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Let's Play: The Final Threat
APSP1 was the first Q1SP map by Than, though he was already known at this time for the awesome Q2DM map pack KTimPAKt he worked on with Killer. This map blew everyone away when it first came out thanks to it's awesome curved geometry.

I think many of us know Than, he's a lovable goofball with a love for fizzy peach drink. Than has made several Q1SP maps, all of which you should play, as well as DM maps for all 3 of the Quake games. He was born in England, but currently lives and works in Japan at Q-Games (I think he may have recently shifted to a new dev studio though?)

Quaddicted Map Page

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Nice Pick Scampie! 
What a great map! Nuff said!

P.S. Does anyone also have the issue with that misplaced elevator? Not critcal for progression or sth..Latest QSbuild. 
Ha ha too late, I already replayed this a few days ago! apsp3 got me interested in re-Thanning.

I think I may have to re-examine my prejudice against base maps? This one was also pretty cool.

(I did see the weirdly-placed elevator too BTW.)

Good solid Quake chunkiness, interesting shapes and play surfaces, but still easy to move around in.

I liked the fast start and the "swiss cheese" progression of exploring and re-visiting sections. By comparison I was a lot more prone to get lost/frustrated in apsp3. This map has a balance between pointing you in the right direction and still giving you a good approximation (or illusion) of free choice... which is always a nice achievement for anyone that doesn't have a team of professional testers on hand. :-)

I also replayed Zerstorer sort-of-recently, as a point of comparison for a big base map that uses Mega Enforcers. apsp1 is a lot prettier and plays more smoothly than Bunker -- which is kinda sloppy -- but apsp1 sacrifices some "epic-ness" in comparison (if that's a thing). Probably just a necessary tradeoff. 
I had forgotten that the blue Enforcers shoot homing rockets. Do they do that in Quoth? 
actually, I am dumb, the blue enforcers in Quoth are the plasma guys and aren't Zer clones. That's sad because they are nice base enemies... except their AI is lacking. They always run at you even though they are completely ranged 
This Is One Of My Favorite Maps 
But one thing that always confused me -- the enforcer shields. Am i supposed to time my attacks for when the shields go down? Do shields block 100% of damage or just a fraction of it? Why do they seem to go up and down constantly?

I end up just spamming rockets or bullets at the guy until he dies, ignoring the shields. 
Metl: the Shield goes down when they attack. It blocks 100% damage. 
As I remember the shields are bugged, sometimes up when they're down, and vice versa.

The mega enforcer first appeared in Zerstorer I think, but was also used in OUM. 
Than's stuff is always very high quality, but this is my favourite map of his. In its layout, the placement of outdoor areas / building fronts connected by interiors, it has that sense of a "whole location" that characterizes some of the best id maps, and many of my favourite custom maps as well. Plus the action was great and the demonic enemies and Zer enforcer made the base gameplay no pushover in a pre-Quoth era. 
Fun To Replay This 
Memorable architecture, I especially like the part where you first get outside. The mega-enforcers are satisfying to take out.

I like how this map plays with your expectation of where it's going to end. I thought maybe the bowl-shaped room was the end, then later I thought I'd be able to jump into the giant teleporter but, oh no - fiends are coming through! 
Don't Think I'd Played This Before 
Good fun. Loved the inter-connectivity, never really got lost, although I fell down and took the long way around to get back a few times. Accidentally played on easy, which at least was very easy. There's definitely something about this map that feels quite old somehow (not a bad things, just an observation). 
A great map. Good style and construction. I'm usually not too much a fan of the ikbase set, but here it looks reasonably well - perhaps because of the lighting. Nice angles and circular bits with surprisingly good texture rotation. I like the interconnectivity. There doesn't seem to be many truly memorable areas one can use for spot-on orientation, but most of the layout is small enough to never get lost too badly if backtracking.

Gameplay is fun if pretty standard in parts (can't really complain about that), although in true Daz tradition, I managed to miss the nailgun and only got it half-way through the map when going back to look for it. It's kind of tucked away in an unremarkable corner... Some cool little surprises like the tarbabies and the fiend jumps - though I could imagine these could be quite painful for an unlucky player.

Another thing to be mentioned about than aka Leisure Suit Andy is how every map comes with a completely retarded story for extra wtfs. 
Great Map 
I did pixels wot move -

One of my personal favourite levels of all time! 
Lift Fix 
Here is a quick hotfix for the misplaced lift. Needs an engine with support for external ent files. 
Great Video Daz 
always enjoy em 
Where Is Than Anyway? 
I kind of hoped this thread would draw him out again...
And, you know, give him the chance to announce the upcoming release of the next map 
Let Us Try To Summon Him 


I Have Been Summoned 
Just randomly lurking and found this thread. What a great surprise!

I noticed that lift bug, but it was definitely not like that when I released it. Never noticed any problems in other maps, so no idea what caused it. Thanks for fixing it, Negke.

Thanks also for the video, Daz. Going to check it out now.

The mega-enforcer shield is quite simple to understand, but there is a slight timing weirdness with the animation that can make it seem like he should be vulnerable when he is still protected.

I personally prefer APSP2 and APSP3 to this map, but I'm still quite happy with APSP1 as a lot of people said nice things about it.

I think I released this the same day as Nehahra :) It was definitely within the same 2 or 3 days at least. That was back when people were downloading Nehahra on 56kbps modems and said it was nice to have something to play whilst they downloaded it :)

Then CZG released CZG07 a fairly short while after (even though he'd made a couple of giant levels for Nehahra) and won the mapping war forever, as it still hasn't really been bettered, although honey was pretty damn amazing too.

Ah, the days of regular Quake map releases... 
Now That You're Here 
Go finish your levels! DM1RMX kthxbye 
Seems Like This Was... 
The Final Thread. 
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