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42 Maps And A Mod At ..::LvL
Both a small and a large update at ..::LvL. Only three new listings but included are 42 maps and a mod.

* Ziggurat Tomb by sst13
* Alliance CTF Map Pack 1 by Various
* Alliance CTF Map Pack 2 by Various

Video and panorama only for Ziggurat Tomb, however there is a screenshot for every level in the map packs.

The Alliance mod is not required for the map packs, but is well worth checking out.

..::LvL -
Love the looks of Ziggurat Tomb! 
How do you make those panoramas BTW? 
Some Info Here... 
There is some info here - - on how to make the panoramas. At comment #6 is a link to the basic mod I use (not much more than a .cfg really).

Basically, take 120 screenshots at 3 degrees different each time in r_mode 4. Then cut and merge the middle 20 pixels of each screenshot.

I'm now using Linux instead of Windows and I'm using ImageMagic (and a custom script) instead of Photoshop to merge the shots. The Linux / ImageMagic process is much quicker than a Photoshop batch job too. If you want that Linux shell script, let me know and I'll post it. 
Sure why not! Right now I'm not sure when I would use it, but it sounds like a nice tool to have in the box. 
Shell Script Info 
The shell script I use for processing LvL stuff is huge and does heaps of stuff you will never need, so I cut out just the panorama stuff, gave it a quick test and have uploaded to here:

You will need to edit the variables right at the top, but that should be it. 
Manual Panoramas 
I used to do them by hand. I'd bind a key to 'viewpos' and keep checking my angle as I turned by hand until I'd turned 5 degrees, take a screenshot, and repeat maybe 40 times. Then I'd pile the screenshots all up in photoshop, and if I set one's blend mode to 'difference' and then shifted it gradually to the left, at the point where the two images lined up a single black line would appear straight up the image. That line was the point where the two images were the same, and that's where I'd crop that layer. Repeat again 40 times.

So, use a mod. What a wonderful modern world we live in. 
It's Like 
Developing in the future! 
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