, they had some great ideas and a few rubbish ones, and somehow let the rubbish ones take precendence and swamp the rest. Maybe not the worst ever, but one of the biggest wastes of potential. 
Whoa There Shams 
What do you have against Remake Quake? 
Not Ananke 
that's a good map

I wanted to put this one. 
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